Society Events

Vince Aries XXVIII Birthday Celebration…(pics)

Vince 18Vince Aries annual b-day party has become legendary for bringing the finest in the city out to celebrate in good fun. Saturday’s party did not disappoint. It was advertised as a grown & sexy event and it lived up to the name. Chicago doesn’t have as many sophisticated events as we once did, but it’s refreshing to know the market is still alive and vibrant. Good job Vince! I had a doozy!…Deo


Vince 4

Vince 5

vince 7

Vince 23

Vince 10

Vince 14


Vince 11


Vince 12

Vince 13

Vince 15


Vince 17

Vince 21


Vince 22


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