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The Flyy-Life’s 2016 Most Flyy & Eligible Bachelors

By-DeoVonte “Deo” Means

Now in our 3rd year, The Flyy-Life’s Most Flyy & Eligible Bachelors article has become an annual listing that highlights the depth and diversity of our audience. Our goal is simple. We live in a community whereas the fundamental rubric for dating tends to be placed on physical attraction and outward sex appeal. Yet, as many of us have discovered, it becomes a frustrating endeavor when after meeting several potential mates, you realize for the most part the beauty is only surface level. Many within the dating pool tend to be profoundly attractive yet lack depth, ambition or real world accomplishment. Each year, we highlight a group of men that are not only attractive, but also have a unique story to tell while navigating through the success and failures of real world society. We believe that this characteristic is what distinguishes them from the rest and ultimately makes them “flyy” and a good catch. I’m not going to overwhelm you with words because I have allowed each gentleman to speak for themselves and they’ve done an impressive job at articulating their own thoughts. I would like to congratulate each member of this year’s list and I hope our audience enjoy the article as much as I and my team did putting it all together…Cheers…Deo




Serius Mitchell- Chicago, Il
It is I, Serius Senca Mitchell. Social medially known as @Pickmeserously, a name and attitude unforgettable. “Respected” as a man so I answer to “sir” or “Mr.”. Daddy if you’re privy to that side of me. Hola, como estas Deo y Fly Life espectadores? (That’s all the Spanish you’re getting out of me) Currently residing, in conjunction building, in The Windy City, none the less originating from Atlanta. I’m currently entering into my mid 20’s. I was born in the month named after a Caesar, So know in a king among Cancers. I’ve attended Georgia Perimeter College in addition to Larus Tech. I’ve acquired several certifications including life coaching, personal training, and medical. I proudly secured a degree in Biology! So I am lethal combination of Brains, Body and Black. “Attractive, Funny, kind, courageous, yet cocky” I’m said to be…. Sexy, tough, assertive, charming, somewhat socially removed, I’m known to be. So you should know stunning, undeniable, intelligent, wealthy and happily in love is the future I envision. I welcome all perceptions from my peers. It assures my audience is entertained. If I’m going to be in the cast, I might as well be the star attraction. Someone has to feed and stroke this big, fat, long, pretty EGO of


I’ve succeeded, yet failed in a few business attempts. A few became a bore in the past as well, so I deviated, and embarked on new endeavors. Entrepreneurship is a passion of mine and a true entrepreneur I Am. I am in search of that one path, where I can provide assistance to others, as well as myself in the pursuit of true love inner and outer… I’m currently in Chicago working on a project to do just that. Regrets are something I rarely have, I accept all my life choices. The good have brought me joy and has sustained the last bit of humility I have left. The bad has provided strength, and wisdom alike. I must tell you something, I’m so often asked, time and time again. “What is your favorite quote?”… I bite my lip and squint my eyes and verbatimly say “I usually don’t date dark skin guys but you’re sexy.” Or the classic “you’re sexy to be dark skined.” I know you were probably looking for some deep philosophical quote, but not my style. It’s not what you think, I’m far from flattered by my favorite quotes. I just enjoy being the thing, the only entity that trumps their so called “usual preference”, and disappointing them fatally with my classic lack of interest. At the end of it all, I’m cliché. A young ambitious man striving for more love power and respect.


FL- What would you describe as a perfect first date connection; to see where it will go?

SM- Too be honest a perfect first date, is an initial meeting. When everything is totally “off guard” I see them coming out of the parking lot, as I exit the gym. We give each other “the look”! Not the sexual look, but the look that you both just imagined 50+ years together, in the matter of seconds. After they pass me, I notice their entering the gym. I stop and think of the best way to bump into them again. I rush back in gym (discreetly of course). I search all around the gym, at same time pondering how to approach them. I give up because I guess, I mistaken their destination. As I walk out the gym, I notice them cluelessly wandering around (my heart drops because I realize they’re looking for me). Now the ball is in my court. I walk up behind them and say “stop looking alone, because I can help you”. Heart racing I stare in their eyes (still having a cocky grin on my face). After that everything is spontaneous. Our schedules suddenly get lost and found by new itineraries. So to answer the question, the connection will come from the reciprocated comfort of being spontaneous with one another.
FL– What are the 5 upmost qualities you seek in a mate?

