Scandal Report

The Tragedy and Triumph of a Twin…Taleon Talks….


By- DeoVonte “Deo” Means

Prologue– When I first heard news that Taleon Goffney was out of prison and releasing a tell-all memoir, I approached it as I do most journalistic assignments. I was a bit interested in discovering the truth behind the scandal, but I was not necessarily moved or vested. After all, in 2015, there’s a scandal every day. I had no clue that divine powers were manipulating the situation and pushing us together for Taleon to effectively utilize my platform to spread his message, while I gain a deeper understanding and compassion for the disenfranchised of our community off the back of his story. Always the gentleman, Taleon immediately sent over his book, On My Search For a Better Life, This Is How I Became INFAMOUS!!!, After only 10 pages in, my direct response to him was “mouth on the floor, jaw-dropping, addictive!!!” I knew immediately this was about to be a doozy. Before we proceed to the interview between Taleon and The Flyy-Life, let me bring those of you unaware (or forgotten) of the scandal up to date. This will allow you to understand the full plight.

Intro– The legendary Goffeny twins –Taleon & Keyon– hit the mainstream community with a huge bang in the mid 2000’s. Taleon was rumoured to be straight, while Keyon was very open about his sexuality. Sexual preference didn’t make much of a difference when it came to the legions of adoring fans and friends, because both brothers possessed a rare and stunning manly beauty, that honestly only comes around once every generation. Their Myspace pages were filled with friends, professional pictures and messages from all over the world. To add to their mystique, on the outside, it appeared they also had a very lucrative and successful modelling career. Keyon was known to work with major brands and scored a deal with Ralph Lauren. It appeared to be a glamorous lifestyle of traveling, shopping, cars, sex, drugs and rock & roll. The brothers dabbled in gay porn, but even that was an asset. Gay porn in those years was not what it is today. In those days, adult production companies generally only scouted the most attractive, healthy, exclusive and desired within the community. So the short time they spent in porn was yet another notch under their belt to the fantasizing public. All seemed well to the public and then one day we all woke up to national news reports indicating that a set of gay twin porn stars had been apprehended on burglary charges. The scandal shock the community, and even the world for that matter. Their joint mug shots were splattered across the media. Like most sandals, today it’s the talk of the town and tomorrow it’s forgotten. Keyon, was eventually released from custody, and after a year or so, he slowly transitioned back into the community and took off once again, regaining his career as an allegedly successful working model/escort. But no one ever really heard anything else about Taleon… until now.

My only challenge to you throughout this article is to keep an open mind and understand that as men, we are genetically wired to survive at any means necessary. That’s why as a specie, we are successful and evolve. Sure, when you are born into a stable home, with resources and options; perhaps there are choices you would never consider. But when you are born into poverty, instability and society seems to hold you down and prevent you from pursuing a life of liberty and happiness; your choices become non-existent and you do what you have to do to survive… “I’ve been hurt more by helping people than by hurting people”…here we go…..

FL– Before we start, let’s clear the air. Many would argue that after going through the type of experience you have, they would quietly transition back into society and put it behind them. Why did you decide to go public with your experience and publish a memoir?

TaleonI decided to go public because of how I was stigmatized in the press as well as in prison. In truth, my arrest for the crimes I committed was overshadowed by the fact that I once participated in the gay porn industry with my twin brother. And once that hit the press headlines, it became a nationwide sensation…a sensation that followed me to prison. And being known as a gay porn star in prison placed me in the line of fire with every knuckleheaded inmate that felt he had something to prove. I was spat on and even once had fecal matter splashed into my cell (via) a shampoo bottle. And because of those acts that took place and the notoriety of my case, I was placed in solitary confinement for my own protection. In brief, my 75 months prison time was HELL!!! So there was no way I could stay mum and let that slide. The burden of secrecy alone would’ve been too much to bare. I was plastered all over the public in the worst way. So I had to vent in the biggest way I thought possible…and that was to publicly tell my story. Not just about what happened, but how it happened!!! I needed to do this for me.
FL– As a child, you grew up in extreme poverty and in unstable households. How do you think this influenced your decision making when you hit adulthood?

