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The Crown Prince of Urban Erotica…HotRod…

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Preparing for this connect, I erroneously assumed I would be dealing with another uber popular, confidently sexual yet super arrogant, profiled member of our community. I inhaled deeply then exhaled…My misconception was immediately proven incorrect. Upon our first conversation, I discovered HotRod to be warm, strategic, charming, goal-orientated and thoroughly diligent. He possess a matured mindset that allows him to successfully transition into many different entities of the real world. I was more impressed with his sense of culture, conversation and vested interest in our society. He calls himself “the boy next door.” I began to think of him as the proactive, enterprising gentleman that exerts a warmth but also a keen business sense. He has hobbies such as drawing and music but also, like the rest of us, insecurities. His insecurities include the aesthetic of his body and the mental anguish surrounding his masculinity and how the public views him as a man…sounds familiar yet?


HotRod is undoubtly one of the most recognizable names and faces in the urban adult film industry. He is unfamiliar with amateur and mediocrity, as he is a multiple award winning and nominated entertainer. A young veteran in the industry, he has appeared in almost 70 titles. Possessing a passion for art, he never intended to turn his youthful venture into a career. But he quickly learned that he was well received and could be a force in this field of entertainment. He embraced a mindset that with the right direction and a goal, this could be the unconventional route that lead to his ultimate goal of being an entrepreneur.  Transitioning from performance, he has recently decided to focus on business and branding rather than participate in films. H is now passionate about branding himself through different business ventures, including the new #PawPower brand, which also serves as a message for his peers. He has been a part of many seminars and panels addressing many topics of concern within the black gay community. He continues to travel the world expanding his brand and uses social media to connect with fans and help people however he can.  He looks forward to the launch of his long awaited website in the Fall of 2013.  This will not be a XXX website. Rather, it will be a platform to openly express and answer the question: Who is HotRod? While he will always be viewed as a sex figure, something he doesn’t mind, he wants people to know that there’s more to him beyond what is seen.  In his words, “This is only the beginning.”

We played a game of twenty questions…Flyy-Life style…check out his responses below…


FL- Because of your celebrity status within our community, the real “you” is often overlooked in search of the person that’s in everyone fantasy. Using 5 adjectives can you describe the REAL HotRod of day-to-day?

HR- Shy, Creative, Loving, Spontaneous, Determined

FL- Adult film actors are often times judged and ridiculed in our community. But they’re hedonistically invited into our bedroom fantasies, nightly. How do you personally feel about this double standard?

HR- I guess it’s what I signed up for. I focus on positivity because it outshines any negativity. When you put yourself in any kind of spotlight, you open yourself to ridicule from others. It’s expected. But I don’t give it any of my time or attention because the only people who talk negatively about someone they don’t know are the ones who need an outlet for their own insecurities and deep rooted issues. I’ll take it if it helps them sleep at night.

FL- Using 5 adjectives describe the type of man that catches not only your eye but your heart?

HR- Beautiful, Edgy, Loving, Unselfish, Independent

FL- With the introduction of platforms such as Myvidster, the adult entertainment industry has been flooded with unprecedented amounts of amateur work. How has this affected your industry and how do you plan to remain a force and navigate through this trend.

HR- It honestly doesn’t affect me. It’s free publicity. It may affect the companies I’ve worked for.  What this does is solidify my reason for not wanting to create a production company of my own, which so many people expect me to do.  I don’t see this having any negative effect on me. It gives people a chance to watch videos and (for some reason) discuss and have an opinion on the scene and/or the “star” of their choice. It’s amazing how seriously people take adult films. Sites like this, along with social media, allows adult performers to be personified and opens the door to many opportunities.


FL- What attributes do you feel distinguish you from other successful adult film actors?

HR– I’m sure I’m good at what I do. I can’t pin point one thing, though. It’s just one of those things-you have it or you don’t. No matter what field of entertainment you are in, there are only a handful of “greats”.  Some people just have that star quality, I guess.

FL- When embarking upon dating has your profession been a liability and how do you effective communicate to your partner that this is just a profession?

HR- Both of my relationships have been with people I met on set who are or were also in the industry. So that hasn’t been a complication. I’ve dated a couple of people who were able to understand my job and it didn’t prove to be an issue. I think it takes a special person to be able to handle that so it actually makes my job a little easier.

FL- Strategically, I’ve noticed that you are very business orientated, focused and resilient. Where do you see your brand in five years?

HR- I see HotRod as a chapter in a book. I’ll be doing things people wouldn’t expect-art, designing, writing-skies the limit. I’m very creative and I think it’ll be an interesting transition. The transition is already in progress whether people know or not. I’m anxious but I know I have to move slowly and cautiously and make sure everything is perfect. That’s the only option because it’s the only way people will take me seriously.

FL- Months ago, the cyber waves were in a tizzy over your alleged cosmetic surgery. How do you respond to your detractors.

HR- Haha. Yes it’s quite the topic. I never answer with a yes or no. I like to hear the conclusions people draw-it’s entertaining.

FL- If you could be any animal, which would you choose and why?

HR- I’d be a lion-a female lion. (Let the rumors begin). The female does all of the hunting and takes care of the family and is therefore the bread-winner while the male is typically sleep. Lions, male or female, rule the Animal Kingdom so I’d still have the power and respect from the other animals.


FL-When it comes to our community what are some of your biggest disappointments?

