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Kyle Goffney Exclusively Speaks to The Flyy-Life…Vindication….

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The Flyy-Life opened the spring season with the explosive exclusive interview with Taleon Goffney entailing his plight as ½ of the Goffney Twins scandal. The story immediately led to Taleon becoming the forsaken darling of the LGBT community. After months of touring the media circuit; mumblings and questions began to arise within the LGBT community. Folks began to question the sincerity of his story and plight. Was Talon’s account of the events honest or was he in fact manipulating the LGBT community to exploit “likes” and microwave popularity? Many people questioned how one brother could manipulate another brother that was heterosexual to bottoming in homosexual porn. What would lead one sibling to embrace being “infamous” while the other established a famous foot-print? Why was this story inflated and milked by another sibling instead of producing receipts of upward mobility? As a brand, why decide to invest six months of energy into slander of your twin instead of using your platform to propel yourself to new endeavors that are independent of a scandal from six years ago? Kyle Goffney reached out to the team to vindicate himself and add his point of clarity to the situation. We were elated to assist in the effort of putting this scandal to rest. Kyle was forth-coming and honest in his viewpoint of the situation and here is what he had to say……

Kyle 7
FL–  As the eldest of 3 brothers, I am familiar with sibling rivalries and disagreements, rarely is it on the scale of the Goffney twins feud. Fundamentally, what is the major beef between you and your twin brother Taleon?
Kyle–  Honestly, I wasn’t aware that we had any beef until he got out of prison, full of resentment and anger towards me; none of which he ever expressed personally until his book came out. Our beef today is due to how he went against all of our plans to collaborate in the modeling industry, stunt man industry, and the launching of our own men’s underwear and stylist shirt line. He’s a great artist, so over the years, he and I drew and designed pieces; sharing the creativity in something that could’ve been potentially lucrative. I guess that was his way of stringing me along, pretending to be interested in my ideas so I could keep sending him money all those years, while he was incarcerated. But it’s cool tho. My brother is not a worker bee. He is a pirate. Meaning, he would rather go against the grain for his own selfish reasons, rather than work with his twin brother to make some money together. All this lying to the media, new paper articles, and countless bloggers, and for what? He’s still broke and has done nothing but stir up shit like he always has. The night we were arrested and I posted bail and got out was the night I lost my best friend and brother. He faked a relationship with me over the years, but he stopped loving me that night nearly 8 yrs. ago. That is my beef with him.
FL- How has this environment of tension between the two of you affected your family?

Kyle–  It’s affected our family a great deal. We’ve always been divided, but together if that makes any sense. My mom & siblings had to be pulled in the middle of our battle. We all were so happy he was coming home. I even flew across the country, picked him from the half-way house and took him shopping for (toiletries, socks, underwear, etc.). I gave him money, took him to go get a good meal finally, and anything we forgot, I brought it back to him the following day. When you’re in a half-way house, they give you day passes, to take care of business, like get your ID, apply for jobs, go to work force programs, and spend time with your family, etc.. Instead of him doing that, just less than a week in the half way house he contacted Stephanie Farrs and went to Philadelphia Daily News behind my family’s back to dredge up the past to hype off this secret book he had written while in prison. I’m not sure why he or anyone would want to be called or known as MR. INFAMOUS, but if that’s what makes you feel relevant, than by all means go off! Our family, the little family we did have, is forever fractured over all this.

FL- In Taleon’s book and subsequent interview with The Flyy-Life, your brother levied some pretty damaging accusations against you. What are the top three most inaccurate allegations and what is your truth?
Kyle– Yes, I was honestly offended and hurt. If you felt this way towards me then tell me to my face! Not to some papers our blog sites. What he told you was news to me because it was the first time I was heard this. The three most inaccurate allegations is that I went off to Hollywood and made a nice life for myself, but left my family behind. This is disgusting to say because I have been there for them thru hell and back! I gave them so much help and money, I couldn’t even tell you how much. Second accusation is this made up story about me and my fiancé being white collar criminals. This is ridiculous, and a fool mess! I have never been in any criminal trouble, that’s why I got probation and he got sentenced! Up until our convictions my record was clean. I guess he wanted to make me appear as nefarious as he is. Lastly, is that I’m some snitch, who wrote an 8 page statement to save my own ass and send my own brother & mother away to do my time. I will elaborate on this for later in the interview. He really is a piece of work, and a sociopath.


