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…Men In Coats!!!…2014…(pics)


Let’s be honest. After the age of 26, the bomber-better known as the puffy coat, bubble jacket or first down- is no longer sufficient for the modern urban sophisticate that’s privy to a diverse livelihood.  Imagine how awkward to arrive at the company holiday party, a social event or family dinner clad in a bulky down coat. For the sophisticated man, his coat is perhaps the most important winter accessory. I would argue 85% of the people who comes in contact with you daily, will only see your outer wear.  As evident in most of the fall/winter designer menswear collections, the ¾” top-coat has gravitated to become the pre-eminent staple of the season. It allows us to effectively and efficiently deliver our personal messages thru style even during the winter season. Top coats are assets because they can be dressed up or down to fit our personal taste and fluidly transition through several scenarios we encounter in our everyday lives. Top coats also can be layered or accessorized to fit different climates. Top coats also comes in a variety of fabrics and linings to ensure that you withstand the environmental elements singular to your specific geographical location.  Winter top-coats are nothing new, but the modern gentleman goes a step further in his quest to find the perfect one.  Designers such as Balenciaga, Burberry, Gucci and DSquared2 are currently leading the game with the modern top-coat. But I’m sure most of us are not able to splurge on a $3000.00 every day coat. No worries, I will give you a few insider tips on how to personalize your coat and make it look as if you’ve spent thousands on it even if it was less than $99.00. In my opinion, there’s nothing more refined and impressive than a man in a nice winter coat. Your coat speaks volumes about you. It’s much like a nice watch or wallet. It tells the world that you are a mature man that takes your life and public perception serious.  Check out some of my favorite styles below and I assure you, you will be in the next line searching for the perfect winter top coat.



  1.       Get your top coat altered- Much like blazers, most coats are constructed with standard sizing. A small tapper or tuck on the side front & back will add perceived          value to your coat. It will appear to be by a custom or European designer.
  2.       Replace your buttons- Replace the standard closure and sleeve buttons on your coat with funky buttons that fits your personality and the personality of the coat.       This will personalize your coat and also add to its allure. You can use vintage buttons or any set of buttons from your local craft/fabric store.
  3.       Color- Chose a traditional color with spice. Check out Browns, Olives, and Grey’s before settling for that standard black or blue. But don’t omit the black and blue.             They can be personalized too.
  4.      Fabric- The fabric is what makes the coat and you can never fail when it comes to standard wool.  A rule of thumb is, if the fabric or skin is fake or looks cheap, then          steer clear. There’s nothing worse than fake shearling, cheap velvet, rough suede or faux fur.
  5.      Lastly, Attachments-  if you are going to utilize a removable lapel make sure you invest in a real and luxurious attachment. The attachment will be the most                  viewed piece of your coat. Fur, suede, velvet, corduroy is very telling when it’s cheap and fake. It’s such a disappointment and reduces the value and awe of your                coat.  






















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