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…The Two Year Takeover…Turn-up!!!….

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By- DeoVonte “Deo” Means

June 5th, 2013, I embarked on an unknown journey to produce a commoditized and tangible platform that would give a provocative and respected voice to my community. In the infantile stages of The Flyy-Life, many of my peers at the time were less than nurturing in their support. Some might even say, non-receptive. Perhaps that original “snub” was orgasmic to some; but in two years we now toast to having an international following with numbers so high advertisers are now reaching out to us. I suppose the icing on our birthday cake is the realization that our body of work is so respected, we are now signing release authorizations for our repertoire to be reprinted in major national publications. But this day isn’t about The Flyy-Life. We’re just a blog! This day is about the celebration of the resilient underdog that remains diligent and still takeover the game. That “under-dog” could be me, you, any one of the 6000 that follows us, or even one of those 6 from Iran that found a way to check out our last story. See, two years later, those folks who rejoiced in trying to hold a divinely sanctioned talent down, are forced, if nothing else, to admit they know the name and the brand is alluring!


It’s not our intent to come off braggadocios. That’s in poor taste. We are celebrating the people who refused to buy into frivolous slander/hate and supported us from day one. This is for those whom took time out of their day to read our stories and perhaps pass them on. This is for those whom saw me out in public and eagerly said “hey, aren’t you the guy with blog? Good job!” This is for those inboxes and statements of encouragement in private groups and forums. I cannot end this day without saying thank you to each of you whom allowed me to utilize my forum to tell your individual stories or cover your events. Much love is also extended to each of those who also happily allowed me to photograph them and publish their image. A special thank you to Taleon Goffney, Vonterro White, John Sykes, Anthony Galloway (No Wire Hangers Productions), Julius Martin (Berdan) and the fella’s of OUI Entertainment….They know why…


To those of you intrigued enough to follow my plight, allow me to pass on just a few words I’ve gained from lessons learned. Never get caught up in the glitz, glamour and popularity of your brand, it doesn’t last. Microwave status and praise is most detrimental to the long-term stability of your product.  Focus your attention and skillsets on the provocative execution of your integrity and professionalism of product. That mindset will leave them with something to ALWAYS talk about…and isn’t that LEGENDARY…..**chuckles** …cheers….Deo


~As we go to press, we are in final negotiations to host the official The Flyy-Life 2 year anniversary party. If you would like to be added to our mailing and guest list, feel free to contact us.~


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