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The Flyy-Life Responds To The GList Society Apology


Late last afternoon, we at The Flyy-Life were again pulled from our day jobs and informed we were chronicled on The GListSociety forum in an article titled Apologies To DeoVonte Means. Upon first view, I thought this was a joke or some end-of-the-year comedy, but I was wrong. I don’t understand why this is still an issue. I can’t recall the last day I awoke and decided to contemplate The Glist Society or any of our past experiences. Editor, Waddie G, proceeded to go into detail regarding previous deplorable antics he utilized in an effort to gain followers and remain relevant I suppose. Waddie extended what some would call a hastily formatted and strategically poor apology. After speaking with the team and mentors, we here at The Flyy-Life decided it’s in our best interest as a marketable business-line to decline the apology issued by The GListSociety and continue moving forward on our paths. Many may erroneously assume this decision was based on stubbornness or “shade”, but that opinion is most incorrect. This was a collective decision made in an effort to protect and enhance the brand. Here’s why.

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As a constituent in the cyber journalism world, and a vested stake holder within our community, it’s MOST important for us to humbly reverence our endowment and steer clear of those who utilize their God-given talent and platforms to inflict sophomoric anguish upon others. The GList Society article, incorrectly labeled me as someone who abused drugs and failed to gain not ONE creditable source in support of this argument. Many would argue this could be labeled as slander. Definitely inappropriate behavior from someone who supposedly gains such “HIGH” esteem among the socials of the country as Waddie has self-professed on several occasions. This last attack was completely unwarranted because not only had we moved beyond those issues from early spring, BUT we were also photographing and partying together at several of the VIP events.  You, as editor, went as far as to post the pics of us together on your forum. After publishing this scathing and under-handed “exposé”, The GlistSociety went further as to anonymously filter the article to several national outlets that did not know who either of us were but also sought ratings/views. Birds of a feather normally flock together and as you can see, the thirst for ratings/views in our line of work is unreal.


I have never been one to bow down from a battle, but at this age, I prefer to battle with my content and product integrity. I’ve outgrown mudslinging…only hogs wallow in mud for enjoyment. I’m not sure if this apology was ANOTHER attempt to gain public acknowledgement and “views”, but as grown men, this apology would have been more effective if you would’ve simply called me to discuss the issue over a glass of wine instead of indulge in MORE public mudslinging.  We appreciate your apology but at this point, we prefer to leave things the way they are. As evident in our work, we don’t speak of you at ALL. This is the first and last time you will appear in this column unless it’s me covering your funeral. I assure you, we can co-exist in the Chicago scene without any issues and just fine. I just act as if you don’t exist and allow my work to talk.

Lastly. I’m a bit uneasy that it requires my name in print or silly cyber awards given to gain additional views on your site, but in my opinion, this new series called “Blind Item” is so disappointing. As I think back, I’ve seen articles on Zeric and not being a credited model, Pony Garcon allegedly infecting his boyfriend with HIV and then me, DeoVonte and alleged drug abuse. I’ve learned, once we successfully transition beyond our 20’s most of us acquire a mindset where we try to mitigate mess and chittlin circuit gossip…at least publicly…that’s not fab!!!. Other than gaining a view, NONE of these stories have served as a healing balm or motivational force within our scene. I wish TheGlistSociety much success in their endeavors. I am content with the number of peeps that support The Flyy-Life. It’s not my goal to be the only one…just one of the best. Perhaps that apology was needed to reignite the flame that appears to be extinguished in your heart for cyber journalism. But I will not allow my brand to engage in such “pressed” measures for attention & views… The Flyy-Life is most confident in our skill-set and supporters. Unfortunately, your apology was declined. Now let’s move forward. This city is big enough for both us. Hopefully this will also be the last we hear of this fictious feud. At this point, I am drained of the drama. There’s enough stories to cover in Chicago that doesn’t have to deal with Deo or The Flyy-Life….Best Regards…DeoVonte




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