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…Freaky Boiz…”Jockin Em”…


By: DeoVonte “Deo” Means

Admittedly I’ve never professed to be an avid connoisseur of rap music, but the name Freaky Boiz, alone is enough to spark intrigue and allure anyone in touch with their senses. I was first introduced to these gentlemen a little over a year ago at their exclusive listening party held at Nine. Since then, I’ve kept a close eye on the duo and observed as they have strategically and successfully become namesake stakeholders within our community. Almost immediately, I was made aware that these gentlemen were not just another armature rap group. They are household names among the underground community with a working resume that includes connects and acknowledgements from several high profile music outlets on a national level. As impressive as their accomplishments may be, I was taken aback by their overall sense of fresh, cherubic, fun-loving charm. This was a branding strategy that would be impossible for many, but it worked for them. As always, my curiosity caused me to cautiously scratch the surface and to my amazement, that was only the beginning. With well over 2 million views thus far, the Freaky Boiz are always thinking and strategizing of a master plan that will propel them to the next level and allow them to become effective and efficient leaders of their craft with competent and marketable skillsets.

Chicago natives Terrance ‘TTGotIt’ Wilson and Pierre ‘Prince Charming’ Phipps, met and became best friends while pursuing degrees at Southern Illinois University. In 2010, after discovering a mutual love for hip-hop, they began posting videos of themselves free-styling over some of the hottest urban rap singles. The hit “Girlz Be Gagging”, their interpretation of Nicki Minaj’s “Roman’s Revenge”, is a provocative, raunchy track filled with tales of sex and debauchery. While indie gay rap has been around for years, their music began to circulate over YouTube with over 2 million views. They have appeared on major radio stations such as The Breakfast Club (New York City) and WGCI (Chicago). They’ve been featured in numerous magazine articles, and performed for crowds across the United States. Currently residing in Los Angeles, as hip hop artists, the Freaky Boiz primary goals are to utterly eliminate doors that have never been broken down before for our community. Their goal is “to shake the world up and have everyone on their toes.” Their mantra is quality over quantity and they’re currently planning on releasing an EP before the summer.


I wanted to find out more about the “boiz” and they were more than delighted….

FLife- List five adjectives that best describes the real you.

Pierre (Prince) : Goofy, Adventurous, Creative, Live, and Trustworthy                                                                   Terrance (TT Got It): Five adjectives that best describe me would have to be Outgoing, Risky, Moody, Selfless, and Fun.

FLife– Where do you see the “Freaky Boiz” business-line in five years?

TT:  In Five years I see the Freaky Boiz Business-line at its peak. I see billboards, sold out shows, hopefully on the next television screen that you view.                                                                                                                                            PP: I definitely see us at a peak. Merchandise, endorsements, checks coming in from everywhere.


FLife- What has been the most difficult obstacle to cross as gay rappers in the industry?

PP: It would have to be people not taking us seriously. But this is America. They don’t take anyone seriously until you start fucking shit up.
TT: The most difficult obstacle we’ve crossed as gay rappers in the industry would most def have to be people under-estimating us. It’s ridiculous.

FLife- Critics say at times your content is a caricature of the gay lifestyle, and this makes it difficult to be taken serious in the industry. How do you respond to this assumption?

PP: Anybody that believes you can’t have fun while still being serious about a craft is a complete idiot. I believe the way we portray our image works perfect for us and the community. We don’t have to be hardcore to get a point across. I think that would scare people away. Either way, people would have something to say. If we were hardcore people would say they don’t take us seriously. I’m fine with having fun. When you watch and listen to us you want to have fun, you want to enjoy life. That, to me, is very serious.

FLife- You have an impressive underground following. What is it about your brand that enthralls the public with such a fascination?

TT: I think people see the real us and not just a made up group. We’re witty and clever and we offer fun, but at the same time we deliver bars. And we’re cute lol. It’s perfect
PP: I agree with TT. I think people like seeing authentic people become stars. You get tired of seeing those “plastic” celebrities that are so rehearsed. We are so real (on and off camera) you have no choice but to love us.

FLife- Inspiration. What or who do you draw inspiration from while composing your lyrics?

TT: When I need inspiration, often I go back and listen to our old music and think of a way to be better.
PP: I ’m inspired by my struggle. Me and TT didn’t grow up with silver spoons. We are two guys from the Westside of Chicago that struggled through high school and college. That’s all the inspiration I need. Artist that share this struggle inspire me as well.1896979_10153772915370366_352216342_n (1)
FLife- You were honored guest on the legendary Breakfast Club radio show. Do you think you did a good job at representing the community? Why or why not?

PP: I think we did a great job. We were comfortable. We didn’t jump out of character like a lot of people assumed. I’ve seen artist leave the breakfast club in tears. We had fun and we enjoyed it. We will actually be returning.
TT: Yes. 1, we were the FIRST gay rap duo to even appear on the Breakfast club. Secondly, we got a lot of exposure and it gave us an opportunity to show everyone that we are really serious about what we do.

FLife- What was the definitive moment when you realized you were a bit more than an amateur rap duo?

TT: I first realized it was a bit much or a big deal when our fans/supporters demanded more, and in a way harassed us to make more music. I didn’t expect people to want more.
PP: When people started flying us from place to place, getting us VIP service, requesting security for us, it was a major eye opener. Myself and TT are so down to earth, we always leave the VIP area to party with the rest of the people. But that’s when I realized we were somebody.

