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By DeoVonte “Deo” Means

When it comes to Langston John Blaze it is said “ we cannot isolate him in one genre. This Kentucky native has blossomed in Atlanta as an overall entertainer. He is a singer, dancer, actor, model, as well as a writer of many avenues. This child of the Army has gained momentum on the East Coast and uses his gifts to inspire others. His followers are known as #teamblaze and are soaring him into new arenas, new projects and new beginnings. He is and will continue to be a star.” Of course with this type of intro, we more than allured by his presence. I needed to see further who this man of such profound words really was. I soon became to realize that Langston is known from his role as “Trent”on the hit web series, Freefall, by Lamont Pierre. The series goes through the life of African American gay men in Atlanta and explores the various avenues that they go through from sex and lust to love and scandal. Freefall launched Langston John Blaze into the mainstream of the African American gay community. Langston’s met orphic ascend in the lgbt pop culture has now included blogging, modeling, hosting and also a published writer debuting his second book, The Underwear Drawer.


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Upon meeting him, his words were “ Thank you for the opportunity to be featured with Flyy Life. My new second novel is called The Underwear Drawer, a revealing testimonial of my dating life. It opens up about my sexuality, self -esteem issues, and how I endured different relationship lessons. It also gives advice on how to balance vulnerability and how to deal with rejection. Below is our interview…Cheers


FL- Using 5 adjectives, describe the real Langston.

LJB– In five words, I am: mysterious, goofy, private, friendly, and freaky

FL- Where do you see your brand/business line in 2 years?

LJB- I see myself climbing the ladder of my significance by 2016. I see myself as a name in entertainment that people will know and remember through my work as an actor, allowing my music to follow that foundation.

FL- What is an interesting fact about you…Langston

LJB- I’m very quiet for the most part until I develop a comfort zone with people. I have a very weird persona in the sense that I seek attention for the work I do as an entertainer. Yet all the extra things that come with that are just that…extra. I’m a homebody.

FL- Who has been most influential in your life?

LJB- Outside of my family, Aaliyah, the singer, has been the most influential person in my career. My government name is Langston but I created my John Blaze persona as a tribute to her. She and Missy recorded a song called “John Blaze” in the mid 90s. Aaliyah was very dark and mysterious and goofy like the way I am. I loved how she stayed out of drama and worked so hard literally until her passing. I will always have a special place for her in my heart.

FL- Are you currently dating?

LJB- I will simply say “Yes”.

FL- Name 5 adjectives that describe your ideal partner.

LJB- Attentive, funny as shit, considerate, goofy, and relationship-oriented. I say relationship oriented because there are plenty of men in relationships like how you buy the latest hot thing in fashion, something beautiful to show off, however take off. I don’t want a man who wants to take me off.


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FL- You are proven to be multi-talented, which discipline would you say you’re best at?

LJB- First, I say thank you. Discipline comes with desire. I’m married to my craft. I’ve never cheated on it. It’s attached to me like my skin. If you’re not in love with what you do or doing something you might not quite love with the intention of it getting you where you want to be, then you’re wasting your time. It really bothers me when people talk of their talents as if they are dead. “I was such a great designer”, I once heard my coworker say. It bothered me hearing her say that in past tense as if she had no ability to make it happen.


FL- What do you wish to bring to the community as a vested stake-holder?

LJB- I want to be a representative for so many young men, just like me, with dreams and goals, who at some point felt discouraged but allowed their passions to overwhelm any aspect of insecurity. I’ve definitely been insecure in the past about myself overall. Yet, I don’t drown in those negative energies. I’m adjusting to being an influence on young men and women.

FL- What celebrity do you most identify with and why?

LJB- I most identify with Michael Jackson, because I feel like God has put me on this Earth to entertain people and take them out of their reality even if for a little while. It’s truly a gift to entertain people. However, I feel like, outside of my family, people will never quite understand me entirely. I think Michael went through a similar journey.

FL- Your book is based on relationship experiences in the LGBT, do you speak from a bottom, verse or top experience and how can this benefit us all?

LJB- Yes, my new book, The Underwear Drawer, is about my personal relationships from a dating and friendship standpoint with men. I’ve never been this revealing and exposed through my work. We need a book like this in the LGBT community because I feel gays need a better impression and teaching on how to date and communicate with the men we put ourselves in situation with to get to know. Sex is beautiful from a well-rounded perspective. I’m a sexual person by nature but I don’t label myself a position. In a relationship, the position is love. So my desire is to get acquainted with that idea so I can meet the right guy.

FL- As an artist residing in Atlanta, the black gay capital, you are probably among some of the most competitive and accomplished peers; how has your experience been and what sets you apart from the rest?

LJB- My focus sets me a part from my competition. It’s easy to get caught up in the “celebrity-style” of what being openly gay can be. I’ve been distracted at times but luckily I live outside the city so my distractions come in small doses and phases when I just need to escape.

FL- Your role in the Freefall was a cyber-show was a complete success. It went viral. What is the status of new productions and when can we expect a new episode?

LJB– I noticed that the first episode of Freefall has received over 100,000 hits in the year it’s been available online. That amazes me. I am currently working on my first heterosexual role in the short film, Muse, with Nakia Stephens and her Damnwrite Productions team. I’m an actor, not a black actor or gay actor, just a performer, who wants to be put in roles where I can play anyone

FL– What are your top turn ons?

LJB- I love humor. Something about the ability to make someone life is intensely sexy to me. I love when I’m with a guy and he’s completely himself around me. That’s rare, because the last guy I dealt with made me feel more secure in being me. I also love a great kisser. Oh and I have a thing for biceps!


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FL- What are your top turn offs?

LJB- Bad hygiene, arrogance, no goals, doesn’t believe in God, and judgmental

FL- How do you define success and when did you experience your first successful moment?

LJB- I define success by significance. I want to be remembered for my work. People will never forget entertainers like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, because they left their spirit tattooed in the industry as a steppingstone for so many aspiring people.

FL- What upcoming projects do you have in store for this year?

LJB- My new book, The Underwear Drawer comes out this summer. I’m in the process of creating the web commercial for the book. My short film, Muse will be out later in the year. I’m currently working on ideas for a LGBT themed erotic thriller novel called Translation.

FL- How can readers connect with you?

LJB- My Crusaders (supporters) can connect with me through and


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