SM- Tolerable/open minded, thoughtful, driven, tastefully humorous, family oriented and spontaneous.

FL- If you desire, name five turn-on’s, and 5 turn offs….

SM- Turn on, Hidden intellect (someone who is smart but don’t use it as a devaluing weapon, but up-lifter), Foodie, sexually liberated, masculinity with a submissive attitude, a charitable individual, someone who loves sharing their success.

FL- Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your mate?

SM- I’ve learned that looking for a submissive/dominant partner is an oxymoron. You can’t want your equal, partner, and other half to be subjected to more of something that you want, or are not. Equality in partnership is the catalog to success.

FL- What is your “sign” and what aspect of your “sign” do you most relate too?

SM- I’m a proud cancer. I identify with our tendency to be sensitive. Most people think sensitivity is negative or too much to deal with. I welcome sensitivity, it helps me deal with mankind in my day in age. My sensitivity gives me vision that an insensitive or not as sensitive person is blinded by.

FL- What are the top five ways your potential companion could know you are attracted to them?

SM- I’m a man of many words so when in speechless from your actions that’s a way.
When I can sit on the phone with you and tell you in depth how my day was.
When I ask your opinion on my personal dealings.
When I ask you “do you wanna lay on my chest and watch cartoons today?
When you know who “Binky”is.

Cardell 4

Chino Blac- Memphis, TN
Hello world! This is your boy Chino Blac and I currently reside in Tennessee. Shout out to my hometown Memphis TN. I am 27 years old and I’m a lucky Libra lol. I want to first give a gracious thank you to the Flyy-Life for the love and consideration given to me in being considered amongst the other top flight of men selected for this honor. A little about me, I am a professional dancer that have trained in vast areas of the discipline, which has led to me traveling and dancing behind some of today’s most noted entertainers. I work with kids, developing their skills so one day they too can flourish in the entertainment industry. Kids are my passion and that’s where my heart is. I volunteer at local schools and mentor young adults, helping them navigate through the daily hardships we face as a community. Beyond dance, I am also a personal trainer. I love helping people connect the mind and body into one unit to live a prosperous life. Aligning positive energy into physical seems to change the perspective of an individual. I am currently attending Lemoyne Owen University seeking my bachelor’s degree in health and human performance. I am learning and growing with each day that pass. My goal is to be happy and to live a happy life. I wake up asking myself what service I can render to make my community better. That’s where everything starts for me. After my immediate community, then my city, country, and ultimately the world. Cliché I know but that’s my heartbeat and it’s what drives me push forward even through the most challenging times. I walk in love and treat others as such. I could go on and on about myself but I will leave everyone with this; to be is to live and to live is to be. Free yourself like I am striving to do. Peace and love.Cardell 1
FL- What are your hobbies?

CW- Honestly I love listening to my head phones while I run. I go to the land of make believe in my head where I’m famous singing on stage lol. Lord knows I can’t sing, but hey it’s my pass time. Other than dancing I love lounging around the house naked watching cartoons. Don’t judge me, I’m a big kid at heart. I like to read. I also love expressing myself through poetry.

FL- What would you describe as a perfect first date connection; to see where it will go?

CW- Honestly, the perfect first date would be a trip to the skating rink. Maybe share some nachos, shoot a little pool. Share a beer and laugh at everything known to man. I’m a fairly simple guy. I’m so simple that people find it complicated. Its little things like this that make me happy.

FL- If you desire, name five turn-on’s, and 5 turn offs….

CW- I love a guy with a sense of humor. I love to laugh, I am very attracted to men who take care of their body’s! Nothing turns me on more than a man pumping some iron (God that does something to me)… I like a gentle spirit…someone assertive but not overly assertive (just the right amount of arrogance with a dash of humility). I love someone who is up for NEW EXPERIENCES (its life why not live it). I love a person who walks in love and treats everyone as such. I love man who can dress! I’m not that great of a dresser so I need him to pick up the slack in that area lol. I love a person with great communication. I LOVE MASCULINITY in a man. I am more submissive than I look so I like dominate men I could go on and on all day. As far as turn offs, I don’t have a lot other than I hate argumentative people. Individuals whom only see their perspective, and people who like to fight, I hate fighting. That would be the quickest way to make me not want to be associated with you.