TaleonGrowing up poor definitely took a toll on my self-esteem. I wasn’t one of the cool kids, I never had nice or name brand clothes, or ate the best food. And my classmates didn’t make it any easier through the constant ridicule they gave. And this isn’t an excuse to justify why I did the things I did. But when you grow up poor…money seems like the answer to every one of your issues. Money meant respect, money meant approval, and to be blunt…Money means heaven to a person that’s living in hell. So once I became of age to do something about that, I sought out financial means regardless of what I had to do to get it. I wasn’t too concerned about what others thought while I was doing it. Simply because people have been talking about me my entire life! I just believed in money so blindly that I did the unthinkable just to have it. That insecurity vastly effected the decisions of my adult life. I felt as though if my family had money then maybe we could’ve had a stable household. Bottom line: I…like so many, suffered from a deep amount of shame because of it!

FL–  Can you briefly describe the events that led to you as a straight man being introduced to gay porn?

TaleonAround spring 2004, I was just released after serving 43 months for a robbery charge. And just like every normal person I sought family support and employment. But to no avail, no one would hire me. So I started lying about my background on job applications. And I finally landed a job at Bally’s Total Fitness. I remember feeling so proud that I had a job that cool. But one day I was called into Human Resources and was told to empty my locker and give up my name tag immediately because they found out that I had a prior robbery conviction. I was such a good worker that even the manager felt bad for me. He even said that I could use him as a reference. But inside I was heartbroken. And I had a disrespectful girlfriend at the time that constantly put me down because I couldn’t hold onto a steady job. So I sought out help from my twin brother. He was a model at the time and he seemed to be doing well, or so I thought. He made a few calls, and the next thing I know, we were on a flight headed to Atlanta. He said that it would be a nude photoshoot, but it ended up being something more. So there I was dab in the middle of a pornographic video session. I immediately was upset that my brother never gave me the full scoop. But at the time, I didn’t have anything in my pockets. Truthfully, I didn’t have anything in my heart. So I bared it grudgingly and did the video anyway, because I needed the money. That was my introduction to becoming a Gay porn star.


FL– How was your relationship with your twin brother growing up?

Taleon My relationship with my twin brother was cool when we were younger, but as we got older our sibling rivalry became unhealthy. For years I knew that my brother was gay (even when we were just kids). And the very fact that he had to hide that from everyone took a toll on his personality, because in the 80’s and early 90’s being gay was practically forbidden in the urban inner cities. He just grew into a bitter/miserable person and did his best to make everybody miserable with him. The fights between he and I became so violent that social services had to intervene and separate the family just to keep us from killing each other. So to sum it up…as toddlers we were close, but as we got older we grew apart.

FL–  It’s well known that many straight men have 1 or 2 gay experiences early in life out of curiosity. Most move on after the experience and it’s a secret they take to the grave. In your book, you clearly state you had no curiosity at all and was in fact quite the lover of a certain female body part. Given your experience was made public and available online, how has this affected your dating life and how did you internalize the situation?

TaleonDoing gay porn as a straight male completely obliterated the possibility of me ever having a normal relationship from here on out. My sexuality will be a constant thing of questioning. Most people just can’t distinguish the thin line that lies between preference and desperation. It’s inconceivable to them for a straight man to participate in full-blown gay sex acts for the sake of money. And the very fact that social media is so prevalent nowadays, I don’t stand a chance at keeping it a secret. Not when there’s gay pornographic videos that has garnered millions of views with me in them. Trust me, it’s a jaw dropper every time they find out. It’s going to take a person of severe understanding to honestly grasp what I did and why. I still have trouble internalizing it all. Simply because I’m so scared to be found out. It’s depressing at times. Now I can really empathize the hell my brother went through when we were younger. But I’m accepting it more because times are changing, and people are becoming educated and accepting of the gay community. Growing up we were taught that homosexuality was nearly an abomination. But I knew different because I loved my twin to death (gay or not). Now society is beginning to realize that preference has nothing to do with a person’s humanity. That gay is just a decision rather than a disease. I’m glad for it, because this was all I wanted for my brother our whole lives. Even if we aren’t getting along, at least he can be proud of who he is now.
FL–  What is your current sexual preference and how did you manage to not only partake in gay sexual acts, but also with your sibling?

