Editors Note

…2015 In Memoriam…Our Fallen Angels…


By: DeoVonte “Deo” Means

…Lord I come, on behalf of my brother…

The Flyy-Life’s annual In Memoriam piece is perhaps the most challenging to produce each year. As you begin to research and prepare; you’re filled with an overwhelming aura of hurt, loss and reverence. Taking on the position of being the honor guard of someone’s memory requires a sense of solemnity, respect, gentleness and perfection of execution. Many would argue this would be most difficult for honoring  just one person. Well this year we celebrate the lives of 39. As a team, we here at The Flyy-Life are driven by the fundamental truth that regardless of demographic or popular standing within the community; often, those whom make up a part of the carpet of our lives and time, once the last RIP is posted on social media, are soon forgotten. We believe their investiture into our community can not only be commodified, but they were indeed of lasting value that will not go extinguished. That’s our endowment as a community. When one of our angels fall, we reach down, pick up their banner, and carry on. Religious doctrine teaches us “to live is Christ and to die is gain”; so I’m confident they have indeed inherited something far greater than what we could ever fathom on Earth. But it is most imperative that until we meet again, we ensure their Earthly light never diminishes. We exhausted all due-diligence to be as far-fetching as possible, but we realize there are some who may have been mistakenly omitted. We honor them too! As you proceed through, take a moment of your time to whisper a prayer for the fallen and be thankful for your blessings…Thy Will be Done…Deo


In Lasting Memory Of :





Jarrett Scott Page


Bri Le Blanc

Bri Le Blanc


Achilles Williams 1

Achilles Williams


Clayton Cary 1

Clayton Cary


Reina Valentino 3

Reina Valentino


Byron Rowe

Byron Rowe


Clarence Starr

Clarence Starr


Victor KaliMizrahi Johnson 2

Victor KaliMizrahi Johnson


Chyna Ebony Prodigy

Chyna Ebony Prodigy


Andre Davis 3

Andre Davis



Legendary Jerry Lightfoot


Darius Gunter 1

Darius Gunter


Gramz Mugler 1

Gramz Mugler


Phillippe Charles

Phillippe Charles


Kamrun 2



Marcus Johnson 2

Marcus Johnson



James Cook-Jackson-City Boy 1

James “Citiboi” Cook-Jackson


Garvin Baptiste

Gavin Baptiste


Dexter Ebony

Dexter Ebony


Ahkee brantley (2)

Ahkee Brantley


Gregory Ian Cox

Gregory Ian Cox


James L. Jones 1

James L. Jones


Jay Black 2

Jay Black


Keisha Jenkins

Keisha Jenkins





Leo LawyerBoi Moore 1

Leo “LawyerBoi” Moore


Nathaniel Mayfield 1

Nathaniel Mayfield


Joe Jackson 1

Joe Jackson


Larry D. Brown

Larry D. Brown

Mariah Blahnik

Mariah Blahnik


King B 2

King B


Marlon Rashad Currie 2 (2)

Marlon Rashad Currie


Quintin Dallas

Quintin Dallas


Martin Woods 2

Martin Woods


O'Ryan Moss 1

O’Ryan Moss


Shannon Smith

Shannon Smith


Taron Pimp Webb

Taron “Pimp” Webb


Tayevon Hilton 1

Tayevon Hilton


Quintavious Waters

Quintavious Waters



One thought on “…2015 In Memoriam…Our Fallen Angels…

  1. They are beautiful and my heart aches for each, yet there is rejoicing in knowing they ascended in all there glory. Beautifully presented editor.


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