FL- What would be a typical Saturday with your companion?

CW- A typical Saturday with my mate would be lying in bed, cuddled up just being lazy. More than likely, we are working hard during the week so the weekend is do nothing time lol. It’s funny, the older you get the more you appreciate just doing nothing. We would probably order take out if I’m not cooking and watching sitcoms all weekend. Maybe hit the gym up during the day, and possibly get into the city later that night. Overall, just to enjoy each other’s energy would be the perfect Saturday. Oh yeah, and making love all morning!

FL- What are the top five ways your potential companion could know you are attracted to them?

CW- My mate will know I’m attracted to them because I am very attentive. I like random kisses, rubbing your head as you lay in my lap, long stares into your eyes and paying attention to small details of my mate. Things like how you like your food or how you like to wear your socks… you know…stupid stuff lol…but when I’m into you I’m in to you! It’s that easy.



Damian 3

Damian Robichaux- Dallas, TX

Salutations Flyy-Life!!! I’m Damian Q. Robichaux, a Creole & Indian flavored Aries from Texas. I’m a very laid back chilled type of guy, just enjoying what life has to offer in the least complicated way possible. I’m a dancer, model, actor, and during the day I’m a mail carrier, for the US Postal Service. Hey I gotta eat! A graduate from the University of Houston with a B.S. in Kinesiology. I know you’re wondering what does a degree in Kinesiology and being a mailman have to do with one another? Not a damn thing! Lol I grew up in a single parent home with two of the biggest and strongest personalities I know (my mother and older sister), so football, basketball, track n field, swimming & diving, and even dance and cheerleading for 4 1/2 years in college became my distraction and kept me out of trouble (kinda lol). I’m a lover of animals (not bugs), the arts (exotic included), music (good music), poetry, movies, traveling, people, shopping, underwear (everyone has a fetish), and happy endings (that fairy tale type shyt). I’m a hopeless romantic, fun, a big ass kid, strong, independent, outgoing yet shy (Frfr), playful, loyal, and genuine.

Damian 5

FL– What are your hobbies?

DR- My hobbies include: sleeping, eating, cooking, dancing, working out, reading, chilling, movies, tv, sports (watching & participating).

FL- What are the five upmost qualities you seek in a mate?

DR- The five upmost qualities I look for in a mate are: sense of humor (most important), trustworthy, confident, strong, and fun

FL- What would be a typical Saturday with your companion?

DR- Typical Saturday with my companion: Cartoons n cereal in bed (or on the floor) naked preferably (LOL), some type of activity outside the house, laughing, doing something new possibly dangerous (endless possibilities) coming home sharing and exploring each other’s mind and body…then getting ready for church the next day I luh God!

FL- What is your “sign” and what aspect of your “sign” do you most relate too?

DR- What is your “sign” and what aspect of your “sign” do you most relate to? I’m an Aries and the aspect I relate to the most is the Spontaneous aspect, I say let’s do it, whatever, wherever, whenever, and around whomever (shhh…just be quiet)

FL- What is the one thing you could not live without?

DR- What is one thing I can’t live without? I can’t live without God period!


