Scandal Report

Pride & Death… Henry “Amare” Lee…RIP..




By DeoVonte “Deo” Means

Facts– This past week, the community have been shocked and beseeched with news that Henry Lee, Jr., known as Amar’e Lee on Facebook, was in Atlanta for his first ATL Black Gay Pride celebration and was attending Wassup N ATL’s Wet & Wild Pool Party on Saturday where he nearly drowned after being under 5-7 feet of water for 15 minutes. Henry, a 21 year old, 6’3, resident of Dallas TX, was at the pool party -held at the Holiday Inn on Virginia Avenue- on Saturday and was pronounced dead on Tuesday morning at the Atlanta Medical Center on Cleveland Avenue, according to police. The shocking controversy surrounding the incident elevated to new heights, when Amare’s best friend and traveling companion, Demetrius Price, 38 of Memphis TN, revealed that Amare was a social drinker but never engaged in any type of drugs or smoking.  Demetrius also revealed that preliminary toxicology test revealed that Amare did indeed have high levels of PCP (phencyclidine) in his system at the time of death. For those who don’t know, PCP is a common club drug and users report a feeling of being “out of body” and detached from their environment. PCP rapidly passes to the brain to disrupt the functioning of NMDA receptor complexes for the neurotransmitter glutamate. Glutamate receptors play a major role in the perception of pain, in cognition, and in emotion. Psychologically, PCP causes distinct changes in body awareness similar to those associated with alcohol intoxication. PCP is often used as a date rape drug. Initially, the incident was swept under the rug and kept quiet until close friends of Amare contacted well known bloggers, Jarret Scott of Jarret Scott Page and DeoVonte “Deo” Means of The Flyy-Life on Tuesday, and asked them to utilize their platforms to bring awareness to the situation. Within 24 hours of making the post, the story ignited like a wildfire and soon spread nationally within the community. Immediately, Amare’s close friend-Demetrius- went on a public social media tour and confirmed that the rumor that spread in which stated he was in the club the next night -while his close friend remained in the hospital in critical condition and brain dead- was in fact true. Although Demetrius admitted to living a chaste life of holiness and finding his high in “bursting out in an ole holy dance,” he admitted that on the night his closest friend laid in the hospital, he paid a visit to the club for a few hours to release his anxiety and stress. Almost immediately, Demetrius began to passively give credence to the rumor that Amare was perhaps poisoned. Someone slipped something  in his drink is the rumor that was cast.   Demetrius passively informed us of a slight argument between Amare and Joshua, (another friend and traveling companion) over headphones that were stolen a month prior in Atlanta. Sources has confirmed that this slight argument did occur in an adjacent room outside of the pool area but Joshua, indeed, was the one that beckoned the sole security guard in an attempt to diffuse the situation and not cause a scene. Sources also confirmed that after security was called, Joshua immediately went in the other direction, left the party and went to his paying performing gig at another venue.  Witnessing sources confirmed that tension between Demetrius and Amare was only expected to climax because Demetrius discovered that Amare had revealed several humiliating secrets he shared in secret. This included discovering that Demetrius (38) had stolen his [Amare] identity and got an apartment and car in his name. It’s also rumored, but not yet confirmed that Demetrius recently was involved in a criminal identity theft raid. In the collaborating witnesses opinions “Josh had no animosity about the stolen headphones, they were already gone a month ago and all was well. The three drove down together and shared the hotel room. But Demetrius new realization that Henry had revealed secrets about his health and criminal background could have only left him enraged!!!”


Here at The Flyy-Life, we are not interested in joining the deplorable deluge of those who seek to exploit this sad situation for publicity, likes or fame. We are here to utilize due-diligence and resources. To ask fundamental questions that will hopefully trigger the public to put the pieces together and bring Henry and his family closure, justice and expose liability. Allow us a few minutes to analyze the situation and highlight all entities that are at the very least liable. If my life was taken at 21, I would only hope my family would receive damages.