FL–  To the public, you had an amazing professional life even as a young adult. What prompted you to momentarily partake in a criminal lifestyle and how did that decision eventually effect your life?

Kyle– Yes, days before I was arrested with my brother, I had already booked and received my call sheet to be part of a Ralph Lauren campaign. This type of opportunity doesn’t come easy for a young kid from the hood. I remember it like it was yesterday! During this time, my brother was already on bail for drug charges and escaping from a police vehicle after being arrested, out on bail on another case for burglary charges, and still committing heist to pay for all of his attorneys. Well, I was at Midtown Diner on 12th & Spruce, eating with my friends, because that was our tradition after the club, and anyone who goes to club Woody’s & Voyeur, knows that’s the after-hours spot. I then receive a phone call from him, asking where I was so I told him. He informed me that he and my mom were also in Philly and he needed me to come help him. I knew what he was up to and I admit till this day I never should’ve gotten in my car to go to him but that was my brother and he had of way of pulling me in. I have always had a big heart for him. Even when he was in wrong. He and I experienced a childhood that would break most kids. This is not my excuse. I know where I made my mistake that night and I took my L like a man! I did my probation, paid my fines, and moved on with my life.
FL– . Taleon’s account of the events paint a visual of you being overzealous and sloppy in your criminal past; which in turn resulted in your brother’s capture. Even after his capture, you are portrayed as someone so self-inclined that you turned in your own mother. How do you feel about this portrayal and what is your truth?

Kyle– I’m glad you asked this question, because I’m about to go in! As I stated before up, until then, I had never had a criminal record so there was no criminal past. As far as me turning him and my mother in, they both were there that night at the crime scene. The only reason the detectives didn’t grab her is because they didn’t know which business he was breaking into in that area. The detective told me they wanted to catch him “in the act” and if we arrested your mother she could’ve warned him and he could’ve escaped (which he did that night anyway). So, they let her drive off. She knew something was funny and noticed unmarked cars and white guys (policed dressed in street clothing) walking in the area, so she dashed. Our mother is not one of those typical church going moms who leads a life a good example. Our mother is a NIGGA! A money hungry, clever & cunning, scheming nigga. She’s even on probation now for selling drugs (prescribed narcotics and pain meds) and they even seized her vehicle for it. This is the same mom, who sold our food stamps, so she could have nice clothes, while we went to school with crazy glue on our soles to hide the holes in our sneakers. The same mother who locked us in the closest as toddlers because she couldn’t afford a baby sitter and wanted to go out with her friends. She suffers from a gambling addiction and plays hundreds of dollars a week in lottery. Whenever she gets a lump sum of money, she’s at the casinos. On several occasions, she even gambled the family’s rent money. So don’t go to the media trying to make me look like some monster and saying I threw you and our poor dear mother under the bus to save my own ass. She was there that night. We all were at some point! And that’s why the three of us, on different days got arrested. I had never been in trouble like this before, so yes I did give the police a statement. It was 2 1/2 pages, not 8, and hand written by the detective since my hands were still cuffed and I only signed it. In the statement, I admitted to why I was there for my brother, and why she was there. They had a task force of over 14 officers that night! Even had photographs of her at the scene, so I was all out of thoughts and tired, and scared as hell. I didn’t snitch on him! Trust me if I did he still would be in prison for all the shit I know. Let’s be clear on that! And yes I regret signing that paper and I’m sorry I wasn’t a thug when I was supposed to be. This is why he hates me. Lastly, I’m not going to prison for nobody! I don’t care if we are Siamese twins. I would have them cut my arm off and disconnect us, and send you on your way. You chose to fuck up your life, not me, and you been doing it for nearly 12 years now, so don’t blame me for this one!

FL–  Many readers of the original Flyy-Life story was left bewildered when Taleon informed us that somehow you manipulated him into not only doing porn scenes, but also playing bottom role. How did you manage to manipulate your brother into bottoming and were there ever any regrets about doing those scenes?

Kyle–  This right here is another fool mess of a lie. I sent you screenshots from previous porn videos he’s done before the one we did with a popular guy in that industry. You can see my “straight” brother bottoming and giving head to a hung thug, on the site under the stage name Ty. These were filmed prior to the one me, him, and Mark did. I wasn’t there with you then, so how the hell did I manipulate you into doing something you already were doing and apparently good at! Don’t you think it’s odd that he failed to mention any of this to you when you interviewed him, or to any of the newspapers, or on his book? Only one of us is lying here. I’m not here to sell a book or sensationalize a story just to hype up my fictional novel, Like I said before, he’s a sociopath and liar! Porn was about the only honest dollar he’s ever made.

