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Mr. DeoVonte “Deo” Means…Editor…

DeoVonte "Deo" Means

DeoVonte “Deo” Means

Chicago Socialite DeoVonte “Deo” Means is one of the most recognizable men in the Chicago’s urban LGBT social scene. Deo began his LGBT journey 12 years ago as an active figure within Chicago’s “golden era” ballroom scene. To date, Deo has successfully transitioned himself into the local mainstream LGBT community, lending his support at functions, events, charities and groundbreaking projects. Mr. Means has been on a steady and unmitigated incline since his early days and we forecast this is just the beginning. Deo’s calling to connect talented individuals within Chicago led him to found The Chicago Urban Socialites (CUS) social club in the Fall of 2011. As President, he incorporates the mantra that CUS fosters personal achievement, community networking and social involvement. These endowments allow members to be individual and effective stakeholders- collectively within Chicago’s Urban LGBT community. Currently membership exceeds 200 diversified individuals of the community.
In January of 2013, Chicago’s premier outlet, The G-List Society embarked upon gathering new and fresh voices to add intriguing content to its cyber publication, featuring the LGBT community. Deo was honored to become the first premier ambassador columnist. He diligently worked directly under the editor, Waddie G and continued to nurture his talent and skillset. With the formation of DeoVonte’s columnThe Flyy-Life, his passion to articulate himself and his indulgences became a hit on The G-List Society. This predicated him to building his own brand as a personality beyond Chicago. During his tenure with The G-List Society; Mr. Means was fortunate to collaborate and cover such prolific local talents and monumental events such as Mark Terrance of Mark Terrance Photography, Rossi Cole of Jewels by Rossi, Vince Aires of Visionaries  actor Raymond Wyse of The Black Ensemble Theatre production of a The Black Cinderella, the In Memorandum of Legendary Indigo Blue, intimate moments with the members of Alvin Ailey (NYC)  as they visited Chicago, and  Sean Anthony of the YouTube sensation No Shade (NYC). Mr. Means also effectively provided the exclusive coverage of High Society Entertainment Group “I am King”, “Noir” & “Echelon” iconic events of 2013. Deo’s collaborative work during this same period included the YouTube sensational film project with award winning KenLikeBarbie entitled Au Courant Collaboration- The Fly Life.  Mr. Means redefined standards and solidified working relationships that gave birth to collaborative submissions to national platforms which highlighted Chicago such as Urban Socialites Media (ATL) and most recently The Bad Boyz Club. Mr. Means journalistic contributions climaxed with the publishing of his nationally recognized essay entitled “The Whore…Escorting and the new age epidemic.” In this piece, Mr. Means utilized investigative journalism to bring attention to the modern trend of LGBT prostitution within our community and the socio-economical ramifications it produces. In July 2013, Mr. Means continued his ascending journey as an online and multi-media personality by embracing the enterprising idea of establishing The Flyy-Life as an independent, singular entity. This platform strategically allows the brand to grow and foster an environment that’s conducive to his fundamental objective while giving unprecedented room for growth.

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The Flyy-Life understand upward mobility is not defined in finances or tangible assets. Upward mobility is a mindset that keeps one moving forward regardless of their current station in life. Our commitment is to be organic. Manufactured prevalence tends to be a bit shallow after the smoke and mirrors are removed.  It has been an honor to connect with and highlight those such as Conrad Bromfield, Terrence Chappell, F. Daniel Hobson, Kennedy Thal, Hot-Rod and Johnny Wright. Fashionably, we’ve entertained Cerruti Baleri, Cole Haan, Tom Ford, Thierry Mugler, Prada, Versace, Pharrell Williams & Moncler and DSquared2.  In the literary world, we’ve assimilated with Zealot-Jesus of Nazareth and Nigger- The Strange Career of a Troublesome word, Samuel P. Halloway “Eye’s Without A Trace”, Eddie Pierce Jr. “Love From Behind ”. We’ve been visible and provided coverage at major events such as Chicago Urban Socialites- Beau Brummell, John Sykes launching, Windy City  Times 30 under 30 Awards, Chicago Pride celebration, High Society Blanc, Market Days, Tony Williams 30th, D’Nero & Tweet Love & Laughter and Anthony Galloway’s Art & Soul, High Society NYE Bash, Blackstone Marketing All Black Everything Party and the fellas from The Gentlemens Ball of ATL. In this time period we’ve been recognized, featured and established partnerships with peers such as The Bad Boyz Club, Twisted Beats, Urban Socialites and Pride Index. Our music taste has been inclined to Rudy Currence, John Legend, Justin Timberlake and Nina Simone. Recently, we’ve been blessed to reach a monumental peniticle of over 21,000 views. Stories and connections with the likes of David Brandyn & Dushawn Wesley of Black Gay University, Nelson Green and ground breaking coverage on Illinois historic law of LGBT marriage equality act.

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His motivation comes from the words of his most recent editor, legendary Waddie G. “What made us attracted to Mr. Means is that this Chicago go-getter is all about supporting his peers in the community in a responsibly social way. Count on him to attend events, themed parties to discussion groups, artistic shows and cultural gatherings.  Deo’s well-known support of Chicago’s LGBT community allows him to be an influential trendsetter for today’s up-and-coming leaders in the city’s diverse group of talents and playmakers in the Black LGBT community.” The Flyy Life will continue its mission to support local talent, celebrate intriguing luminaries, set & define standards while being a voice and platform for the modern urban LGBT sophisticate. If this talent is not divinely ordained then it’s purely an ingenious act of magic. In conclusion, whatever it may be, it’s enough for us to relax and take notes…The Flyy-Life


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