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Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past several months, you know about Chicago’s newest rising star Mr. Corey Raé.  Corey is the sultry, sexy, sophisticated and tantalizing voice that is consistently performing for diverse and sold out audiences and leaving them in awe as he manifest his divinely given talent. His debut EP from Silkscreen Productions, entitled “As I Am” debuted on 9/21/14 and is produced by Ray Silkman himself.  To celebrate this landmark occasion Corey Rae’s album release party will take place October 12th, 2014 at the historic Little Black Pearl Workshop located at 1060 E. 47th Street, Chicago. Party time 8:00pm. Corey will perform music from his new EP, including an unplugged version of the anthem “As I Am”. Accompanying Corey will be Grammy and Stellar award nominee Cliff “Self Black” Johnson. The evening will be filled with unforgettable performances, continuous music from DJ Khaaliq, special guest stars and door prizes. Highlighting the evening will be the World Premier of the “As I Am” music video which was recently shot here in Chicago.  This event is currently one of the most anticipated of the Fall social season and I caught up with him to get an in-depth understanding of just who this talented young man truly is. In true Flyy-Life style, it was an open and honest interview, laced with sexy grown man.




FL- Your track As I Am is immaculately beautiful. I for-see it being the anthem of the Grown & Sexy cocktail party for winter 2014-15. It’s so sexy. Very Maxwell. Please describe the lyrics and mindset behind the composition.

CR-  Thank you for the wonderful compliment.  As I Am puts love in a different perspective. People tend to put conditions on love and completely take it out of context. I want people to begin to love one another unconditionally despite the type of relationship. Love can conquer all, I truly believe that.

FL- Using 5 adjectives describe the real Corey Raé.

CR- Determined, gifted, loving, funny, and passionate.

FL- What color would best describe you and why?

CR  Red. Red is my favorite color. It’s demanding and eye-catching. It represents love passion and fire (in a spiritual context), three things to which I feel closely connected.



FL- Using three adjectives, describe the ethos of your music.

CR- Reflective, uplifting, honest.

FL- Where are you come from?

CR- I am Chicago born and raised

FL- What is the unique factor about you that you feel will distinguish you from the rest?

CR- I know that I bring a unique element to my performances. My artistic essence will set me apart from the rest. I don’t believe in competition between artists because every artist is unique, but I am certain that there is an empty space in the industry and that is because it belongs to me.  I’m on my way to claim my space.

FL- Why should audiences follow you as a leading talent out of Chicago?

CR- I honestly feel I am bringing something fresh to the entertainment industry. My music is different from what is out now. It has a retro, funky, Neo-R&B vibe.


FL- Are you currently dating? Why or why not?

CR I am not dating. Unfortunately I don’t have time for dating. I spend most of my time working.  However, it would be nice to be able to.

FL- I’ve noticed you are very professional and industry accredited in your interactions. Describe your team and the average Corey Raé entity meeting?

CR- Professionalism is Key. The Music industry is a business so it is imperative for any artist to be professional.

FL- What motivates you?

CR- My mom motivates me. My fans motivate me. Music motivates me.

FL- Who are your Icons?

CR- Michael Jackson, Prince, and Pharell Williams.

FL- As a Chicagoan, how do you feel you add to the fabric of our city and what are your contributions?

CR- Because I am as blessed and fortunate as I am it is my obligation to inspire the youth to aspire to something great. There are so many talented people in the city who I hope to provide opportunities for one day. We need to let go of the “crabs in the bucket” mentality and help one another so that we can make it together.


FL- What do you love most about Chicago?

CR- Chicago has really great resources for artists. Chicago has a great nightlife and entertainment district. 

FL- Your upcoming album release party is the buzz of the social scene. What can we expect on that night?

CR- The album release party will include Great performances, great food, great vibes, and beautiful people.

FL- What is the energy and influence behind your debut?

CR- Love in all variations.

FL- What do you want the audience and fans to get from this album?

CR- I want my music to make people dance. I want it to put a smile on someone’s face. I hope that people will feel what I felt when I recorded the EP.


Corey Poster (2)

FL- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

CR- In five years I see myself performing all over the world! I see some Grammys too. I hope that in 5 years that my story up until that point will inspire someone.

FL- What projects do you have lined up for the next 3 months? What does your agenda look like?

CR- October 12th is the official release party where I will be premiering the music video for “As I Am” produced by Ray Silkman for Silkscreen Productions. I have a few major concert dates in the next three months. I start working on my debut album (LP). I’ll be pretty busy in the following months.

FL- One word to describe your mindset at this very moment.

CR- Grateful

FL- You had Robin Robinson at your last event…Can I get Cheryl Burton at this one? Lol….What do you have up your sleeve? I need to know?

CR- Well for starters I am blessed to be accompanied by Grammy and Stellar award nominee Cliff “Self Black” Johnson on keyboard. There will also be a number of other music and media icons in the house that night.


The Flyy-Life thanks you for this interview and opportunity to get to know you better. We wish you much success as we continuse to support you and we look forward to seeing you October 12th.


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Click here for event details.


Available at and for download at iTunes, and other online music retailers. Corey can also be found at




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