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…Cocktails, Pumps & Cufflinks at DrumBar…(pics)…


20160420_184855By: DeoVonte “Deo” Means

On Wednesday evening, Anthony Galloway and his team hosted the 2016 edition of Cocktails, Pumps & Cufflinks at the chic Drumbar on the rooftop of the stunning Raffaelo Hotel located in Streeterville. For those “not-in-the-know,” CP&C is an entity that was launched last spring to provide a refreshing outlet for the working class, LGBT professional. We desired a mellow and sophisticated avenue in which we could gather monthly -after a long day in the office- and enjoy cocktails, conversation and ambiance. There’s nothing wrong with an occasional twerk fest. But as grown men, you begin to appreciate the ability to diversify your nightlife experience and enjoy the company of those peers whom can offer you advice, feedback, strategy, encouragement and congrats on your upwardly mobile plight. It’s even more fab when it’s held at a chic venue that’s on the tongue of the elite of the city. Oftentimes our community is so erroneously misjudged. But at events like this I am reassured that we are not a community of low level escorts, sex-workers and poverty stricken, society rejects. There are those of us whom work hard daily to keep our heads and eyes above water while conquering corporate America! We are handsome, respected, accomplished, talented, strategic and enterprising men and women that have learned the key to life is about challenging yourself for greatness while shunning mediocrity. I enjoyed a glass of Chardonnay next to a pharmaceutical exec and Chicago socialite and entrepreneur Trevian Kutti… What an experience! I enjoyed myself and my glass is raised to Anthony… This is most def something that we need in the city and I only see it growing…I’ll see you at next month’s event…This was FLYY…Dope….Deo….























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