Kyle 1

Kyle Goffney- Miami, FL
Wassup Flyy-Life, I’m Kyle Goffney! I’m 33, an Aries, and currently living in Miami, FL. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come. Despite all I’ve been thru, I know my past was just a lesson, not a life sentence. I am currently a photographer, model, and stunt double. I know those are “professions” people tend to say, because it’s popular. I can assure that I’ve made it doing just that. I lived everywhere in search of my purpose and success. I moved to California for change and opportunity and it paid off more than I expected. I’ve been on all types of television shows, music videos, print ads, billboards; even casted as Zero -the ninja assassin- in Borderlands 2, among many other accomplishments. All the money I made I took the smart route and got my life and credit on point. Now today I live in a penthouse, 2 cars, and own my own business. I’m handsome, youthful in appearance, but mature mentally, and I’m always on the move, productively I mean. Even though my life is on fleek, I’m still a “hommie”. I have expensive things, but I’d rather wear sweats and sneakers, go see a movie, grab some Chinese food, and chill at home. You should never allow what you have to gas you up or make you forget where you’ve come from. I shine when it’s time to, so I find it funny when most people say they have to do it all the time to portray a successful persona. Part of me is humble but the other has no problem popping my collar to let niggas know! I travel the world and I plan on seeing a new place, new city, new country every year, every birthday, until I’m unable to. So many people die so young, so I want to make new and great memories while I’m young and vibrant, not wait til I’m retired and too old to travel as much. That about sums me up! I live my life on Front Street, not front for the streets. #grownmanflow

Kyle 2
FL- What would you describe as a perfect first date connection; to see where it will go?

KG- What I would describe as a perfect first date connection is punctuality and if a person can stay off their phone and look you in the eyes when they speak to you. I believe whatever has a person’s attention, shows their intentions. If I have their full attention then I know they are into me and interested in getting to know me. If they are on their phone checking Facebook, Jack’d or Grindr, then I know they’re just bopping around and I’m just a stop. If I have a person full attention then I’m thoroughly impressed. I’m here in person, so act accordingly.

FL- What are the five upmost qualities you seek in a mate?

KG- The 5 upmost qualities I seek in a mate are hygiene, style, smile, authenticity, and thoughtfulness.

FL- Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your mate?

KG- I like to be in control, but I also need a person to be able to flip roles. My dog isn’t even meek, but he’s submissive to my commands, but turns up when someone gets near me. So I need a teddy bear, but a grizzly bear too. So some versatile in all aspects in life and in bed.

FL- What is the one thing you could not live without?

KG- The one thing I could not live without is chapstick. I can’t kiss without it, and I freak out if I forget it. My lips chap up easily.

FL- Using 5 adjectives, describe what dating you would be like?

KG- Dating me would be fun, passionate, adventurous, challenging, and motivating. It would be fun, because I’m a goofy guy. I like comedy, and making people smile (also my favorite features about a person is their smile). It would be passionate because I’m not lazy in bed, so it won’t be no nut and bounce going on. It would be neck biting, back licking, toe sucking, soft kissing, yoga positions sex happening, that you’ll remember all week. It would be adventurous because I like to travel and do different things, routine is a relationship crippler. It will be motivating because I’m going to always build you up and push you to a better you as I expect the same of you to do for me. It will be challenging because I need us to be naked with each other, and I’m not referring to clothes off. I need us to be naked with our feelings, fears, concerns, aspirations, interests, and expectations. This is what I call being completely naked, no emotional walls built up, no complication to get too close, and not afraid to be vulnerable and real with each.

Johnny Smalls1

Johnny Smalls- Philadelphia, PA
Hey what’s up Flyy-Life! My name is Johnny Smalls. I’m a 25 year old Puerto Rican and African American man, birthday March 30th. I currently reside in North Philadelphia, PA where I was born and raised. I bartend professionally and I own an event planning business as well. I’m laid back, I like to chill with my family and friends, dine, work out, bowl, play pool, some sports, amusement Parks, swimming, and the list goes on lol. Unfortunately, yes I’m single (oh bummer lol) it sucks at times. Since a youngin, I had goals of being a lawyer. Unfortunately, life had different plans. I was raised by my mother’s mom, for the simple fact my mom worked two jobs night and day just to make sure I had everything I needed and wanted. My grandmom left me when I was thirteen. When she left I felt alone so I shifted away from folks who actually loved me including my mother. I started working when I was 15 for a drug and alcohol program for three years. I dropped out of school at 17 because at the time I was misled to believe the streets had my best interest. I went back to school and received my GED. About two years ago I found myself going to church and I started forming a closer relationship to God. Ever since I’ve been on a straight path. I’ve worked in the sexual health field for four years. It was then I discovered that I didn’t want to work for anyone anymore. I decided to open my own business. Since the age of five I had a thing for decorating parties. My mom will tell you I used to decorate the crap out of my room putting table clothes on my bed and hanging streamers from my ceiling to my bed lol. How the heck I did that, beats me lol. Besides that I also bartend as I mentioned above. I’ve been bartending for eight years now. Along with my business, bartending is my life my baby. I love what I do! It describes who I am. Behind the bar I’m flirtatious, outgoing, funny and talkative, but in person I’m shy and mellow. That’s about it for me, now tell me about you…

johnny smalls4

FL- What are your hobbies?

