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Noel 15By: DeoVonte “Deo” Means
Months ago when Oui Entertainment debuted, we predicted they would bring a refreshing balm to the night life of the city’s upwardly mobile and fun at heart. Their holiday party “Noel” once again illustrated to the city that they are indeed manifesting their endowment of chic, sophisticated and fun! Partnering with Miller Coors and Berdan New York, the event was held in River East at the trendy Quay lounge. Sophisticated sexy was the tone of the evening and it was exemplified from the beginning as you entered the venue and greeted inside by the most beautiful and sexy models wearing Berdan’s. We were also an early supporter of Berdan this past year, and find it impressive the professionalism and growth the collection has made. Berdan has stamped itself as a vested stakeholder and asset within the city of cosmopolitan men. I guess it’s the end of the year and we’re being a bit reflective of the growth we’ve seen by entities that we embraced in infanthood just months ago.  Oui is consistently gaining a reputation for bringing out the city’s socials, celebs, sophisticated and sexy. On this night, they completely redefined the rubric of excellence. The sexy of the city stormed and it was a good time. If you were there, you were MEANT to be there… Good look Chi-Town!!!! Job well done, my glass is raised… Deo



noel 1

Noel 10


Noel 19

Noel 13

Noel 24



Noel 18

Noel 17

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Noel 16

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One thought on “..Noel….(pics)

  1. I got a few pairs of Berdan underware for the men in my life. They loved the underware and now they only wear Berdan. The underware wash and dry and keep their shape. My husband, son and grand son has all the colors and are waiting on more colors. The price is great and we don’t mind spending money on quality. My husband said he finally has underware that doesn’t make him sweat when he plays tennis for hours. He has tried a lot underware and all of them made him sweat. He use to have sweaty balls and sweat stains while playing tennis but not Berdan. My son said the same thing about playing basketball. He can ball out and no sweat stains down there. Thank you Berdan. I hated washing stained sweaty underware but thanks to Berdan no more sweating


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