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Debonair- The Spring Social Season Has Awaken!!!…(pics)

Debonaire 5By- DeoVonte “Deo” Means

This past Friday, the fella’s of High Society Entertainment Group hosted Debonair at Bevy. Before I give a review of the night, allow me to address the big elephant in the room. It’s no secret that HS and I had very nasty and public falling out over a year ago. Within that time, neither entity has had communication or interaction with each other. In fact, I at times have been a very vocal critic of the new direction of the brand. Last month I bumped into one of the fellas at an event and like gentlemen, we were cordial, snapped a few pics and kept it moving. A couple weeks later we shared a telephone conversation in which clarity was given to a misunderstanding. I was clear that I had long ago moved beyond the personal issue that once existed. I had yet to return to any of their events because I was no longer sure if I related to the new target market. I was respectfully reminded of the basic fundamentals of economics. Chicago is currently going thru a generational transition. And as such, the business-line has to accommodate those in which consistently and overwhelmingly supports the product. Understanding that many of us may feel most comfortable around our established demographic, the fella’s are launching a new series in which they will produce monthly events specifically targeted towards the grown & sexy of the city. A personal invite was extended and I assured them I would attend and check it out. Preparing for the event, I went in with a few concepts in mind. I would report from an unbiased viewpoint, I was going to be respectful to the brand and enjoy myself, and lastly, I was going with a clean and fresh outlook.

debonaire 24I arrived at the venue which was conveniently located in the River North district. There was a small line but everyone quickly got access into the building. Security staff was actually warm and welcoming and directed us towards the main room. The main room was very sizeable and easily accommodated the guest. I was pleased to see everyone in their finest and looking good! Grown & sexy men and women all throughout the building. The drinks were a bit expensive but the bar staff made sure you got your money worth. I’ve never been able to say anything negative about DJ Gucci Roxx skills as a DJ, therefore it’s already established that the music was on point all night. I really enjoyed myself and it was great seeing everyone. I do feel as if it was worth my money and time. I am happy to see the city nightlife growing in such a way that makes you proud to live here and gives you a reason/desire to come out. We’ve had a cold and hard winter. The spring social season is here and the fella’s did a great job at bringing it in with a bang…. Good job fellas!…Deo


Debonaire 10

debonaire 15

debonaire 16

debonaire 20

Debonaire 9

debonaire 30

debonaire 17

Debonaire 18

Debonaire 23

debonaire 26

debonaire 27 Debonaire 14

debonaire 12Debonaire 13

Debonaire 6

Debonaire 22

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