Intriguing & Impressive

John Legend…Made To Love


The newest song/video that has the sophisticates in a tizzy is John legends Made To Love. After almost three million views, I now see what the hype is all about. Creatively, this is a work of art in which Director Daniel Sannwalk and Creative Director Yoann Lemoine joined forces to produce not only a music video but an ingenious visual masterpiece in which they intertwine the male/female, black/white nude body. The erotica in this video is stimulating without being vulgar and oozes grown man sophistication. The visual imagery in the video is accompanied by John Legends smooth sultry voice in which his lyrics utter the various reasons why he’s assured they were made to love. I am equally impressed with the simplicity, modern and clean lines of the wardrobe. Nowhere to be found are the gold plated teeth, overly pompous designer logo’s, exaggerated body features or background dancers “shaking it fast.” All to be seen is a sophisticated gentleman allowing his talent and creativity to speak for itself….take a look and let me know what you think…cheers…Deo



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