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…They Wont Go When I Go…2013 In Memoriam

mary dont you weep

No more lying friends, Wanting tragic ends, Though they do pretend, They won’t go when I go… Since my soul conceived ,All that I believe, The kingdom I will see ‘Cause they won’t go when I go…Gone from painful cries, Away from saddened eyes, Along with him I’ll bide, Because they won’t go when I go… When I go, Where I’ll go, No one can keep me From my destiny. – Stevie Wonder- They Won’t Go When I Go- 1974.


As the year comes to an end, I listen to Stevie Wonder They Won’t Go When I go. This song, made in 1974 and also performed at Michael Jackson’s funeral, has long become the urban requiem in honoring those that made an impact but recently left us. For years we have watched as profound colleagues and peers slip away and most often their legacy is hushed away after the customary 2-3 day FB mourning period. No matter how great or small, these individuals touched lives and made an impact on those they came into contact with. They invested themselves as stakeholders within our community. We at The Flyy-Life wish to pay them lasting respect and homage by memorializing their contribution. Our In Memoriam of 2013 is dedicated to the following that we lost but faithfully trust they are beyond in the eternal city of the beloved…

Kyle “KJ”  Jamison – Chicago 

Kyle "KJ" Jamison

Kyle “KJ” Jamison

Twain “Twain Mugler” Robinson- Baltimore

Twain "Twain Mugler" Robinson

Twain “Twain Mugler” Robinson

Indigo Blue- Chicago

Indigo Blue

Indigo Blue

Alvin Boyd- Chicago

Alvin Boyd

Alvin Boyd

Charles Nelson- Atlanta 

Charles Nelson

Charles Nelson

Kendrick “Rick” Jones- Chicago

Kendrick "Rick" Jones

Kendrick “Rick” Jones

Anthony “Tony Milan” McCoggle- NYC

Anthony "Tnoy Milan" McCoggle

Anthony “Tony Milan” McCoggle

Robert Ward- Chicago

Robert Ward

Robert Ward

One thought on “…They Wont Go When I Go…2013 In Memoriam

  1. Thank you for representing these wonderful men. It is so nice to see that they had an impact on others and that their lives and legacy will live on in others. While I cannot fully speak for knowing them all, I did know one. He brought truth and life to my World and set a course in my life that I will forever cherish and live by…
    I miss you son…CARPE DIEM Kyle KJ Jamison
    I love you.


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