The Friend– As a well vested and experienced former club kid, several questions stand out to me. First, as covert and high society as the plot sounds, one thing I can assure you that NOBODY that partake in that lifestyle is going to do, is waste their drug. In fact, most of these kids can’t even afford their habit/drug of choice. It is well documented that many descended upon Atlanta with no lodging arrangements and it’s well known that the many attendees were cyber prostituting themselves for a place to rest. Some even resulted to lodging in homeless shelters over the night for shelter. Those that were lucky enough, perhaps shared a room with three or four others. Sources report that Demetrius entourage in itself was barely able to adequately stay afloat. In 2014, no one has the luxury of frivolously wasting a drug on someone all because they’re an enemy…that’s just preposterous and silly. The kids may shade, fight and cyber-attack each other; but no one is wasting a drug or any resource on someone out of vengeance.  Secondly, I’m not buying into the theory that a random guy drugged this young man due to a sexual fascination. Once again, no one that partakes in that lifestyle would waste their precious commodity on a random date at 7pm, when at that point Atlanta had SEVERAL free sex parties scheduled for the night and also the big club later on. Club drugs are normally reserved for the club and not a minor side party.  Atlanta Pride is a modern day bacchanalia. If one person declined a sexual advance at 7pm, trust me, there’s 12 more that’s ready and willing and probably even looks better. Atlanta’s Pride is not a place where such means has to be exhausted for sex.  As a human being, I just can’t swallow the pill of leaving a BESTFRIEND in the hospital-possibly brain dead- and going to the club to relieve stress instead of holding bedside vigil or perhaps going to the chapel for prayer. But that horse has been beaten so ‘ll proceed. Historically, using date rape drugs to inflict revenge is not something that someone in there early 20’s would be able to afford or have the mental comprehension about.  Date rape drugs is a trick of the old school kids who remember what two drops of Visine in a drink would do to a person.  Amare was cute, but out of all the GORGEOUS and willing men that I’ve seen that visited Atlanta that weekend, I’m not understanding why a random would have chosen him to seduce with poison at 7pm. This had to be a personal vengeance from someone in his inner circle whom he trusted to drink a bottle of water or soda from. As a best friend, I would be so distraught over the realization that my buddy had fallen victim on a trip of mines that I would most definitely be in a state of isolation and grief;  not running around doing interviews, passing on my social media tags and trying to set myself up as a socialite of the community. I have not seen anywhere where his death has taken an emotional toll on his best friend and this causes me to ponder is he affected at all?  The fact that Demetrius is 38 and his traveling buddies and best friends are 20 & 21 also causes me to ponder certain things. Is this a developmental handicap?  Most of us prefer our inner circle to be partners, not pupils.  This doesn’t sound like a random and blanketed case of “slipping a mickey.”  This sounds like the strategy of someone who became angry, insulted, humiliated and despondent and wanted to exact revenge. Their method of revenge was to mentally handicap their enemy to point where their cognoscent skills were compromised and they would awake in the morning sexually violated.  To a top that “somehow” passed out and ended up getting penetrated, perhaps by several and unprotected, this would be a humiliating and embarrassing experience.  It would definitely be a nasty form of revenge. It would also be a form of future leverage to those “in the know,” and an embarrassing secret that no one would want revealed. A perfect form of retribution and pleasure.

Henry Lee Jr. aka Ama're Lee

The Establishment– As an entity that was hosting a group of men at a pool-side event which also served alcohol, due-diligence should have been utilized to ensure the safety of the guest. If life guards were not available, then signs should have been posted that stated swim at your own risk. The same fervor that the promoter used to produce the beautiful and colorful flyers to attract guest, should have also been used to hire a staff that could keep a watchful eye over the guest. Risk mitigation should have been utilized when planning the event and I would argue one singular security guard is never enough when a large group of men conjoin at an establishment. Any singular guest could have easily slipped, hit their head and fell into the pool. Were you solely dependent upon the guest for emergency rescue? In a drunken state, a number of fights could have broken out. Once again, what was your emergency plan? As a production company, did you have insurance and the right lines of authority? What are your clauses of damages and is the family due a financial settlement? Was an insurance claim reported and processed?  Why was it necessary for his friends to publicly seek financial help to get the body home and funeral expenses paid? Did you not have enough sympathy and respect for your guest to at least offer a donation?  As a compliance analyst in the insurance industry, I see many acts of negligence that screams liable and liability. As a company, you ask your followers to financially support your events, you make a profit while ignoring all risk mitigation and safety confines?  If a patron slipped and fell in McDonalds, would he not be entitled to a settlement? If I fell down the escalator at Neiman Marcus because they didn’t have proper signage, would I not receive damages?

