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…How Flyy…So Flyy…



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On last evening, with humbled and astonished bewilderment, The Flyy-Life reached an impressive milestone of 15,000 individual visits in over 65 countries. As Editor, this is personally an impressive accomplishment to me because this is more than we ever imagined. We are eternally grateful for the support and embracement from our peers and community. The media and other outlets enjoy making blanketed statements about the state of our community and the modern generation. What many do not know, is that there’s a thriving community of urban, enterprising and networking individuals that’s utilizing their skill-set and talent to make a difference and leave a mark.  The Flyy-Life is privileged to be a vested stake holder in this enterprise.  From the beginning, our sights were never on numbers. Our goal has always been quality, integrity, content and astonishment; but we would be remiss to deny we are not humbly flattered by the numbers reported while reaching our deliverables. As talented as we may be perceived, none of this could be accomplished without the commitment, feedback and loyalty of our faithful few viewers…we graciously thank you.


Through hard work, diligence and commitment; we are constantly fulfilling the mission of our motto. To use our platform/voice to enlightening, motivate, network and highlight the upwardly mobile of our community. We understand upward mobility is not defined in finances or tangible assets. Upward mobility is a mindset that keeps one moving forward regardless of their current station in life. Our commitment is to be organic. Manufactured prevalence tends to be a bit shallow after the smoke and mirrors are removed.  It has been an honor to connect with and highlight those such as Conrad Bromfield, Terrence Chappell, F. Daniel Hobson, Kennedy Thal, Hot-Rod and Johnny Wright. Fashionably, we’ve entertained Cerruti Baleri, Cole Haan, Tom Ford, Thierry Mugler, Prada, Versace and DSquared2.  In the literary world, we’ve assimilated with Zealot-Jesus of Nazareth and Nigger- The Strange Career of a Troublesome word. We’ve been visible and provided coverage at major events such as Chicago Urban Socialites- Beau Brummell, John Sykes launching, Windy City  Times 30 under 30 awards, Chicago Pride celebration, High Society Blanc, Market Days, Tony Williams 30th, D’Nero & Tweet Love & Laughter and Anthony Galloway’s Art & Soul. In this time period we’ve been recognized, featured and established partnerships with peers such as The Bad Boyz Club, Twisted Beats, Urban Socialites and Pride Index. Our music taste has been inclined to Rudy Currence, John Legend, Justin Timberlake and Nina Simone.


As the business-line grows we have no choice but to expand our talent pool. There are many exciting plans on the horizon for The Flyy-Life and I encourage you to stay tuned. We are in the process of vetting new and unique talent as contributors to enable the brand to fulfill its mission and continue our plight to produce provocative and stimulating content.  Our positive and motivating force is none other than you. As you continue to support us, we will continue to deliver. Words cannot express my gratitude. You didn’t have to do it but you did. Cheers to everyone that’s onboard this vessel as we navigate the waters…Deo


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