Keyon 3
FL– During his time in prison were you an active and motivating part of his life?

Kyle– During his time in prison, I was his best friend. We use to talk about the other inmates because he had me laughing with stories about them. I sent him money, letters, pictures, inspirational quotes, song lyrics, visited, etc. I was there for him then, and there for him when he got out. I even tried to move him in with me, but he knew he couldn’t do that because he’d already had his own plans and went to the papers, and hyped up this infamous twin beef to sell his book that’s still on the shelf. Do you know the amazing things we could’ve done together? But he had his own plans that didn’t include me.

FL– Like many in our community, according to his book, you and your brother grew up in poverty and broken homes. How did this affect your relationship and the choices you made early in life?

Kyle– We didn’t mind the poverty. In fact we were used to it. We always found ways to have fun (catching snakes and frogs, dodge ball, etc.). It was the abuse, neglect and criminal acts in our own home we witnessed while growing up. You want to know the funny thing about it all? My mom till this day, doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Her famous comeback statement is “I did what I could for y’all the best way I knew how.”… Really? So having 4 kids by the age of 21, all different dads, while those step dads, and boyfriends did drugs in the house, beat her in front us, we even had to fight them off, and one of them fracture my twin 12 year old jaw. We were all separated at the age of 13 and I grew up a child sheltered by my great aunt. The family was never the same again. That woman put us through hell, and I forgave her for all of it! Even when she used to call me faggots and duct tape my mouth because she didn’t like the sound of my then, feminine voice and how I talked too much. I even forgive my twin even for all this mess he’s trying to stir up, talking to any blogger or paper that will give him the floor.

FL– After the burglary incident, you struggled for a bit but went on to regain the footing of your life. After your brother’s release did you make any efforts to assist him in reconstructing his life?

Kyle– After the burglary incident it was hard. I had to start from scratch. The police took everything. I was able to get my car back, which I later sold and used to move to California. I never once let my brother go. Even during the case, I put $2300 of my own money towards his attorney, Michael F. Gushue (617 W County Line Rd. Hatboro, PA 19040, 215-672-3488). To be real with you, I have always been my brothers # 1 fan! Back when he won the national spelling in 3rd grade, up until he release and betrayal against me. With that said, I was there for him 200%, and accepted him and his dirt. That’s what a twin is supposed to do. Back when he was committing all these heist, my brother had pockets full of money and his was selfish even with that. Now the tables have turned. I’m the one with all the money and this just eats him up. He’s even threatened me on my voicemail. He’s made terrible accusation about me on his social media, doing everything in his waking breath to bring me down…except put my lights, oh wait he’s threatened to do that too. So, as of now, NO I’m not helping him do a damn thing anymore. I wish him all the best and clarity in his endeavors, but whatever either one of us accomplish, it will have to be alone.

Kyle 6
FL–  After the initial Fly-Life interview, your brother became a huge sensation in the urban LGBT community. Many would argue he became the “darling” of the community. Since then, there has been growing mumblings that Taleon’s plight has become redundant and inflated to gain sympathy followers/popularity. What is your opinion on this assumption?
Kyle– : I just feel taken back by this and not in a good way. He’s out here modeling with gay models, doing gay radio talk show interviews, shooting with gay models -and from pics I was sent- even hash tagging and thanking the LGBT Community for their support. 1st of all, he’s frauding! That nigga don’t have not one gay friend, nor do he even fuck with gay people like that. Once again he’s taking off his clothes for a gay audience for a coin & a “like.” The gay community will brand him “darling” because he’s trade who’s willing to get naked for them, as seen in his recent shoots. My brother is exploiting the LGBT Community. He’s doing it to gain a following, and because they gay community are the only ones lighting him up. He doesn’t even like his own gay twin brother, so I don’t know what makes them think they’re accepted by him. This is the same guy who denies being gay or bi, even after countless gay acts, porn, and years in prison getting it in. He even told me there was a term one of the old heads in jail told him. The term was “G.U.R.D.” Gay Until Release Date. Like I said he’s frauding.