10314531_248523708684520_4765671778666056995_nThe Conclusion – At this point, I suppose it’s too late to point fingers and it’s not my intent to refresh or ignite rumors. The young man was laid to rest today, and reports are coming in that Demetrius was attacked at the funeral. Perhaps family and friends suspected foul play.  His family will mourn a life cut short due to gay antics. Perhaps he could’ve been the person to find the cure for cancer or maybe he would have grown into the average working class, upwardly mobile man. But he was robbed of that. The one thing that we do know is that he will never see his 22nd birthday and experience the real beauty of being a growing gay man. Those memories and experience that we cherish and reflect upon that were gained in our 20’s, he will never experience. Whomever is at fault, will continue to live their lives and go back to normalcy in a few weeks when this is over. Next year there will be plenty of parties, promoters will continue to make money and the “friends” will continue to fuck and live their lives, but that young man’s life has been taken and it really wasn’t that serious….RIP Amare….






8 thoughts on “Pride & Death… Henry “Amare” Lee…RIP..

  1. Sad that this happened and it’s sick that the Black gay community is filled with nothing but cum hungry whores who get off on Crystal Meth, bareback sex, stolen fashions, checks, stolen credit cards, boosters, etc. Everyone who attended this party should be ashamed. I hope ATL BLACK Pride is a wrap and will never see the light of day again. Black gays, get y’all shit together and stop letting dick & ass run your life. Don’t keep up the niggertry and better yourselves. With all of the fight for rights in the gay community, none of you stick together. Just worthless. Smh!


      • Why don’t you make me shut up? You just don’t want to hear the truth. That is why you are choosing to be ‘ANONYMOUS’ because you are a scared little punk who hides behind a computer screen and afraid to write what is right. Screw you! COWARD!!


  2. Thanks so much for this detailed update. I didn’t know him personally but heard of him. He was a well liked guy who was robbed of his whole life. I hope all the blaming and finger pointing ceases. God bless everyone.


  3. I dont know why this situation bother me such but its unfortunate that he died with so many people around and nobody was paying any attention and thats probably whats bothering me the most. How can you be so engrossed in conversations and cocktails that you dont even notice a body just floating in the water. Im sorry but when Demetrius decided to befriend someone so young he should have protected him a little better because he was older and im sure he has already experienced all of the things this dude was trying to experience for the first time. Whomever caused this guy harm will be found out sooner or later they wont be able to live with that….thats my prayer.


    • I concur. I’m bothered by it too. I can’t help but wonder what was everybody doing? I mean, how come nobody saw him floating there until after he had been missing and nobody could find him? I’m just surprised that he was out there alone away from all of his associates and friends. It’s a very sad saga.


  4. For the past few days, Amar’e’s death is the ONLY thing that comes to my mind. I’m from a small, country town that’s only 15 minutes away from his hometown and I can only think that this young man only wanted to experience life outside of the small country, taboo life. It saddens me that he can’t. I’ve never fucked with a whole lot of sissies, because I’ve seen the shenanigans, first hand, and it disgust me! This whole situation seems so fishy, and not in a good way! Because this article was so well written, perspective is well clear for me and I hope justice is served! My condolences to his REAL friends and his living family. Rest easy, Amar’e.


  5. Its, Just so devastating too see this although hearing bout it. Make you sad with our Lgbtq community. Its so much we have to fight for. But makes no sense if this death. Each and every night i read this article it makes me sick, cause it could have been a freind of mines or family member. Rest on brutha. Whomever did this too you will get theres back. Karma is real. If you dont believe me #sitbackwatchandsee


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