Intriguing & Impressive

Learn It…The Ballkids…Storming…I AM


Here at The Flyy-Life, we take pride in paying homage to and highlighting the talents within our diverse community.  Although they are at times marginalized, this latest video production clearly illustrates that Ballroom still has the power to nurture & develop impressive talents while producing a beautiful & intriguing product. This montage, entitled “I AM”, is being circulated as the event announcement for the upcoming- I AM ball to be held in Atlanta, GA on January 19th 2014, hosted by Icon Stewart Ebony. This provocative piece, fluidly highlights some of the most accomplished & talented icons and legends of ballroom. The beauty of this project is in its ability to effectively communicate to the viewer the best of each individual category while taking us on a stimulating, mind-invigorating journey. Contestants are showcased “in action” (walking their category) and also in a state of calmness. It brilliantly achieved its goal of communicating to the viewer “you might wanna be in the building.” Kudos to the ballkids!! …This is a job well done!! …Very Impressive!!…Deo

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