HR- I think we let our egos get in the way of a bigger picture. There’s a lot of negativity that doesn’t need to be there. We don’t uplift and support each other. I always wonder how we want the world to respect us when we don’t even support, respect and uplift each other.

FL- When it comes to our community what are some of the things you are most proud of?

HR- I am actually having a difficult time answering this question. I might need a rain check.

FL- When meeting new people, what are some of your biggest pet-peeves?

HR- Hmmm. I don’t want to scare people away from wanting to meet me.  LOL. I get a bit annoyed when people ask “What’s your name?” in that tone that lets you know they already know.  I answer anyway with a simple “Rod”.

FL- If you were not in the adult film industry what profession do you think you would most enjoy?

HR- Definitely something art related. Maybe a pastry chef or interior designer. I also wanted to model.

FL- Many production companies have been publically accused of recruiting youngsters, exposing them to disease and often times pimping them out while drug induced for little or no money. For liability reason we will not name them, but do you think this is gross misrepresentation of the industry and what is your view on this?

HR- I think it’s sad what people will do for an easy profit, especially to another person. While I’ve never seen this happen first hand, I know people will do what they can get away with. I don’t think this reflects negatively on the entire industry. I think there are some bad business people out there who lack a conscience. But that can be said in any field of business.

FL- What positive motivating role would you like to see the industry play in our community and what positive motivating role do you seek to play in our community?

HR- I personally think adult films should serve their purpose-to entertain and blow off some…steam. But since it apparently plays this huge role in our community, I think producers and actors should accept the responsibility of educating and reminding people that this is meant to be a fantasy. Once upon a time, companies actually had disclaimers and warnings prior to the video beginning. There are so many way so make people aware these days through social media. Also, so many young guys think getting into the industry is gonna be their first class ticket through life. That’s not the case. This is a JOB and it’s not meant for everyone and I always emphasize that when guys ask me how they can get into the industry. I think we need to stop thinking about a dollar for a second and start thinking about helping each other. That’s what I have been doing and plan to do more extensively.

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FL- We’ve seen you transition and perfect all sexual roles within our community. Do you have preference?

HR- Well thank you. I just do what comes natural when on set. Preference? Not so much these days. My desires and sexual mood often change. When working, my partner can stimulate my mood if there’s good chemistry.

FL- Who is your personal idol and why?

HR- I wouldn’t say I have an idol. There are certain people who are respected in their fields that I relate to. I appreciate people who’ve gone through obstacles but only seem to get stronger. I love music that has a strong message.

FL- CHICAGO!!!!!! lol…tell us how you feel about the city and when do you plan to make an appearance?

HR-I say pretty often how much I LOVE Chicago! It’s a strange city that displays its best attributes during the summer. My first time there, I discovered that there is a beach right off of a highway with one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever seen.  The food is amazing and the overall vibe is cool. My fans there always show me support and often ask me to come and I’m upset I couldn’t make it during the summer but I’m definitely gonna make it there before it gets too cold. Shout out to Chicago!!

FL-Our community is filled with stereotypical and inflated images of what masculinity is. This has led to a generation of single and lonely men. How do you feel the adult film industry has played a part in this and how would you like to change it.

FL-People have often tried to place me in a category as the “thug” as a performer.  I have always spoken against being portrayed as such. It’s not because I am against someone who genuinely presents himself as a thug, it’s simply not me and I’m not gonna portray something I’m not.  There was a time, because of certain people that were in my life or after reading a comment, that I questioned my masculinity. That is one thing I will take offense to, because at the end of the day, I am a man. I have 10 inches of proof if anyone wants to question that. In our community, guys are so insecure with themselves that they look for this hyper-masculine or thuggish guy and if you’re anything other than that, you’re labeled a “butch queen” or simply a “queen”. People should know and accept that there is a middle ground between thug and feminine.  Adult films only cater to what people want to see-if stereotypical masculinity is what they want, that’s what they’ll get. Viewers should know that many of these performers are not even the “masculine” men you see on screen in real life.  I think as adults, we should be able to separate fantasy from reality.

FL- Lastly, any last words, thoughts, comments or concerns for your fans, followers and detractors

HR-Wow. I think I’ve gotten pretty much everything off my chest. I will just say to anyone reading this, love or hate me, that’s cool on either end. But learn to love yourselves. There’s too much negativity in the world and a lot it falls on our community. Have fun, enjoy the company of one another, be safe, have goals and support each other to grow and be strong together. There’s a new generation who will look up to us in some way now or in the future. We conquer from within. We start with ourselves, our community then the world.

Also, be sure to look out for several projects coming in the very near future. My success won’t just be a success for me but for the community. Thanks to all for the support.  #PawPower


The true essence of an urban gentleman is not to be free of flaws and perfected. It’s to utilize your resources and skillset in an enterprising fashion and always moving upwardly…Having the ability to freely and effectively communicate your ideas, thoughts and opinion in a dialogue is just added sophistication…My glass is raised to Rod…HotRod may be many things to many people. But one thing you can’t deny….He’s Flyy…..Deo







10 thoughts on “The Crown Prince of Urban Erotica…HotRod…

  1. I love this interview and most of all I Iove this dude.He has model good looks so I could see him transitioning over into this arena.With success comes those who will hate on you so therefore he is at the Top of his game so there are people who want to knock him down.He carries himself with a great deal of class though so it’s not what people think of him that matters but what he thinks of himself that counts.


  2. HE is A GREAT GUY. I had the pleasure of meeting and dining with him outside of the porn industry.

    Much Respect….patric kelley


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