TaleonMy sexual preference is heterosexual. I have always been attracted to women for as long as I can remember. Even in my memoir you will see that I had a crush on my Kindergarten Teacher (who was a woman). I partook in gay sex acts out of desperation and a means to get by. Most normal people wouldn’t understand the state my life was in at the time or why I chose that route. There’s nothing wrong with any form of sexuality. The only form of sexuality that I’m against is bestiality because I don’t believe an animal would never verbally consent to having sex with a human if it could talk. It’s rather abusive to me. Outside of that, people should do and be with whomever makes them happy. I partook in gay sex scenes with my brother because both of our backs were against the wall. If that weren’t true, then he would’ve sent me on that flight alone and several times after that. My whole life I was his protector and the eldest of us both. For my brother I would’ve done just about anything. And for the record, the press said that we had sex together with one another. In fact, they called us the Twincest porn stars. But in truth, there isn’t a single video out there of my brother and I ever having sex together or even kissing each other. The closest we ever came to that was a duo masturbation scene that we did for Other than that, all you will find is a bunch of stills that depict us in compromising positions. Simply because we had a fantasy that we had to sell. And that is the truth uncut.


FL– In your book you highlight the scummy nature of many adult film production companies and their disregard for the actor as a person. Describe to us how they take advantage of the unfortunate and their disregard for anything except the finished product.

TaleonI’m going to answer this question off of sheer experience and not for the entire industry. But from what I endured and witnessed first-hand, the industry is equivalent to signing a deal with the devil. I say that because of the trickery involved. They make the glamour seem so real. We were put it in rooms that were nearly $500 dollars a night, the best restaurants, and club invites that had us feeling like success was imminent. But in retrospect, the joke was played on us. We were paid $1000 for a video that was purchased over 1.3 million times. We got pimped to the highest degree. I even used to sit back and watch how they would send a guy out to scout for people. He was an inner city guy, so he knew what to look for. They target people who aren’t doing so well in life. And I say that not out of assumption, but because every guy we ever did a video with (when the cameras turned off) we found out that they were falling on hard times as well. And I see why they typically avoided people that were doing well, because successful people ask too many questions. And unsuccessful people are more susceptible to jumping on the first offer presented. I met guys who had girlfriends just like me at the time, whom agreed that this shit was crazy. But we did it for the money. And once they capture your naked body and soul on camera it’s theirs forever. Because I signed my poor little life away then it came back to haunt me in the worst way in 2008. The industry is so scandalous that they even capitalized off of our misfortune and released a free download of one of our porn videos in the newspapers for all to see. Before 2008, we were just two gay porn twins. But after February 2008, we became famous in the gay porn industry while they got richer as our videos shot up to millions of viewers. No money for us because we signed our souls away. And they all capitalized off it. From videos, newspapers, blogs, and the magazine companies. I was arrested for burglarizing commercial businesses. But because of the news headlines and notoriety I went to prison for being a gay porn star. No judge wanted to give me a break. Even with a paid lawyer I didn’t receive any breaks. Every court date was a media fiasco. And no judge wanted to be publicized for going easy on me. That’s when I learned how powerful the media was. I knew no one, but everyone knew and hated me. And I was deemed Infamous. Just so the porn companies go jump on all that free advertisement. So with that being said, whoever decides to do porn do it for a purpose or a passion, not for money. And you better be ready for the boomerang that comes with it. I promise you!!!

FL– The media around the ending events made it seem as if the scandal was defined by “twincest” porn. But in fact, you exited the adult entertainment industry after 3 ½ months. You resumed your straight lifestyle of drug lord narcotic operations and women. On average, how much money would you estimate you were pulling in weekly and how much was spent on women, friends and family?

TaleonTo put a weekly rate on the type of money I was making during 2006-2008 would be difficult. Because it was coming so fast that I couldn’t visually keep up with it. In fact, it even escapes me where it all went. I just know that when my reign ended… I ran through nearly a half million dollars in just an 18 month period. I was poor my entire life and suddenly at the age 23 I was a hundred “thousandaire” five times over. My mind and ego couldn’t cope with that amount of money so quickly. It was like the more I got, the larger my habits became.. I developed a strip club habit, jewellery, clothes, vacations, all in one. It was like internally I was trying to drown all of the shame from being poor all my life and never having what I really wanted. So in retrospect, I went through a serious phase of regression. I also splurged on my family giving them thousands of dollars and taking them on vacations and shopping sprees. It didn’t dawn on me until I was sitting in a cell serving a 6 year sentence that I finally realized where most of it went. I became some sort of ghetto philanthropist when I had money. Maybe that was my own way of justifying my sins. I had a ton of user friends as well. But money can make you believe that people really love you if you’re not careful. And that’s exactly what it did to me.

