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Prada…Levitating Men’s Lace-ups…Spazzolato Style..

Always the modern revolutionary, last season Prada introduced the collection of menswear lace-up’s labeled “Levitate & Spazzolato.” The collection quickly became one of the most coveted items among urban sophisticates. Miuccia used classic and traditional concepts like the perforated wingtip, oxford and even kilted golf shoe and introduced a contemporary splash such as the bold coloring, platform sole and lacquered finishing.  This combination produced a modern yet elegant lace-up for the young gentleman. The collection was such a hit that she expanded upon this thesis for Fall/Winter 2014 collection. You can rest assured you will not find counterfeit duplicates of these shoes on street corners, neither will you find a night club full of locals in the same shoe. I am personally fond of the shoe because it successfully transition from day to night. They are comfortable enough where I can work in them but trendy enough where I can wear them at night and create a splash. Check below to see our personal favorites.


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