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Oui Entertainment La Bonne Vie Party…(pics)

coverBy DeoVonte “Deo” Means


The gentlemen of Chicago’s newest premier entertainment company, Oui, hosted their debut social event on October 18th at the trendy The Riff lounge. Before entering the packed establishment, my guest and I were immediately taken back and impressed by the most warm and courteous security staff who engaged and ensured us that our safety was ensured by them and the establishment. We were next guided past the foyer and greeted by members of the team who thanked us for coming and commissioned us to enjoy ourselves to the fullest. As patrons continued to pour in and the night progressed, we were impressed by the diversity of our community that was represented. This was not just an “upper-class” event; this was a gentlemen’s event and everyone carried themselves in a sexy manner. The dates and future prospects were I the building! Lights and camera’s flashed throughout the night as the DJ kept everyone on the dance floor with a mixture of music from House to Today’s Top 40’s. In my previous interview with the team, they informed me of their desire to bring back the sexy aspect of Chicago nightlife and create an environment where everyone can dance the night away, party and have fun like grown men. They succeeded in this mission. Faces that I have not seen in months were out to toast the gentlemen on their event and contribute their support. I am pleased to report that there were NO incidents that took place and everyone was of the mindset of “we’re here to sexy party…that’s it, that’s all!!”…Judging from the ambiance and flow of the party, I’m assured the ratchets stayed at home. Drinks were on POINT and everyone was wasted just dancing the night away. I am happy to state, these fellas are on to something amazing and it’s setup to defiantly revitalize the city. I’m happy to be a supporter and I would encourage everyone that’s “cut from that type of cloth” -or just want to have sexy fun- to make plans to be in the building for the next Oui event…You wont be disappointed… I hear there’s an upcoming Holiday event entitled “Noel”…see ya there!…Congrats fellas, my glass is raised on a job well done… Deo

More pics and info can be found at Oui

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