The Flyy-Life…


The Fly Life is an underground club track, released by the Basement Jaxx in 1997. The sirens, strategically placed throughout the song, penetrating the barriers of the venue, were the unmitigated call to the euphoric occupants to descend to the dance floor and embrace the bacchanalian atmosphere. Sixteen years later this song is still used to ignite the beauty that manifest itself when like-minded individuals come together to produce a cohesive and immaculate product.

Here at The Flyy-Life, it is our intent to use this platform as an effective and efficient voice that promotes, highlights and encourages the beautiful ones….that’s it’s that’s all. We hedonistically seek out intriguing ideas, captivating experiences, alluring people and provocative events. The sexy urban sophisticate frowns upon snobbery but seek to personify the traits of upward mobility – a person or social group moving or aspiring to move to a higher position, status or increase of power in life. As we embrace this endowment, we extend to you an invitation to not only join us but offer your individual feedback and experiences.
Chicago is currently in the midst of an urban social renaissance and we hope to be a vocal and integral part to the success of this plight. As Eleanore Roosevelt stated, “ The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

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