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Durell Arthur (NYC) Does Japanese With The Flyy-Life (Chi-Town)…


As an international traveler and citizen of the world, on last weekend, the ever alluring and captivating Durell Smith, returned to Chicago to enjoy a provocative and stimulating weekend in the company of good friends and family. It soon became apparent that as a 4 year NYC resident, he planned his trip to be selective and fulfilling in order to maximize the “Chicago” experience. We agreed to do lunch on Sunday afternoon at one of his favorite Lakeview spots, Ping-Pong Restaurant. Upon arriving at Ping-Pong, we discovered they had a delayed Sunday opening, so he made the decision to venture down the Broadway St. and select an alternative restaurant. As we journey down the street, I discovered this was truly a “Flyy-Life” experience. Durell has always been a man that exuded one of the highest levels of sex appeal. He was a leading East Coast sex-siren in his previous day; but something new and refreshing had entered into the picture. He now possessed a mental growth and sophisticated maturity that exuded from his being and deemed him a true grown and sex gentleman of society. I was intrigued.2824_555723953078_2393063_n


As we conversed and caught up on our recent endeavors, somehow, he knew that I had a conservative palette and desperately wanted to begin to diversify. He gently but dominantly informed me, he only wanted me to relax and trust him. He would ensure that I have a pleasurable and memorable experience. Durell decided upon Jaiyen, a Japanese Sushi and Noodle restaurant that was a favorite hangout spot of his Chicago days. As a BYOB, we grabbed two bottles of wine. Durell’s favorite, a Shiraz-Grenache mix, and my favorite, Pinot Noir. We arrived at the restaurant to great intimate customer service and he attentively and affectionately guided me through ordering what initially seemed like reading a menu in ancient Greek.  Durell articulately informed me of the history and contents of each dish and made sure it was nothing too far-fetched from my current likings. Our Starter, Edamame (soy beans sprinkled with salt). Our Soup, Spicy Miso (Miso soup, White Onion, and a kick of Jalapeño, Tofu, Seaweed and Green Onion).  We also selected  four unique selections of Makimono Wraps.  The Spider Maki ( Crispy Soft-Shell Crab, Cucumber, Avocado, Spicy Mayo, Masago and Unagi Sauce), Deluxe Spicy Tuna (Tuna, hot sauce, Chili Oil and Unagi sauce), Spicy Shrimp Roll ( Shrimp, Cucumber, Masago, Scallion and Spicy Mayo, hot sauce, Chili Oil) and Ebi Tempura Maki (2 shrimp Tempura, Cucumber, Spicy mayo, Tempura crunch and Unagi sauce)




As the food was prepared and he taught me how to correctly eat Edamame, we conversed even more in depth. The Spicy Miso was delivered and surprisingly I enjoy every bit of it. It was reminiscent of a highly flavorful brooth.  We continued to converse and he taught me how to maneuver and eat with chop-sticks. I got it, but could probably use a bit more practice. As our Makimono Wraps arrived, I was a bit reserved but but he encouraged and guided me through it. I immediately realized it was truly a light and enjoyable experience. Our conversations were stimulating, reflective and insightful.  I was delighted and impressed to learn he is now embracing a new venture in which he will be hosting a radio show called “A Day In The Life” with co-host Jemini of the group Jsq.  In his words, “Its talk radio with a musical twist.” They currently cover current events and social media hot topics, while giving advice to their audience and highlighting independent artist and hidden gems within the industry who have substantial careers but not yet mainstream. This is your new talk radio addiction. He currently has three musical projects.




Crushin’ That Candy” featuring Jemini (iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon), he’s featured on “Adore You” by Shorty Roc (iTunes) and “It’s About Time” Mixtape (Soundcloud, Audiomack). In the near future he has four additional projects scheduled. NY Times Fashion Interview, Debut EP Called “Sights and Sounds” and Debut LP Called “Love.” Without a doubt, Durell lived up to his promise of ensuring that I had a pleasurable and memorable experience. It is always good to catch up with old friends and I am honored to be one of his new supporters.  Cheers to Durell and congrats on all the amazing blessings that are flowing your way…Cheers on personifying The Flyy-Life…Deo


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