FL– During this time, you met what I would say was the love of your life, Eliza. What profound impact do you think she had on you?

Taleon Around the time I met Eliza, mentally I was so far gone. The things I was involved in had my mind. I was going through one of my darkest periods because of the choices I made. Eliza came to me like a ray of light parting through a dark sky. I say that because the ramifications of the choices I made was taking a personal toll on me. Because of what I’ve done in the adult film industry, I was going through a self-loathing phase. And the crimes I committed was making me grow colder by the day. She gave me warmth when I needed it. Because around that time I really didn’t care about much. She made me think about a life of peace again, because I was so used to chaos. I fell in love harder than I ever did before. And it was as if every hardship we encountered brought us closer together. She was my IT girl. She was the reason I wanted a normal life again.

FL– You first made headlines and gained infamy with the “Superman Scandal.” Police attempted to do a drug bust on you and also include a little “illegal bodily harm.” While in handcuffs, you broke through the car window, swam across a pond and evaded capture. Given the climate of police/black community relations today, this part really touched me. In your words, how did that go down and how was your escape successful. Where did you draw the superhuman strength from?

TaleonWhat took place on May 4, 2006 was the day my life changed forever. Granted I was doing something very illegal. I started out selling crack cocaine in the city of Camden. But in my city everyone was selling crack at the time. So the market for that was futile. But that changed when I discovered that what I was selling in Camden was worth twice as much in the suburbs. So I started in South Jersey in a town called Clementon. And besides the crack craze was so abundant in the suburban areas, it didn’t take long for me to get on the local police department’s radar. Long story short, someone I used to delegate crack deals with got arrested (unbeknownst to me at the time). And for her freedom she decided to set me up in a covert police drug sting operation. I trusted her so I didn’t think nothing of it. But immediately after she conducted a drug sale with me my car was surrounded by multiple cop vehicles. And the guy she introduced me to ended up being an undercover police officer. She knew what I was about and told the police everything all the way up to the amount of drugs I was moving per week. At the time I was only apprehended with a loaded 25 calibre handgun and a half once of crack rock. Obviously that wasn’t what the police expected to cease from me. So their discontent clearly showed the moment they started kicking my ass and demanding the remaining amount of narcotics they were informed on me having. They tore my car to shreds and still couldn’t find what they were looking for. So while I sat on the ground bloody around a crowd of people, they decided to take me to a secluded area. And what happened next is the reason I will never trust a police officer ever again. They drove me to a wooded area near a lake. But I was suddenly overwhelmed by a vast amount of fear. And all I could think about was never seeing my loved ones again. And that’s when the uncanny feeling took over me. I started to feel that I still had a chance to survive if I acted now. So handcuffed in the rear of the cruiser I lunged forward and shattered the back seat window, emerged from the vehicle only to subsequently fall down a hill right into a lake. I kicked with all my mite just to make it back to the surface for air. My arms were bound and useless, so I decided to float on my back and kick my way across the lake. And they only reason I got away that night was because of how dark it was. . Once I made it across, all I could see was flashlights on the water across from me. They thought I drowned, that’s why I got away that night.

FL– Miraculously, you beat that case and returned to a life of crime but this time you choose robbery and eventually burglary. This is where your twin brother and a couple other friends became partners. You had a few brushes with the law, but I’ve noticed, it wasn’t because of your greed, novice or irresponsibility. It was because the people you were helping became laxed, sloppy and turned you in under fire. How did this affect you?

TaleonIt affected me hard because I was there for everyone. Because I was the front man I felt that I was responsible for everyone that was in those streets with me (especially my family members). I did all I could to keep us all paid and safe. But the more I acquired, the more issues my family seemed to have. I was being pulled in fifty different directions because of the vast amount of favors they all needed, which caused me to jeopardize myself even further just to acquire the extra money needed to solve their problems. And that’s why what was supposed to be a few months in the streets turned into 18 months. Their problems and my want to solve them kept me out there longer than I was supposed to be. That’s the part they never considered when approaching me for help. The fact that the very people I countlessly provided for ended up being the reason for my demise broke my heart into a million pieces!!! And that is the very reason I’m so secluded till this day. Because that level of betrayal completely destroyed my trust in people. It affects me even now.

