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Thierry Mugler… The House of Mugler….

mugler 201

The streets of Paris are all abuzz after Thierry Mugler announced his first show marking the return to the iconic fashion house as creative director. The world of fashion is in an uproar!  Who can forget the legendary Mugler show at the 1995 VH1 Fashion Awards in which his show was so captivating he was kicked off the stage at the end. Personally, it was the defining moment of my entry into the world of luxury fashion.  Hitting Paris December 2013 at the Théâtre Comédia, Mugler Follies is a journey in the amazing world of Mugler. Known as the undisputed king of fantasy, structure and form, Mugler Follies will be populated with glamorous creatures and sexy scenes. In Muglers words, “it tells the story of a young woman looking for her inner balance. As a result of her unpredictable and unusual encounters, she discovers and asserts herself. Transforming into a sublime and blooming creature.” This marks the comeback of Mugler as the creative director of his own brand. Thierry Mugler is about to play Santa for all Parisian people and tourist as well.  There will be dancers, acrobats, models, singers and eroticism accompanied by dinner and champagne. Mugler, or Manfred as he is now called, has found the perfect stage on which to reinvent himself. This winter, the eighties legend, who returned to his namesake label as creative adviser after Nicola Formichetti’s departure in April, will open Mugler Follies, a full-throttle revue that, as his Web site details, will consist of technology, lots of lights, original songs, and beyond. Our anticipation is aroused when we remember back to the same VH1 show in which he gathered the likes of Naomi Campbell, Carmen Dell Orfice, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Carla Bruni, Helena Christenson, Milla Jovich, Shalom Harlow, Jerry Hall and even a 14 year old Ivanka Trump. It was fashion pandemonium!  What have us most excited are the costumes. Judging by the site’s illustrations, the wardrobe is a sexed-up space-age Mugler fantasy at its best. Thierry –Manfred- Mugler has taken back the reins of his namesake brand and, boy, he’s sure going to turn-up!


A retrospective of his work, this show will combine joy and eroticism, magic and technology, lights and transformation, aiming to “transport the public into a swirl of emotions” between each number, with alternations between laughter and empathy. The aim of this surprising revue is to bring back the scent of cabaret, through an interesting combination of music, dance and prose. But what will the story be about?  Mugler himself is excited about this dazzling venture, which is going to be a tribute to his artistic work, expressing the freedom and beauty that have always characterized his creations. The Revue is a sparkling and gifted art, contemporary. It tends homage to the human beauty and all its talents. It must be visual and very sensory, combining a huge content of eroticism to its sophistication.  Mugler is back, all others might want to step back….Cheers…Deo

Muler 202

Mugler 1995 full show…ICONIC!

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