Scandal Report

The Flyy-Life Scandal Report……2013 Awards…Did You Make The List…


Probably not… Unless you have an extensive list of cyber followers that can add “views” to the source. Or you happen to be someone that can quench the thirst of those who hedonistically seek to utilize your name in their exhaustive efforts to status climb among peers. lol. Let me start by giving a proper prologue. It is once again the end of another year. And before we can thoroughly complete our Christmas list or sign the checks to our perspective charities, we are bombarded by the “heralding” announcements of the forthcoming delivery of these “top list.”  I don’t think sweet baby Jesus even got such a bombastic announcement in all his glory, accompanied by the angels and three wise men!  Now admittedly, we are creatures that enjoy the acknowledgement of our hard work, accomplishments or dedication from our peers. Therefore we scan the list with crossed fingers and anticipation to see if perhaps we made the list this year, or at least someone in our circle we feel are honestly deserving.  Year after year, in spite of our hard work, sacrifice and commitment, we are subtly disappointed as we realize “not so much”…maybe next year….


I’m sure those opposed to my viewpoint will argue, “you’re just angry you didn’t make the cut.” But that’s not it all. My issue is, these list are not entitled “my” list of…They are labeled “The” list of… The word “the” is a definite article used in front of a noun when we believe the hearer/reader knows exactly what we are referring to and there is only one. It equates to the viewer this is the DEFINITIVE list. This misunderstanding could not be further from the truth. We know not the qualifications or deliverables one must meet to be considered for these listings. We know not the nomination process for these list. We are also clueless as to whom comprise of the committee that reviews the nomination and makes the final decision. Lastly, we are also left in the dark concerning the accomplishments and merit of the individuals bestowing these highly publicized honors. The only information we are confident in,is the fact that everyone that’s listed, happens to be in good graces with host and also happens to have a very active and extensive cyber friends list.

dominique hollington

Perhaps, I am “jaded”, but I’m a firm believer in integrity, fairness and honestly accomplished status.  What garners a porn-star, D-list celebrity or Facebook legend, merited acknowledgement over the young man/woman in our community that manages to actively participate while maintaining a career as an admin, mail clerk, doctor, lawyer, educator or analyst? What happened to the vested stakeholder within our community that’s utilizing their funds and talents to bring unique platforms and events to the city that also gives our community a voice? What about the person that’s using his/her diagnoses to highlight the need for quality healthcare while advocating for safer sex practices. How about the young man that’s rising as a socialite within our community while also rising as a socialite within the bigger philanthropic community?




Cut the shit! …How bout the young man/woman who has STRONG ties within our community, making a difference but utilize their popularity to influence, highlight and motivate the community towards upward mobility. We live in a cyber-world, I get it. But what about the members of the community that are putting a public and personal face to diseases such as cancer? What about the transsexuals who live their lives daily as women, striving for excellence, in a world that wants to do nothing but oppress and ridicule them?  What about the independent authors that’s telling their story in hopes the youth don’t make the same errors they did. Why utilize your illustrious platform to bathe the ego of people who DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU!!!!!  The majority of the people I’ve seen listed on these list within the past few weeks, have NO desire to encourage or make a substantial difference within our community, UNLESS their names are placed on the BIG marquee in BRIGHT FLASHING LIGHTS!!!  Your list is comprised of individuals who most often lack any REAL world accomplishment, therefore they aggressively seek ANOTHER “trophy” to be handed to them in cyber space as personal and public validation…..


As an “aspiring” cyber journalist, I understand the fulfillment one gains from receiving another “like” or “view.” I also understand the marketing strategy of utilizing figures within the community that can gain a deluge of “likes” or “views” by merely mentioning your name. But at some point the allure of publicity has to fall second to the characteristic of integrity.  As end of year awards and accolades are given out that are “supposed” to represent our community, this is the time to do it! This is the time to reward those that’s really made sacrifices and accomplishments within our community. Regardless of personal feelings or cyber footprint, PERIOD!  The integrity needed to fulfill this mission would not only add value to your business-line but would also inspire others to join the cause and REALLY make a profound difference. At this point, regardless of my station in life, the enemies I may incur or shade that might be thrown, I am most confident that I have grown drained of microwave status and illegitimate accolades within our community. It is my intent to utilize my platform to speak on those issues that we all mumble about in private but fail to publicly champion. I wish everyone well on their endeavors, but by omitting integrity, we only further the disillusionment and ineffective skill-set within our community.  It is not an accomplishment or “overwhelming public support” for someone to “retweet” you their thanks for GIVING them a factious award they knew nothing about. In fact, I would argue, as a gentleman, its only good manners and courtesy to thank someone for something that was freely given to them….Deo


P.S. The Flyy-Life would so appreciate it if some of you that are given these cyber awards could forward us an invite to the awards ceremony and picture of the actual trophy or framed certificate that arrives at your home…thanks….


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