FL– Tell me about the final case in which sparked the international spotlight. Whose idea was it? Why did you do it and who actually got caught?

Taleon– In 2008 I was apprehended for being the mastermind of a burglary operation that stretched from New Jersey to Florida. I caught a huge drug case from the Superman incident, so selling drugs again was completely out of the question for me. I met a lot of people in my drug dealing days, so I decided to reach out to some old associates for a new grind. And I will never reveal his name till this day, but one of my peoples showed me how to operate a tool that cuts through metal like butter. He gave me the ATM game, being that he was very knowledgeable about the machines. And with my ingenuity, I took it to a level that even scared me at one point. The money was so abundant that it took some adjusting just to get used to. When you grow up poor and you have an unusual amount of money on you, you will constantly check your pockets just to see if it’s all there. But I figured that staying local wouldn’t last too long, so I decided to take my show on the road. I did it for a vast amount of reasons. That monetary lifestyle intoxicated me. I had instant gratification for whatever I wanted. What took the average American months to save up for I could do in mere days (vacations for example). It took me to a point of no return. To the point that it would be either the graveyard or prison being the reason I stopped now. And subsequently that came by the hands of my twin brother on February 18, 2008. He was arrested in the commission of a crime and out of fear he gave me and our very own mother up during a 2 hour interrogation. He gave the Tri-State task force the very thing they needed to put me away. Which was a sworn affidavit and my mother for collateral damage.


FL-Once the authorities had you and your brother in custody. News cameras were everywhere. They shut down streets to bring you into custody because of the infamy behind “Superman.” Quickly, your brother not only ratted and gave an 8 page deposition against you, but he also incriminated your innocent mom who had nothing to do with it. Tell me about this experience and how you felt as a brother?

Taleon– Once we were both processed to the State Road Philadelphia Jail, they escorted us to separate units like we just shot the President or something of that fashion. We were deemed High Priority inmates, so we were placed on Maximum security pods. 48 hours later my brother made bail while I had so many charges and subsequent bails and detainers placed on me that getting back out wasn’t even remotely possible. Two weeks later they tracked our mom down in South Jersey and arrested her for conspiracy. As I heard the news about it then later saw it on Action News, my heart shattered. Anger and guilt took over me because I knew Keyon gave her up but at the same time I couldn’t help but to feel guilty because my lifestyle was the cause of all of this mess. Even if his testimony was the catalyst for the shit storm that lay ahead, as a brother, I was devastated! I expected that level of treachery from those suckers in the streets, not my own flesh and blood (my twin to be exact). But I was floored about my mother’s arrest. And my mother suffers from claustrophobia, so I was in my cell screaming because of what I was imagining she was going through. I knew that the only way I could make things right was to not fight the case, but to surrender and plead guilty for it all.

FL– Many people are unaware that right before the final incident, your long term girlfriend became your fiancé and announced she was also carrying your child. After your capture, almost immediately she informed you not only was she leaving you, but she also aborted your unborn child 13 ½ weeks. As a man, emotionally, how did this make you feel and how did you endure it?

TaleonMy world was already crumbling down around me, and Eliza put the final nail in the coffin. Because while all of this was going on, the only solace I had was her and our unborn child. But the entire time Eliza I were together, there was two things she never knew about me. She never met me broke and she never knew about my gay porn past. So when it became televised nationwide, it was too much for her to bare. So she aborted my unborn child at 13 ½ weeks and left me to face this alone. And that by far, was the coldest feeling I’ve ever encountered. For the first time in my life… I was truly alone. So the only thing that kept me going was the fact that I still had to save my mother. So 11 months later I plead guilty to multiple counts of burglary and conspiracy charges in exchange for her release. After that, I was on the prison bus with the largest hole in my heart. I never felt more numb in my life. I went through so many emotions and tried to find some meaning of ownership for it all, but the fact that I got stabbed in the back by the family dagger made me refuse to accept that as my final chapter. And right then and there (in solitary confinement), I began penning my memoir. Because my story had to be told. Even if it was the last thing I did with what was left of my life.

