Editors Note

Cole Haan Oxfords…Sophisticated Foot Candy….



As I traverse different settings and events in the heart of the city, it’s apparent that the Cole Haan Oxford has become a major hit among the fashionable sophisticates. Personally, I’ve been a seasonal collector for roughly 7 seasons now and my first pair is still as fashionably captivating as my last. I erroneously thought the brand design perhaps climaxed this spring with the release of its bright summer hued oxfords, but I was proven wrong two weeks ago when I first previewed and purchase the Fall/Winter collection, aptly named Colton Winter Saddle.  The Colton Winter Saddle can best be described as a modernized oxford with winterized saddle leather.  This oxford is leather lined with a caramelized rubbery forepart. It comes in four distinct color tones with a leather stacked heel and sole.  Retailing for $198.00, it’s also an affordable investment to upgrade and polish off any ensemble planned for this Fall/Winter season.




As urban gentleman, we are at a point in our lives where we realize a man should have appropriate attire to transition through different environments in our lives. Cole Haan is at the forefront of the urban gentleman’s “to get” list because they’ve successfully rebranded themselves as an entity that continues their legacy of being traditional in concept but uber modern in design. Their target market is catering to the 34 and under, upwardly mobile. The brand is trending with euro flair. It’s tailored to fit and it’s a traditional product with a pop of modern color.



As I’ve previously stated, see, I realize my love affair with Cole Haan is because as a young sophisticate, they give me exactly what I want. A sophisticated shoe with a long heritage that will exude the modern flair I desire. This is done while holding true to its traditional design principles. They’re an asset in any young man’s closet. It’s such a turn-on to catch a late night movie with a gentleman, clad in Cole Haan Oxfords…hope you enjoy as much as I do and I look forward to seeing my peers in a pair in the coming months. Cheers…Deo








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