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DeoVonte Means…Sex, Drugs & Public Intoxication…Response

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Today, I was awoken to a barrage of e-mails, alerts, messages and inboxes in which I was informed a scathing exposé had been released about me on a mainstream blog. It stated “reliable sources” gave detailed information of my alleged drug abuse, public intoxication and extreme diva tantrums.  One of the most vicious words used to describe me were “coke head.”  As confident as I may appear to the public, this crushed me because not only did I not see where this came from, but it appeared to be premeditated by the few that I call my closest.  As I read the article multiple times, with tears freely flowing, I began to consider maybe this was my “friends” way of reaching out and saving me from self-destruction.

It has always been my desire to remain transparent and honest with my viewers and the platform I’ve so humbly been given.  With a heavy heart and weeping soul, I DeoVonte Means attest to being a victim and hopefully survivor of a form of alcoholism labeled public intoxication. I have been very vocal about my experimentations with club drugs in my youth but I’m currently free of those addictions. This does not excuse my alcoholism.  The article is quoted as saying “I doubt he will be co-signed by any Chicago tastemaker in the urban scene unless they are willing to accept his baggage.” Amazingly, within the hours of this publication I was embraced by this very demographic. I was challenged to move on and identify what my triggers maybe. This was my breakthrough. I realize the guilt from experiencing early age parental abandonment, the mass amount of friends and peers that suffered and ultimately succumb to illnesses and personal disappointments has led me to utilize alcohol to publicly keep my head up. This article, although produced with malicious intent allowed me to see that I am allowing the past to cripple my future.  The best feedback I received is “you are a tastemaker, and you can’t be if people see you as a drunk, rude and obnoxious man.”  This was profound to me.

I’ve long ago retired mud-slinging antics. Therefore I hold no malice, anger or contempt against Wade. Perhaps he needed the views or maybe he was fulfilling the calling of his platform. At The Flyy-Life, our calling is to promote, encourage and highlight the beauty of upward mobility in our community. This endowment allows me as editor to understand we ALL have our short-comings, insecurities, disappointments and illnesses. I will never allow this forum to be used as a vehicle to attack or humiliate someone due to a personal struggle or shortcoming. Period point blank!!!  I have currently taken the necessary steps to one-day celebrate that I’ve overcome this shortcoming as well. I encourage everyone reading this or following us, do not allow anyone to make you feel bad about any struggle or shortcoming you may possess. Get the necessary help you need and realize that John 8:7 says “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”



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2 thoughts on “DeoVonte Means…Sex, Drugs & Public Intoxication…Response

  1. Deo no matter what other think people even talked about Jesus. You are a light of joy to certain people and one thing I could say it cost money to even do coke. You always been a diva so I loved the part of you catching an extreme diva tantrum. With all that said only God could judge you for those who do shall be judged themselves.


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