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…The Freaky Boiz…Chats With The Flyy-Life….

10013925_820625047979356_4038666250846159604_nBy- DeoVonte “Deo” Means

When we first learned of the long awaited release of The Freaky Boiz follow-up video this spring, we were intrigued. We never doubted their product, and the Freaky Boiz are no strangers to pages of The Flyy-Life. But in 2015, the stakes had changed and we were ready to their rebuttal. They did not disappoint! Anyone privy to social media understands that 2014 saw a new trend in which talentless, bargain basement “acts” released poor quality videos under the genre of “gay rap”. These acts experienced enormous cyber fame for a short while. But after a couple weeks of providing laughter to the public as mere workday entertainment, they generally disappeared into music oblivion, never to be heard from again. The climatic dichotomy of the situation rest in the fact that as someone who also possesses a marketable skill-set that’s manifested through artistic talent; I understand the frustration one feels when after years of hard work, breaking barriers, establishing respect and polishing your craft, this same craft is made a mockery by someone who’s only goal is to gain a false sense of social media celebrity. I’ve never been one to hand microwave status nor indulge in the inflation of unmerited egos. Yet, I must admit that many would argue the Freaky Boiz are not only pioneers in the genre, but also industry respected and merited. The duo first made waves years ago as the outspoken, snarky and confident group that made waves in their hometown of Chicago and southern Illinois where they completed their college education. They’ve since relocated to Los Angles where they are constantly headlined at parties, events and industry gatherings. While working on their current LP, they’ve solidified their longetivity by gaining an impressive fan base, based on professionalism, talent, quality and engagement. Although 2014 saw an intrusion on their territory as legends of gay rap, I knew the counter attack would swift, strong and definitive. This in itself sparked my intrigue in their business-line and they did not disappoint….Here we go….


FL– You’ve just released your long awaited video to the first single on your upcoming LP entitled None. Job well done fella’s. Can you elaborate on the theme and message behind the song and creative direction?

TTNone is a very different project from us. It’s all about growth. It’s all about going to that next level in our career.

PrinceNone shows how versatile we are. Its shows our true talents! We wrote everything ourselves and came up with the music video. It was like a breath of fresh air and we said everything that needed to be said.

FL– I love how you guys kinda responded to and fired the deadly shot to the whispers that peeps were coming for you. It was done with upmost creativity and professionalism. Who are some of the people you worked with in making the video?

Prince– Believe it or not, the None video felt like a family project to us. There are a lot of perks when having friends in the industry. My friends Shar, Willie, Louis, Quan, Julian, and Maurice were all there to help with makeup, props, directing, and everything you could think of. And Ira, the videographer, was amazing.

FL– When is the projected release of your LP? And what can we expect?

TTWe are hoping for August, but if things aren’t perfect how we like, then we have to push it back. It’s just how it is.

PrinceI think this project will def change the game. We have a different view on things and we have to do it right.

FL– Where do you presently stand in regards to the growth of your music?

PrinceI think it’s time to show people what we’re made of. What people don’t know is that we practice our craft, a lot. And we are crazy perfectionist. So many people wonder what take us long to make music but we are constantly making music. We just prefer things to be perfect. When you hear our new music expect that.


FL– I know you’ve been in the industry for a while and well vested. But this past year, it has become trendy for everyone in the community to make cheap videos with laughable lyrics and become internet stars. How do you feel about this trend and how does it affect the truly talent independent artist?

TT–  Wow, what a question. (Laughs) ….I think at the end of the day it’s all about longevity. Anybody can be hot today, but what are you going to do with that stardom to make sure you’re hot tomorrow. The people know who to laugh at and who to laugh with. Just read the comments on videos.

FL– How do you distinguish yourself (Freaky Boiz) from this very grouping of people?

PrinceWe lead by example. We show people how serious we are with our craft. All of our music is mixed and mastered by professionals. All of our videos are shot by professionals. When we perform, you can tell we are well rehearsed and should be taken serious. That’s how you can tell the difference.

FL– You’ve been in the game a minute, and many would argue one of the first from our community to become internet sensations. What do you think are the keys to your longevity and growth?

TTWell if we tell you our secret we would have to kill you (laugh)

PrinceExactly (Laugh)….No, but we try to stay current. Our style is very current. It’s what you want to hear right now

TT– Our shows are one of a kind. Anybody can walk around a stage rapping, but we actually perform.


FL– Although you currently reside in L.A, you’re still very vested in your home city Chicago. So when can we expect a Chi-Town Freaky-Boiz party?

Prince– We’re actually having a Gemini bash at the end of May. Time to turn up.

FL– What do you guys have planned next? Any up-coming appearances?

TT–  We actually just agreed to do a pilot for a reality series called The Boyz Next Door LA, we’re also gonna make an appearance on The Prancing Elites Project on Oxygen.

PrincePlus the new music is coming all summer long. We have a single we’re very excited about.

FL– Lastly, what message would the freaky bois like to send to their fans and viewers?

TTWe love them sooooooooooooooo much and I want them to stay on this journey with us.

Prince OMG, I wish there were words to describe how much their support means to us. They make life easy. I’m forever grateful.

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