…The Flyy-Life Holiday Weekend…. Good Times….(pics)



In spite of the many holiday invites, this year I decided to do a more intimate and meaningful celebration with peeps that are special to me. I guess that’s what the season is all about right? Friday evening, I unwrapped my first gift I suppose. I was treated to dinner by Chicago’s tastemaker, Maurice Bird.  He decided to dine at the exclusive Girl & The Goat restaurant on Randolph Street. What many may not know is that Maurice is a connoisseur of fine dining. He challenged me to an epic night of fine cuisine. His only requirement was that I taste everything presented to us in hopes of gaining a divine experience of culture. As I scanned the menu I realized this was gonna be an amazing experience.  Dishes such as Wood Grilled Broccoli (rouge smokey bleu spice crispies), Grilled Baby Octopus (guanciale.bean.pistachios lemon vinaigrette), Escargot Ravioli (bacon. Tamarind-miso sauce) and Lamb Ribs (marcona almond chopped salad. yougurt jus) greeted me.  The wine listing presented to us was categorized as “Engaging Reds” and “Intriguing Whites”…I was in heaven!

holiday 1 

To maximize the full experience, we deiced upon shared dining at the chef’s table. Let the games begin! Our evening selection included Wood Fired Pemaquid Oysters (horseradish‌. bacon . preserved lemon),  Raw Kusshi Oysters (muscatel mignonette . tarragon), Wood Grilled Broccoli (rogue smokey bleu. Spice crispies), Goat Empanadas (marinated sheep feta . pickled golden beets . tzatziki), Wood Fired Walter’s Chicken (mushroom. Green goddess dressing) and Wood Oven Roasted Pig Face (sunny side egg. Tamarind. Cilantro. red wine-maple. Potato stix). My cocktail for the evening was Best Of Three (Russian standard vodka . pimms #1 . cucumber . lime). Maurice was the perfect gentleman and the only requirement of the night was that I enjoy myself with no worries. It was an amazing experience. As we conversed and engaged throughout the night, I was reminded of how blessed I am to have such amazing friends in my life.  They add a spice to my life that challenges me and define who I am as a man.





holiday 2

Holiday 4



The following evening, Quincy Lavelle & I partook on an adventure to enjoy the company of Chicago’s jewelry designer, Rossi Cole, at his intimate holiday dinner. Hosted at his new Bronzeville residence, we connected with other socials of the city over drinks and a very impressive menu of Spicy Tomato Penne, Spicy Chicken and Brussels Hash, Crab & Cream Cheese Dip, Swedish Meatballs, Sweet Spiced Wings and Punch Bowl Cake. As drinks and fine wine flowed, we engaged in mind stimulating conversation that only occurs when you are at a certain level lol…My bro, Vonterro White rescued me from the revelry and escorted me to the gentlemen of High Society  x-mas party at Red Kiva..As DJ Gucci Roxx spinned the new club anthem “Drunk In LoveBeyonce, I somehow felt as if she wrote that song especially for me and that moment. Red Kiva was filled to the walls with the grown and sophisticated socials of Chicago and it was divine. I experienced the pleasure of hanging out with Scott & Maurice Franklin of High Society enroute to my home. We shared a meal together and several laughs. Although Scott and I are very close friends of over 13 years and communicate non-stop, I always appreciate and respect these intimate moments we share on the way home from a night out. It’s at this time that we exhale, encourage, motivate and strategize with each other on our next moves moving forward. Upward mobility remember…lol… That’s what good friends do. I suppose, deep down somewhere, we are the keys to both of our individual success but DON’T tell him I said it. Lol


Holiday 5

DeoVonte & Rossi

DeoVonte & Rossi 









I enjoyed my holiday adventure of 2013. I am thankful for the peeps in my life that play intrigual roles in my life. Some may assume their contribution is minor, but to me it’s more than major. See, I understand, if it wasn’t for those people playing individual roles in our lives, we would not be where we are today. I love my friends and and I love my city. Happy Holidays Chicago!!!…Deo



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