FL-You ended up taking the rap for everyone and doing 6 years. In that time, your brother emerged a year or so later and regained his fame as a model/escort, photographed himself traveling the world, and is currently on a hit T.V show. While incarcerated, what financial, emotional and physical contributions did give to you to help you through the situation?

TaleonIn the beginning my brother sent vast amounts of apology letters to me and small money orders, but as his level of celebrity took off, so did he. He took off for every opportunity that came about because of our scandal. Every TV show, every interview, every magazine feature and press interview he was there. While I sat in prison…THE BAD GUY!!! Figuratively speaking, my twin brother pulled what I call is a Taylor Swift move on me. Because when she had her scandal after Kanye West snatched the microphone out of her hands, everything she touched turned to gold. Album sells 1 million in the first week, movie cameos and all. She became America’s Sweetheart. And that’s because she stayed mum and never tried to set the record straight even though there were reconciliation advances thrown her way. She rode the victim wave straight to the top!!! And that’s exactly what my brother did on cable television and in his 5-page interview in Details Magazine. He rode the victim wave straight to the top. He never even attempted to set the record straight. When in truth, the true victim were the victims of the crimes that we both committed. And when it came to my family, the true victim was me. Because my brother committed 80% percent of those burglaries with me, but I went to prison alone while he travelled the world and settled in downtown Los Angeles. He is one of the main reasons I decided to give up street life. Because if I can’t trust the person I was born and came into the world with…then I can’t trust no one!!!

FL– You survived!!! And now you’re out!! **smiles** what are you doing with your life and what are your plans for the future?

TaleonWhat I’ve done first, was take personal responsibility for the crimes I committed. After 75 months, I paid my debt to society. I went in at the age of 25 and I came home at the age of 32. Now I use my experiences as a warning to others. I got a job like normal people and I graduate trade school soon. I have a seminar coming up at the local juvenile facilities to go and speak to the youth about the severity and ramifications of the choices we make. I don’t have nearly the amount of money I used to have. In truth, I barely get by. But as a person, I feel richer than I’ve ever been. I can sleep at night and I finally respect myself again. I’ve done it all!!! I survived street wars, the police, and even became one of the MOST WANTED criminals on the East Coast during 2006-2008. I lived long enough to be able to tell my story. That alone is a blessing for me. My life is public information and countless Google links away, but I’m okay with that this time around. Simply because I survived!!! And if my past couldn’t stop me, then nothing will!!! The universe is the limit now!!! I smile inside because as long as I continue to do the right thing, my luck can change astronomically any day now. Of course I want to be rich again, but at least this time around I’ll know how to keep it. I’m a kid from the ghettos of Camden and I made so much noise the world even heard about it!!! That alone lets me know that I will be great someday!!!


FL– Do you have any last words for your twin brother?

TaleonTo my twin brother: I don’t care if you told on me back in the day. I’m over that. It’s forgiven. What I can’t forgive is your level of selfishness. What you fail to realize is that in 2008 (because of our scandal), we had the entire world’s attention. We were the topic on Jay Leno, Nancy Grace, Details Magazine, CNN, The Bio Channel, Perez Hilton, and the U.K. even heard about us. Instead of using that platform to set the record straight about the type of people our family really are, you used it to promote your modelling career and lifestyle. Yes I am glad that you are doing well for yourself. But I can never respect it, because I know how you got there. They say behind every fortune is a great crime. And you taught me exactly what that means. I love you anyway, even though you left the rest of the family in turmoil. Just to let you know, while you were living the high life, the family had to live from hotel to hotel until things got better while you lived in a half million dollar condo in LA. Now that’s what I can’t respect. The streets can’t even respect that. I just hope that whatever it is you’re searching for in life, you acquire it the real way (through effort). And don’t let the high life blind you. Because you saw what happened to Big Bro. I’m a champion!!! You already know that…so I’ll see you when I get there. Take care bro!!!

FL– Any last words for your readers?