JS- Hobbies – somethings I like to do that I call hobbies are; cooking, fitness, bike riding, skating, amusement Parks, quality time with my nieces and nephews.

FL- What are the five upmost qualities you seek in a mate?

JS- My 5 upmost qualities in a companion are; goals, ambition, morals, fear of God, and goal oriented.

FL- What would be a typical Saturday with your companion?

JS- A typical Saturday with my companion would be having both families over for game night and dinner

FL– What are the top five ways your potential companion could know you are attracted to them?

JS- Top five ways my companion could tell I’m attracted to them are; I chink my eyes lol, stare, talk smoothly, flirt and get goofy lol

FL– What is the one thing you could not live without?

JS- One thing I can’t live without besides my family is God.

Damien 1

Damien Crawford- NJ/NY
What’s up Flyy-Life readers! My name is Damien Crawford and I’m a singer/songwriter from New Jersey. I also have my MBA and I’m quite the knowledgeable business man. I’ve had some pretty cool accomplishments over the past few years which include opening for Brandy, Keke Wyatt, and K.Michelle. I’ve toured and performed all over the US, internationally, and written for some pretty dope up and coming artists. I can be somewhat reserved, but being an artist has allowed me access to amazing events, parties, and people. All that has been awesome but the best part of those accomplishment is meeting new people and getting to know my listeners. I love making music in which people can relate. I’ve been in the studio working on some crazy records so I’m looking forward to this new era and seeing the reactions from all of you. I was asked to tell everyone what drives me. Well, being the dopest version of myself is what drives me each day. Whether it’s Fashion, mind, body, or music, I try to push myself to the next level by increasing my strengths and addressing my weaknesses. I’m a modest yet confident man and I know exactly what I want in life. I won’t stop until I achieve my definition of success.

Damien 2
FL- What are your hobbies?

DC- My hobbies are writing, fitness and fashion.

FL- What would you describe as a perfect first date connection; to see where it will go?

DC- I would say dinner and drinks somewhere with a fun ambiance and great upbeat music.

FL- What are the five upmost qualities you seek in a mate?

DC- I would say stability, humor, assertiveness, drive, passion.

FL– If you desire, name 5 turn-on’s, and 5 turn offs….

DC- Turn-on’s are consistency, romance, great hygiene, nice teeth, good kisser
Off = messed up hands, bad style, lack of motivation, inconsistency, liars

FL- What would be a typical Saturday with your companion?

DC- TV, sex, lunch/dinner in the city, and a really good movie on Netflix- in a pretty simple guy to please.

FL- What are the top five ways your potential companion could know you are attracted to them?

DC- Quick responses via text, phone calls, my time, introduction to my inner friend circle, cooking for them.



Eric 1

Eric Jenkins- Baltimore, MD

Hello Flyy-Life! My name is Eric aka Enrique…I am a graduate of West Virginia State and a natural born leader. I am President of the Baltimore Ballroom Coalition which I take great pride in!!! BBC has received several awards from the mayor of Baltimore and even had an honorary day named after the Ball that we, in conjunction with the Baltimore city Health department, hosted. The “KNOW YOUR STATUS BALL” gained national attention. That being said, I am also a proud member of the House of St.Laurent!!! As a graduate of West Virginia State, I utilize my degree in my professional life as well as in my social endeavors. I went to school for Psychology and with that training I have learned how to read and deal with many different personalities in all social settings. At times I can be shy even though I don’t come across that way lol. I tend to do things that may be seen as attention seeking but really it’s just me dealing with my own personal development. I try to stay healthy both physically and mentally. With the physical I go to the gym 4 times a week, as well as ride my Trek Bike. Mentally I stay in shape by reading, doing crossword puzzles and games!!!12696116_10153243862017035_69009022_n



FL- What are your hobbies?

