…Coup’d Etat Ass Mess!

IMG_2902By- DeoVonte “Deo” Means

On last evening the tastemakers and socials of the city were invited out to toast the 34th birthday of our very own DJ Gucci Rocks. The event was to be held at the side bar club of The Shrine, known as Coup’d Etat. CDT has become the weekly Friday night spot of the High Society entity for the city. In the years this has been their go-to spot, this was my first time visiting the venue so I was excited. My excitement was increased at the fact that I was celebrating a lifelong friend’s birthday. As a close friend and press, I was granted my VIP access weeks in advance. As a professional, I confirmed my attendance and standing with the entity at 2pm the day of the event. I was told all was well, just arrive between 11:00 and 12 a.m. to mitigate being in a line and being a distraction to security. I arrived at 11:30p.m with three additional attendees whom paid full entry. When we entered, there were only perhaps six additional people in the building and we were originally treated like royalty. We opened a tab and purchased our drinks. After a drink or two, as a smoker, I decided to step out for a cigarette. This is when I was informed by security, if I left out of the building, I would be charged a re-entry fee. At this point, I should have known it was about to be a disaster.


In the past, I have had run-ins with security and been falsely accused of becoming so inebriated that I urinated on myself on the dance floor (lol-LIES). So even though I felt “approached” and “arrested” by security that denied me my luxury of enjoying my habit, I decided to let it pass. Me and my friends continued to order and enjoy our drinks while inviting other friends out and the building began to fill. Now prior to the event, I was informed of a VIP section in which close friends and VIPS of the community would be welcomed to engage. As the building began to fill, my friends and I decided to enter into the VIP section along with other vested stakeholders of the community. ALL OF US, were immediately and aggressively denied access. So now I’m confused and embarrassed….Was my initial VIP standing at the door not enough to garner access into the VIP area even after I was previously assured access due to my credentials? Once again, taking into consideration my rocky relationship with High Society’s security, I decided to ignore it. As Derek J walked in and motioned me up into the area to have drinks with him, I proceeded and took a pic or two and began to order drinks. Security, once again, began to become overly aggressive and dismiss those of us with VIP credentials. David Dodd and I stood and watched in awe as the VIP’s of the city were escorted out while the ratcheet’s that visit the club weekly were welcomed in. At this point, I decided to say my “good-byes” and leave.


Here is my plight. Perhaps there was a breakdown in communication or a misunderstanding. But first and foremost, promoters and host PLEASE get your security in-line! Security should be a warm and welcoming extension of your customer service, not an aggressive arm of your entity that treat patrons as if they’re national terrorist. Secondly, I’ve been in this game almost 15 years and I have credentials! Yet there’s not a promoter in this city that can say I come with demands or expect to be treated as royalty. I only expect you to be honest and your staff to treat me with the respect of a patron. If I and my peers am not worthy to enter your VIP area, then communicate that to us BEFORE we come out. Don’t invite us out for a show and numbers, and then treat us as if we are third class because we don’t wear fake Louis Vuitton, twerk or visit your spot weekly. I suppose I had a good time because I saw faces I have not seen in a while, but I’m really not sure when I’ll be back to Coup’d Etat. It was just a tad too much for me…Cheers….Deo





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