FL– . We’ve seen you in shows, videos and ads. What are some of the projects you are currently working on and what can we expect from you in the near future?
KyleI’m currently in ads for Verizon, Two different watch companies, magazine spreads, character in two different video games, music videos, T.V appearances, etc… I’m doing quite a lot these days. All of which can be seen on any of my pages. What can people can expect from me in the future is I’m launching two companies. One is my photography businesses, which I’m currently in school for, another is branding. I’m also an activist and supporting safe sex and use of prep and other prevention. No one put me up to this. I did it myself. I have friends who are positive, dated a couple of guys who were positive, and even slept with people who were honest with me about their status. I am sick of this stigma the gays and straight community have on people who are positive. I posted video about this cause on Facebook and it got over 32,000 views and over 400 shares, and hundreds of comments in just 3 days. No one is speaking up on it, so I guess it’ll have to me. I was inspired to do this by a close friend who told me why he hides the fact that he’s positive because when he told his parents they kicked him out of there house. This story broke my heart. He flew nearly 1000 miles to tell them this and got kicked out for being honest on his visit. I plan on spreading awareness and making lots of legal money, like I have been doing these last several years.

FL– Throughout your tedious journey, at this point, what do you most value/ appreciate about your experiences?

Kyle– There’s a saying, “The best part about hitting rock bottom is there only one way to go from there…Up”. I know that saying. I’ve lived it! And even after all the shady attacks from the gay community and my family, I’ve still came out on top. I’ve learned that things can only break you if you allow them to. I’ve learned that if you own who are and what you do no one can call you out on it. I’m living proof that you can pick up the pieces of your life and do amazing things with it. I appreciate the struggle because it taught me who my real friends were. I appreciate the fact that a man who was once splattered all over the newspaper in an infamous tristate sensationalized case, now has his face everywhere, working with some of the biggest names and in national ads! I’m even on two different mobile apps. I use to be a wimp who relied on his big brother for strength & protection. I never realized that I was the strong and courageous one. Being a thug who can street fight & shoot is not strong. Strong is when a man loses his freedom, his name, his will to live, and turns his life around and do things he’s only dreamed of, while being a role model and activist for the generation coming up.

Kyle 8

FL– . What are the top three biggest misconceptions about Kyle?
Kyle– 1. That I’m conceited and arrogant. I’m not arrogant and I’m not cocky. I just believe that everyone does not deserve to have a front row seat in your life. I stay to myself. Busting my ass to change the negative perception I gave to the world.

2. is that I’m an escort. Damn you post a pic of your travels, cars and condo and the gay community assumes you’re escorting. Come on now. Don’t try to play me out. I’m not on the corner or online popping that thing. I’m in significant roles in Hollywood working with The Game, Usher, and Terrell Owen. I’m in music videos ft. P Diddy and various other artist. I’m in a watch ad right now. I’m in a Verizon ad right now, and the face of two different clothing lines and they’re not even American. Even the gay community logs on their Grinder and Gaydar apps. My face is on those app ads too. Trust me, your boy’s getting paid and I didn’t sleep my way into not one of those accomplishments. People are slow to show love and quick to throw shade, but it’s all good, I love me.

3. The 3rd biggest misconception is that I’m still doing porn. That was back in 2002 guys. I just aged well, but I’m a 33 year man now. Those few videos over 13 years ago was a phase. Just something I tried out, not a career. If that’s all you know about then you don’t know much at all. I understand and own everything I’ve done and do, but I’m not that kid anymore. I kissed him goodnight a long time ago.
FL–  Although your brother is being viewed as the angry twin, what do you want most for him?

Kyle–  I want him to be make it! To feel what I feel now. To own his own cars, and house, and travel the world and learn about all things he’s missed out on his 12 years in and out of prison. I want him to be an amazing dad for my nephew and protect him from the harsh childhood we endured. I want him to make more babies, because I most likely won’t. We are twins, so it’s up to him to leave our genetic legacy. I want him to write a real book after his future accomplishments, and stop living in the past. I want him to know that he is meant to be famous not infamous! That he is on this earth for much greater reasons than himself. Just doing something with your life for real on your own.

FL– Is there any chance of reconciliation between you guys, if so what do you need most to move forward?