Taleon To those who support my cause and message of change…Thank you!!! For you and anyone for that matter, I want you to never lose faith in yourself. Because that lack of personal faith may cause you to compromise your integrity. I ran into negativity when times got hard because I trusted the streets more. I even did some unthinkable things because I didn’t believe that I could get by the honest way. I’ve been getting more accomplished with the little I do have versus when I was a six figure hustler. Because the one thing that they don’t tell you about money is that it doesn’t let you think. Especially when you get it in abundance. It’s the very reason why a man that has a $10 an hour job will have more money in the bank than a guy who’s making $20 dollars an hour. Because typically the man on top isn’t thinking like the man on the bottom. That’s the beauty and secret of being the underdog. The thought process is different. When the chips are down, it forces you to think. So hold onto that. In the midst of adversity is when you will possess your best thinking. And never sell out for money like I did. Because money is far more attainable than you think. Ideas are currency. You’re only one idea away from a come up. So keep thinking underdogs. And to my gay readers I want to say something to you. Because I once had a journalist from London say that my homosexual experience came off a bit homophobic. The only reason it was difficult for me is because I’m not attracted to the same sex. My chemistry doesn’t react to it, just like most of my gay friends chemistry doesn’t react to the opposite sex. That’s the only reason it was hard for me. Also the fact that I didn’t do it out of passion, I did it for paper. I went out like a cold trick. Love who you want. God is the biological blueprint designer. And if it wasn’t meant then you’re chemistry wouldn’t react to it. I want the gay youth, male and female to keep that in mind. Don’t be ashamed of your body’s impulses. If you are attracted to a particular sex, it’s because God designed you that way. Or your chemistry and emotions would not behave as such. Love who you want to love. And love hard too. In fact, live hard!!! As long as you’re not hurting anyone in the process, my hat goes off to you!!! You only got one life. Don’t waste it trying to be anything other than yourself. I had to learn that the hard way!!! Take care my friends. And whenever you see me, don’t hesitate to shake my hand or give a hug because I don’t gotta’ know you to hurt you, so why should we have to know one another in order to be nice. And whatever life takes you through just be sure to do one thing……SURVIVE!!!
Holla’ at ya’ boi, Ta’Leon Goffney a.k.a Mr. Infamous!!!10605991_1440618732893987_5553509369447886863_n

Ta’Leon Goffney!!! You can find me on Twitter: @mr_taleon,  Facebook under the name Taleon Goffney. And my autobiography is available WORLDWIDE on XlibrisBarnesandNoble: and Amazon: . Available in all 3 formats; Hardback, Paperback, and Ebook. But if you don’t want to wait on a mailing package of the book, you can purchase the Ebook for just $3.99 !!!! And it will download to any one of your electronic devices IMMEDIATELY!!! See you on the flipside!!! Mr. Infamous

To purchase Taleon’s memoir for even more “tea” on the Goffney scandal and a deeper understanding of the events that led Taleon to become the man he is today, hit him up…He’s most welcoming…Deo




14 thoughts on “The Tragedy and Triumph of a Twin…Taleon Talks….

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      • I always felt there was more to your story and i cant imagine what prison life was for you. But you have to take heart , Taleon. And i am happy to the progress you’re making. I am certain you have skills that can be put to use to stabilise you. Personally, I dont think that will happen in America. keep my contacts, man. It may come in handy someday


  2. Your story will not just inspire, it will also be in the greatest books of time to come. I congratulate you, and you are a star


  3. That is amazing. We only hear about the bad but never about the recovery. People need to know no matter how bad things get you can always turn things around. It’s never to late for anyone.


  4. Oh my God, wow!!! It took me a while to read it, but I couldn’t stop, and it’s now 5:30 am in France!… Man, what a story!!… I was wondering, indeed, what in the world had been up with you all this time… I’d see some comments sometimes in forums or chats about how you were in jail and all, and I couldn’t understand why or how I kept seeing your twin on my fb timeline living the high life and looking fabulous, never mentioning anything about you… I never dared to ask him anything about his twin brother in private. I did well… This testimony of yours is so powerful and moving!… How I feel you about the DAMNED heartless icy media machine that destroys somebody as easily as they can turn anybody into a star from one day to the next! I saw how Michael Jackson was ridiculed and humiliated back in 1993, with his first case, by that same American media. And it affected him throughout the rest of his life…When years later he was finally proven innocent, the media remained MUTE!… They are the Devil incarnated!… Taleon, you have all my respect and all my love! All you went through is inconceivable for most people. Who would have thought that all this was going on backstage when we would only see two gorgeous twins on our screen, looking so smooth, well-groomed and almost innoncent…? I wish you the very best for now, from the bottom of my heart! May God be with you and help you through this journey, because, after all, you are still so young, and still have much more to accomplish in this crazy life! Love from Paris


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