EJ- My hobbies are: working out, traveling, reading and movie editing!

FL- What are the five upmost qualities you seek in a mate?

EJ- What I seek in a mate: I love a guy that likes to laugh, open minded, MUST HAVE NICE FEET lol I have a very big foot fetish and last but not least a decent to average shape.

FL- What is the one thing you could not live without?

EJ-My cat I love him very much! He’s a very important part of my life.

FL- Using 5 adjectives, describe what dating you would be like?

EJ- Dating me would be spontaneous, romantic, crazy, sexy, fun.

FL- What is your “sign” and what aspect of your “sign” do you most relate too?

EJ- Sag- very loyal to the end, can be your best friend or your worst enemy, very charismatic.

Trey 1

Trai Maasai- Dallas, TX

Hello Flyy- Life! Hello Everybody! Describing me is like describing what it means to be a Black Man, It’s just too complicated. But in general I like to start in describing myself by making mention of my heritage and my family background as it is what has molded me and laid the foundation of my morals and ethics. I am an African American Male with creole roots out of Louisiana but raised in Texas. Yes just like Beyoncé, I’m a “Texas Bama”….. LOL! I like to consider myself an eligible bachelor as I have all the credentials on paper. I’m a young entrepreneur, I run an apartment locating and home rental finding service here in Texas called Dream America Rentals ( I am also a top realtor in the state of Texas doing business as Dream America Real Estate which is the name of my Real Estate Company. Most recently I embarked on a third venture in business. I became a Commercial Loan Broker, brokering business and investment loans for individuals and small businesses.

Along with a flourishing career, if you’re into looks and body I believe I have that too. But besides those material and surface things, the things that describe and define me most are my character and personality. I am a man of extreme honesty, integrity, and loyalty. I am so proud to be able to say that to my friends and those I call family I have remained true and loyalty too. I have had some of the same friends since I came out and to this day almost 13 years later I still have those same friends with no fall outs and no back stabbing. Which I find to be rare this day and age in our community. Finding good loyal friends are just as rare as finding that special loyal loved one. Speaking of finding that special loved one… I am currently single. I am not actively looking but I am extremely open to the right person finding me. I am the hopeless romantic type. You only need 3 things to make me fall head over heels! You have to be funny and keep me laughing. You have to have great sex and have a touch that drives me wild. Most importantly you must be an extremely honest person, even when the honesty will embarrass you or hurt me I still need my lover to be honest. I’m not big on looks as I find that I prefer a more beauty inside of a person rather than outside. But I am a sexual being so I stress I need good Sex!…. Don’t step to me if ya sex game aint bananas!! I’m a Beauty in the Streets but a Beast in the Sheets!

Trey 2

FL- What are your hobbies?

TM- I am The Biggest TV person in the world. I DVR everything. It’s my favorite thing in the world to sit and watch TV or a Good Movie or Documentary with a snack or meal. Really Unhealthy but I can’t lie. I love the thrill of a good story line and a Tasty Snack.

FL- What would you describe as a perfect first date connection; to see where it will go?

TM- I don’t believe there is a thing as a perfect first date. I believe the best first dates are accidental and you don’t realize that they were your first date until your some time down the line in love with the person. My ex whom I was with for 5 years met at a club, after the club we went for breakfast at Denny’s with friends. We ended up sitting across from each other and talked the whole time. We went home together that night and before i knew it he was moving in and we were buying a puppy. When asked what was our first date… We realized it was that unplanned night at Denny’s after the club. I love Unplanned Unconscious acts of Love and Interest.

FL-What are the five upmost qualities you seek in a mate?

TM-Have to Be Funny….. Have to Be Honest… Must Love to Make Love…. and must see the Beauty of Two men in a Committed Partnership! (I only have 4)

FL- What are the top five ways your potential companion could know you are attracted to them?