FLife- Are you guys currently dating and if not why not?

TT: No. I have a different focus right now. And that’s expanding our brand.                                                                  PP: I go on dates, but nothing serious. Living in LA everyone is really focused on achieving goals and that’s where I’m at right now.

FLife- Name five adjectives describing the type of man you are attracted too?

PP: Goal Oriented, Emotionally stable, Beautiful, Selfless, Committed
TT: Ambitious, great sense of humor, sexy, open minded, Fun.


FLife- Do you find it hard to date while possessing such popularity in the community?

TT: Yes. You never know who really likes you or who’s a fan. Plus they be not trusting us. Which is funny to me might I add.
PP: OMG. YES! I’ve dated “normal” people, I’ve dated people in the industry, and they’re all the same lol. It’s just hard to explain. People are attracted to us because of our popularity. Then when they begin to date us our popularity becomes the issue. It’s so fucking weird.


FLife- As Chicago natives, what are your thoughts on the city and the opportunity it possess?

TT: Chicago is actually a great city. It’s the people who make it hard to prosper. Everyone sees you as competition instead of helping each other out.
PP: Where do I start? Chicago is one of the largest cities in the USA but the people there act like it’s the size of the smallest city. It’s so many opportunities but no one grabs them. We gave people in Chicago two opportunities and they weren’t well received. We offered the same opportunities to people in LA and the whole city showed up. It’s definitely a difference.

FLife- There doesn’t seem to be a blueprint of successful for mainstream gay rappers. Has this served as an encouragement or distraction and how do you plan to change that?
TT: Nothing in life is drawn out for you. We’re firm believers in the saying “Just Do It”. Anything you set your mind out to do, just do it. It’s actually encouraging because we want to be the first to do it. And that makes our drive even stronger.
PP: We’re the blueprint. We are gonna be the first. We are gonna show people how to do it. We want to see people come after us. We want to be the first but we don’t want to be the only. We’re gonna knock down doors so that others can walk thru them.

FLife- Creatively, I’m always impressed by the quality of the videos you release. Give us some brief insight. What goes into the production and distribution of a Freaky Boiz video?
TT: We’re very hands on so we find songs that move us. Then we set a vision for the video then find awesome directors to make the videos. We won’t produce anything we’re not satisfied with. It has to be perfect in our eyes first.
PP: First it starts with me bitching. LOL j/k. No, but when it comes to working, we are very serious and expect everything to go perfect. A lot of time when we are on set, people are walking up to us asking if we are ok because are faces are frowned. Not because we are mad but because our brains are going full throttle. In our upcoming video “Jockin Em” I think people can see how hard we work to put out GREAT work.

FLife- What is a hidden talent that you possess that most would be surprised to know?

PP: I’m a great poet which led to my career in rapping. I also do sign language a lot. I taught TT some sign language so sometimes we communicate with each other in public using sign language. It’s funny and shady. Lol
TT: I don’t have any hidden talents. But I dance. I think everyone knows that already.

FLife- What is a major pet-peeve?

TT: My major pet-peeve is annoying people who talk too much. It really grinds my gears.
PP: I dislike liars so much. Being in the industry, we run across so many liars and it waste so much of our time. I feel like I’m the realest person in the world so lying to me serves no purpose.

FLife- If you were not in the entertainment industry, what occupation could you foresee yourself doing?

TT: Real Estate
PP: I went to school for television production so I would most likely be directing movies, which I still plan on doing.

FLife- Which video/recording is your all-time favorite and why?

TT: Omg that’s hard. I would have to say my favorite recording would have to be a song called “The Kidz” we made especially for our fans. We call them “The Kidz”. My favorite video would have to be “JOCKIN EM” which is set to release in a few weeks. It was so fun to do.
PP: My favorite recording would be “Bounce.” It’s so live and it makes you want to bounce. My favorite video will be “Jockin Em” which you guys will be seeing very soon.

FLife- What artist would you most like to work with?

PP: Miley Cyrus. I love her swag. I have to work with dope people. The vibe has to feel right.
TT: Nicki Minaj only because she the best!!! If I had to choose a male it would have to be Drake because he’s a lyrical beast!!

FLife- What’s on the Freaky Boiz agenda for the next 6 months?

TT: The release of our EP. More shows and a record deal…
PP: Most def a record deal. We are finally in the position to obtain one. We always thought about getting a record deal but we never pursued it. Now it’s time.


The Freaky Bois has been in the game for 3 years now and has sparked a lot of controversy, but no one has ever said that they didn’t have bars or talent. Both TTgotit and Pweezy have a strong love for their fans, “The Kidz”, and when they see them in public, they tend to have long conversations with them. “They support us a lot, so we think having a sincere conversation with them is the least we could do”, (Freaky Boiz). Already recognized as the first gay rap group, hopefully, the Freaky Boiz will eventually become the first gay signed rap group and hit mainstream. As an effective brand, the team current consist of Pierre Phipps as Pweezy (Artist), Terrance Wilson as TTgotit (Artist), Kellen Bailey (Manager) and Stephen King as Adonis (Creative director and executive assistant).

Exclusive Preview

Connect with them @

New Freaky Boiz t-shirts coming soon.
Website – http://www.freakyboiz.com
Instagram page – @officialfreakyboiz
New single – “Jockin Em” (video release coming soon)
Booking contact info – Bookings@FreakyBoiz.com
Follow on twitter – @TheFreakyBoiz
Facebook – Freaky Boiz

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