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Brother to Brother…In Memoriam…Jarrett Scott-Page…1989-2015…


By- DeoVonte “Deo” Means

…Understand me now. If sometimes you see that I’m mad. Don’t you know, no one alive can always be an angel? When everything goes wrong you see some bad…But I’m just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh, Lawd, Please don’t let me be misunderstood…- Nina Simone

On Tuesday morning at exactly 11:07 a.m., as I sat in my normal management meeting, my phone alerts began to vibrate wildly. I glanced down at a few inboxes/text and read the contents which informed me my industry colleague and close friend Jarrett Scott-Page had passed the previous night. As my heart dropped, I remember starring at the phone for what seemed like an eternity, and hearing the words from co-workers asking if everything was o.k. That’s the most I remember from that day. The internal culture of the blogger and internet personality industry is vicious, cut-throat, highly competitive and at times ruthless. In this industry, there are no alliances, collaborations, mutual support or friendships. Industry peers exhaust all manners of warfare and strategic planning just to gain 4 or 5 more “likes” or “followers” than the next. This is most evident in the manner in which since his death, many of our colleagues have developed an almost hedonistic thirst to tarnish his name and legacy for views. This behavior was always comical and a pity to Jarret and I because we always operated on a mindset that internalized there are 3 billion peeps on social media. No need for below the belt antics unless you’re thirsty because it’s actually enough for all of us to thrive and feel lovely! I first met Jarrett in 2013, as a very provocative and vocal follower of mines when my business-line was in its infancy. I was unaware, but at the time, his platform was 2 years older than mines and his following exceeded mines by several thousand. He never greeted me with an inflated ego or sense of grandiosity which run rampant among most successful bloggers. He embraced me and immediately, we became one of the rare exceptions that established a profound, genuine and respected relationship between the two entities and personally. In all honesty and humbleness; in those days, Jarrett could’ve easily perceived me as a threat and manipulated ways to snuff me out of the game within weeks. Yet there was never a hint of competition, rivalry or shade. We shared friends, scoops, stories, strategies, conversations, tagged each other in post and supported each other. It was a Chi-Town/Orlando brotherhood that could not be broken.


In January of 2015, Jarrett brought in the New Year with over 150K international followers. In this industry, that’s legendary! What makes it epic is the fact that he did not accomplish this the easy way, by posting nude photos or reblogging post from Bossip and TMZ. Jarrett utilized grass roots techniques and organically developed his fan base by merely being himself, giving his perspective and speaking on what was important to him. I often told him his post were an entertaining breath of fresh air during the hum-drum day of corporate America. I could be exhausted from a long/boring meeting, return to my desk, and Jarrett’s commentary would make me feel refreshed and rejuvenated with his sense of humor, wit and charm. His prose and execution was not salacious or evil minded. He merely spoke the truth that others were only able to quietly think. Yes, he had legendary battles with celebrities, but that was because he was not afraid to pull their coattail and remind them we are not all pricking our finger and drinking the punch of their shallow PR strategies. He never picked on the weak. Jarrett used his platform to bring harmony, laughter and unity between several demographics of people. I fondly recall nervously approaching him about being one of the featured in our 2015 Most Flyy and Eligible Bachelors article. He completely flipped the script and not only agreed but informed me how humbled, intimidated and honored he was! I almost literally had to hold his hand through the process. When article dropped, Jarrett texted me that morning elated! Jarrett informed me by the end of the day he would ensure we had 10K views. He exhausted every platform he had and texted me hourly for updates. By 1pm we exceeded his goal. To date, it sets the record as the most viewed article in one day on The Flyy-Life. This action described is almost completely unheard of in our industry. No one DARES to risk sharing their platform/supporters with another brand. Yet Jarrett in loving kindness freely gave of himself. This action is a testament to the person Jarrett really was. It’s only one of several examples in which he used his platform and reach to help those in need. We all remember his post in which he would try to find the criminals that left others victimized. Many are now delighted in the suffering and demise of an outspoken fallen angel, but lets be mindful, Jarrett was THE FIRST to break the story of the death of Henry “Amare” Lee during ATL’s pride of 2014. He and I together worked tirelessly, following up on leads and making post that eventually snowballed into a story that gained national attention. If it was not for Jarrett, Amare situations would’ve been another incident swept under the rug. But Jarrett’s compassion and investigative skills just could not let this be.