Kyle– I’m afraid not. I will never be involved with him or my family ever again! Those people are the worst people I’ve ever encountered. Collectively, they’ve stolen well over $6,000 from me, attacked me via text, social media, and have betrayed my trust for the last time. So NO! I will have nothing to do with him ever. He made that decision when he decided to malign me and bash me in his book and interviews. Going to the papers, writing such a harsh book, lying, playing me for years. Naw, I’m good. I’m going to stay right here in my 1/2 million condo he speaks of, and see what he makes of himself from a distance. I really do love my family. It’s just sad that things are so fucked that I’m forced to show no love and be selfish now. I will not be stabbed in the back, ripped off and played again by family al because I came up and they expect me to go broke supporting their habits.

16- Lastly, any last words for you brother in the event that he is indeed reading this article?

Kyle-  My brother use to be happy for me and amazed with the things I was accomplishing. I told him you can and will do big things too. We’ll do it together, and have our own pages and a twin page and get out here to pursue our aspirations together. We even did a video about taking on other twin models in the industry the day I picked him up when he got out of prison. I’m not going to spend my time dishing his dirt and bashing him like he’s been doing me. That’s pointless and does nothing for either one of us.

Congrats on being a daddy! Our cuz sent me a pic, he’s a cutie and so “stishee” (that’s a word he and I made up). Do yourself a favor and stop calling yourself Mr. Infamous. Even after all the trouble we’ve been thru, I would never put that adjective next to your name. I think much higher of you than that. There is good in you. I know it is because we share the same source, seed, and soul. This is where we have to part ways and move on. There’s way too much conflict and hate to go back to. I heard and read in one of your interviews where you said if I needed a kidney you wouldn’t budge. Wow do you honestly hate me that much? I don’t owe you a damn thing, and what I was willing to give you for free, you were plotting to steal and betray, like you do with everything else. I don’t mean steal items from me. You stole my voice in all this. Forced me into silence because you knew I wouldn’t dare dredge up the past because of the established position I’m in today. Nice try tho, I’m still living and doing great! All your efforts were futile. I’m sorry you got sent away all that time, but you chose to fuck up your life, not me. You have been doing it for nearly 12 years now, so don’t blame me for this one! Use all this energy on yourself and your kid. FYI, when MTV True Life was going to do a story on us, the reason they pulled out is because I called the producer back and told her I had a change of heart. Look at all this mess you’ve made on social media. , God forbid you go on T.V with all this foolery! Stop living in the past. Nobody cares you are an ex con! That’s not what makes you special, and neither is your infamous past. You see, I left the past where it’s supposed to be; behind me. I believed in myself and came up on my own terms and not by going to Bossip, Philadelphia & NYC news, or several blog sites. I went to Hollywood! To the agencies and the producers and got my modeling career back that I fumbled 8 years ago by fucking with you and your street mess. God has blessed us with so much. We still look like kids, yet you can’t see that because you’re too busy frowning your face hating on me. I never put you down because only you and I know where we came from. Anyway, go do something real with yourself. Lastly please stop arching your eyebrows so damn high. I thought I was the gay one? We have unique thick eyebrows and masculine features. Use them, don’t confuse them.

This is exactly why he is the way he is. Like you, it’s everyone else’s fault what happened to him. Even when it’s his own doing. I wanted to get you that house he spoke of and wanted to take you all to Mexico and share my newly found wealth. But you tried for me the last time. I gave you my last on many occasions, yet you still stole the rent money and gambled every sent of it. I am so over your stunts and selfishness! Why should I do anything else for you when all you’ve done was stole and taken advantage of me? You’re not a villain, but you owe each and every one of us an apology. You can’t press reset and start over again when you have 5 children, and I’m not sure if I would want you to either. Forget about me the same way you did when you left me in that child shelter, taking your sweet time to do those parenting a counseling classes to get your other kids back. I know you lost your youth by getting pregnant at 14, but that was something you did not us! So stop blaming that on us. The same way Taeleon blames me and everyone for his characteristics and past mistake. Do you see his and your similarity now? Sacrifice is a choice you’ve made, loss is a choice made for you. GOOD DAY & I am done with people and may God forgive for all of my choices. I’m so happy now, even if none of you happy for me. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS GOODBYE!

Kyle 5

3 thoughts on “Kyle Goffney Exclusively Speaks to The Flyy-Life…Vindication….

    I am a twin also. It hurts me to see you guys are not getting along. Me and my twin are very close. That being said. If what Kyle says is true; then he is left with no other choice than to move on. This is truly a made for Hollywood story. I’m looking forward to the ending…..😇
    My prayers go up for Kyle and his family.
    If it is GOD’S will, hopefully, reconciliation for all is in the future.

    Much Luv…….


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