TM-A person would know I was attracted to them if I constantly wanted to be around them. When I began to squint my eyes when I look at you and smile a lot, it means I want you! I’m pulling out all the assets to Reel you in and make you talk to me 1st!

FL- What is the one thing you could not live without?

TM-I couldn’t live without my phone. It’s my Connection to the world.


Jeremy 2

Jeremy Toney- Atlanta, GA

Greetings and Salutations Flyy-Life and Friends. I am Jeremy “Mrtailormade” Toney. I am originally from Detroit, Michigan by way of Columbus, Ohio now residing in Atlanta, GA. I was gifted on October 12, 1981 which makes me a part of the classiest, most creative and stylish zodiac sigh, Libra and 34 years of age. I currently have a career and passion in the public health field of HIV/AIDS. Here I’ve developed and love and skill for educating my community. In addition I am a firm lover of fashion and style. My personal gift has lead me into many avenues in the industry like personal styling, model coaching and wardrobe consulting. Recently relocated to Atlanta, GA I hope to find rest in both of my passions and possibly interconnecting the two. I am an only child of both of my parents. I believe and breathe in family and the values that surround it. I was formally an active member of the house and ballroom community which aided in the development as a black gay man. I “came out” at 16 years old and immediately had a drive to be a leader within my LGBT community of color. In Detroit I accomplished many things within my career in the HIV/AIDS and community health field. I formally worked for Wayne State School of Medicine at a project centered around gay me of color and HIV/AIDS which included health, self-esteem, and awareness. I also help lead Detroit’s leading organization in the LGBT community, Mpowerment Detroit where I did grass-roots work to ensure the stability and education of my community. Leading workshops and establishing health awareness was my main goal and it was achieved. Style and Fashion has always been a part of my life. I believe in dressing how you want to be addressed. Style is something that you just have, although people can create their personal style, it is something that is unique in an individual. What sets me a part from the norm when it comes to style is that I tend to be in my lane that I create and remain classic and tailored. Sartorial style is something I pride myself in and I encourage other men to get with the program. Outside of style I love to read. I write short stories and hope to become a published author soon. I enjoy learning new things daily. Music is what keeps me grounded. I am a lover of all things musical. From the instruments and acoustics to the melodic voices and soul of different artist.

jeremy 1

FL- What are your hobbies?

JT- My hobbies include reading and writing, listening to music, shopping and culture in general. I enjoy styling myself. I also love to watch CNN and MSNBC. I am sort of a nerd. The perfect first date for me is a very simple one. A date that I feel comfortable and transparent on. I don’t believe in the cliché of it all. Perfection lies in the two people at that moment whether we’re at diner enjoying nice cuisine or taking a walk and conversing down the avenue.

FL-What are the five upmost qualities you seek in a mate?

JT- The top qualities I prefer in a mate would be class maturity, confidence, transparency, stylish, intelligent and innovative. I prefer someone that loves to have fun and is a social butterfly as I. Turn-ons for me physically are brown-skin guys with slim toned physiques. I enjoy an intelligent individual. Conversation, good conversation turns me all the way. Turn-off would be a person who lacks substance and culture, nothing good could come out of that with me. I prefer a mate who has an even balance of submissiveness and dominance. I love someone who knows exactly when to take control and one who know the right time to fall into my arms. I embody the true essence of a Libran gentleman. I am independent, balanced and very social.

FL-What would be a typical Saturday with your companion?

JT- A typical Saturday with my “Suga” would be one where we would awake to each other in an embrace and conversation. Starting the morning off with witty banter. We would eat breakfast and both get dressed in a casual yet chic look to head to the shopping avenue or mall. This would be followed by dinner and martinis then home for some good loving while relaxing with a sultry playlist that I’ve created.

FL– What are the top five ways your potential companion could know you are attracted to them?

JT- Attraction for me varies, but the top ways someone would know that I’m attracted to them would be me acting goofy around them. My level of transparency is a great indicator of that. If you make me stare at you and smile also tells how I feel about you.

FL- What is the one thing you could not live without?

JT- One thing I could not live without is my family. Family describes me, it’s what I live by and family taught me how to love another individual.




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