To those unaware of the REAL Jarrett that I came to love, I will leave his interview below and you can peek inside the soul of a vulnerable and sensitive man. In the 15 years I’ve been a part of this community, I have admittedly grown numb to death and loss. Yet Jarrett death has hit me like a boulder and my heart aches. I have come to understand, God has a d evine purpose for our lives that many refer to as a “calling.” No matter how long or short your life, if its Gods will you will accomplish it! Jarrett, without any doubt, accomplished his calling. He provided a platform and a voice that brought thousands of people together. Although you are no longer physically present for me to laugh with and enjoy, you will always be a footprint in the make up of my business-line and life. I know I gotta be strong, cause round me life goes on and on and on…I’m gonna dry my eyes, right after I had my… one last cry, one last cry before I leave it all behind. I’ll NEVER put you outta my mind bro…..My last cry…love always and rest your beautiful soul in peace…Deo


Jarrett’s interview from the Flyy-Life’s 13 Most Flyy & Eligible Bachelores 2015 spread below:

Hey There Flyy-Life. My name is Jarrett Scott and a Taurus from Orlando Fl. I’m known for being cool, real and outspoken. With a solidified following of over 150,000 followers, many of you may know me as the cyber-sensation and blogger behind Jarett Scotts Page lol…Yep, that’s me. I’ve carved my nitch by keeping appealing to everyone from the elite to the ratchet. Gay or straight. Male or female. My bro DeoVonte tells me, I am an entertaining breath of fresh air during the hum-drum day of corporate America. Now how about that! Lol… I began blogging about 4 years ago and I’ve been extremely happy with how things are turning out. My goal is to become the new age TMZ. MY dating life is hard due to being a (gossip blogger). Most prospects are intimidated and think I will expose them if things go south which is not true. But no worries, I am confident I will find my partner and see where it takes us. I’m a homebody unless it’s traveling for business. I’m loving, caring and I’d give the clothes off my back to someone in need. I’m loyal until you stab me in the back! I have a newfound love of entertaining guest at my home and everyone knows cooking to me is everything! In my opinion, I’m the BLACK Wolfgang puck lol. I’m a cool person that’s goal orientated and I’m out to conquer the world. I constantly working on my brand and would love to have someone to build and share my empire with. I’m a multi-faceted person with many unique and intriguing layers. I’m good at balancing my private life with my public life. But always remember, I’m on a path to success and work is work. Outside of work, I’m just me!


Briefly describe what you would consider a perfect first date?

Exploring the great outdoors and getting some physical activity

What are the top five qualities you find intriguing in a companion and why?

Honesty, trust, open-minded, compassionate, sincere, the ability to admit when he’s wrong, the pride to stand up for himself when he’s right, the ability to manage finances, the ability to communicate about any and everything; (there can’t be any secrets) OH! And he must have a coin.

What is your definition of romance?

I find it’s the little things that are most romantic. Just some small token to show he’s thinking of you. A random text or phone call just because he wants to speak with you. One arm slid around your shoulders while you’re watching a movie. Him randomly telling you that he loves you or you’re beautiful, without being chided into doing so…

What is your idea of fun?

Going to play paint ball or laser tag with BAE and our friends.



3 thoughts on “Brother to Brother…In Memoriam…Jarrett Scott-Page…1989-2015…

  1. Nicely written and very heartbreaking. I loved him and respected his commentary. Very revolutionary and unexpectedly humble.

    Good read Deo


  2. I believe this tribute was nicely written and I want to send my prayers, hugs and kisses to the loving family, friends and fans (Including Myself) because my friend will surely be missed. Me and Jarrett didn’t talk much but I do remember when we did, he kept me laughing even if some of the shade me given my favorite celebrities may have gone too far. Jarrett was one of those type of people who kept the world laughing and going Yasssss bro, give that shade. He done it and did not give a damn who liked what he said or not. I am gonna miss everything I can miss about Jarrett cause he was a true friend every since I added him on my facebook page and he passed continuing to be a true friend. I appreciate our time being friends and even after death we still remain friends and I am seriously gonna love that man. Comedian he was and Comedian should be one of the things he is remembered for. his legacy lives on.


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