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The Firm…Chicago MLK Celebration…

IMG_2465 By DeoVonte “Deo” Means

It is with esteemed pleasure that I announce, Chicago is once again on the path of sexy and cosmopolitan after that embarrassing hiccup of the ratchet Visions Friday night club that held dominance for a few months but marked us with such an embarrassing stain of “society misfit for money.” As the second entity to debut within the last three months with a strategy and mindset catered toward the upwardly mobile and sexy, The Firm did an amazing job at solidifying themselves as a vested stakeholder in the community specializing in sophistication and grown man status. As cars lined the street, the beautiful ones of the city descended upon the posh Esso lounge on North Milwaukee in West Town and were greeted by the most respectful and customer friendly wait-staff. Upon entering, the host greeted each patron individually and ensured us of a good time. I was not shocked by Chicago’s socialite Darius Nix attention to detail because he comes from the same family that owned the legendary Paje’s. The drinks flowed and Givenchy attire was most dominate in the building. I saw old and new faces that I either wanted to reconnect with or wanted to get to know. There were no altercations or any of the shunned behavior that has become “par core” at other establishments in the city. The men were gorgeous and business cards were exchanged. The DJ was amazing as he kept us dancing while sipping specialty cocktails. I am proud to be a patron of the movement that’s embracing class and good ole fun. It’s time to put Chicago back where it was before the society reject antics. I left the event assured that a fancy flier with high pixels and brilliant coloring does not make an event. Neither does a long line of society misfits with free admission. What really makes an event fab is the quality of people in attendance no matter how intimate. I am proud to say the elite of the city showed up and sent a strong message. Chicago is not defined by the antics of the ratchets, yet we are defined by the accomplishments and resilient drive of the sexy… In my mind, MLK  “dream” is manifesting itself. Black men, in society and do great things for themselves and their community while leaving a mark the world and setting a blueprint for those to come behind us…Cheers to a job well done fella’s….Deo

























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