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…Alvin Ailey Weekend Chicago…The Beautiful Ones…

Ailey 3

By DeoVonte “Deo” Means

I suppose one could argue I’ve become the Alvin Ailey ambassador of Chicago! Each year the locals can count on me to make the Alvin Ailey Chicago tour stop a must attend event. You can only imagine the delight I feel, when a first time young lad venture to a performance and returns feedback of how profound and provocative their experience was. This year did not disappoint! It was an EPIC weekend of the beautiful ones….I cannot commodify nor bring to words the beauty of the piece Love Songs. Each year, the Ailey performance is a highlight of mines because it separates the boys from grown men! See, we live in an age where status is given based off social media “likes” and the ability to have perfect attendance at the weekly nightclubs. Ailey tends to highlight the true sophisticates from the surface level fab. This year Stan triumphantly returned with his legendary intimate invite only party with the principal dancers of the company. Beauty does not fully define his home, hosting or friends. I can’t say much of the party because my memory escapes me, but I will say that punch is iconic!!! We were lit!!! I enjoy times like this because it makes me truly appreciate my city. Chicago is EVERYTHING and the fab kids are here!!!!! You just gotta find them…..Deo



Ailey 44 - Copy

Ailey 42 - Copy

Ailey 18

Ailey 20

Ailey 2

Ailey 6 - Copy

Ailey 4 - Copy

Ailey 10

Ailey 8

Ailey 19

Ailey 12 - Copy

Ailey 14 - Copy

Ailey 1

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