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DSquared2….Fall/Winter 2013-2014…La Nouvelle Noir…

By far, the best menswear collection of fall/winter 2013-2014,  the fella’s of DSquared2 nailed it as they produced La Nouvelle Noir. Loosely translated “the black new wave”, the collection is based off the 1940’s Jazz era with a modern twist that included luxurious fabrics, detailed tailoring and crips silhouettes. With an all black casting of … Continue reading

Society Events

Chicago Urban Socialites- Beau Brummell… (pics inside)

On Sunday, the Chicago Urban Socialites hosted an intimate, invite only social mixer, themed Beau Brummell. George Bryan “Beau” Brummell was an iconic 18th century British figure who became known as the arbiter of men’s fashion among the social elite. Mr. Brummell was legendary for polishing his boots with champagne and credited as being the … Continue reading

Society Events

According To Sykes Launch- John Sykes MSW, LCSW… (pics inside)

On Thursday, John Sykes, the Chicago social figure and highly sought after therapist; trained in Trauma Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Methods, specializing in Clinical Social Work, was the man of honor at an intimate gathering of about sixty of Chicago’s finest for the launching of his website, According to Sykes.  Hosted by … Continue reading

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Shade or Support…Plight Of The Enterprising Urban Sophisticate…

  As I entered into the triple decade club, I awoke to discover that almost instinctually I and my peers began to organically utilize the talents and hobbies we possessed to leave a mark on our worlds. Individually, we utilized due-diligence, set deliverables and became fairly competent at incorporating an effective skill-set to produce an … Continue reading

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Mr. DeoVonte “Deo” Means…Editor…

Chicago Socialite DeoVonte “Deo” Means is one of the most recognizable men in the Chicago’s urban LGBT social scene. Deo began his LGBT journey 12 years ago as an active figure within Chicago’s “golden era” ballroom scene. To date, Deo has successfully transitioned himself into the local mainstream LGBT community, lending his support at functions, … Continue reading


The Flyy-Life…

The Fly Life is an underground club track, released by the Basement Jaxx in 1997. The sirens, strategically placed throughout the song, penetrating the barriers of the venue, were the unmitigated call to the euphoric occupants to descend to the dance floor and embrace the bacchanalian atmosphere. Sixteen years later this song is still used … Continue reading