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…In Summa Tributum Patronus…Prince…Adore…


…I’d like to think that I’m a man of exquisite taste… a hundred percent Italian silk imported Egyptian lace! But nothing baby, I said nothing baby could compare to your lovely face…..


By: DeoVonte “Deo” Means

In the past few days the Flyy-Class has emerged from their dwellings and come to the front to pay honor and homage to an exceptionally gifted man. Regardless of age, race, class, gender or sexual orientation; the death of Prince has been deeply felt and people are using their individual talents to the best of their ability to show the profound impact this one man had on their lives. This type of unified reverence does not happen often. It’s rare that an artist or public figure death is felt so personally and universally.  Although I’ve been a follower of Prince since age 10, the analyst in me made me wanna dig deeper into the “why” factor. I immediately realized Prince was our patron saint of profound talent. I often call it immaculate personification. Yes, he was one of the few that were actually “touched by the gods!” Immaculate personification is the highest level of expectancy of any artist or creative type because it surpasses mere good or mediocrity. At this level, it is clear you were divinely given this particular charge and it’s evident in your masterful understanding of flawless execution.   For evidence one can merely take one listen to the iconic “Adore”, released in 1987 on the Sign-O-Times LP. In this one song, Prince takes us on a melodic six minute journey in which he allures the ladies while giving clear instructions to the fellas on exactly how to be a provocative man of charm and finesse. Almost 30 years later and we call that Flyy!…Being a “flyy-boy” is mastering how to use your words to enchant the one you love.  He brilliantly masters this concept by giving us a glimpse inside of a statement he’s making to this mysterious person which he’s enchanting. He breaks it up into three individual segments which when done right, cohesively and organically, flows into a most beautiful and fluid statement.


He began by revisiting the past. The first moment I met you, that night I had to call you. That night I was rapping till the sun came up. Telling you just how fine you look, In a word, you were sex. All of my cool attitude you took, my body was next… You made love to me, like you were afraid… Was you afraid of me? Was I the first? Was I your every fantasy? The beauty of this is, that verse alone leaves the person in awe of your recollection of the initial events. He next moves to the present where he provocatively speaks on the current bliss he experiences in your presence. When we be making love, I only hear the sounds, Heavenly angels crying up above, Tears of joy pouring down on us. They know we need each other, They know you are my fix, I know, that you know that I ain’t cheating baby, They know this is serious, I ain’t fucking just for kicks!  Boo, this condition I got is crucial, crucial baby. You could say that I’m a terminal case. Here, clearly he’s sexually captivating. I mean even the angels cry while he’s making love. He stays here for a while and even begin to make heavenly proclamations.   Until the end of time, I’ll be there for you. You own my heart and mind, I truly adore you. If God one day stroke me blind, your beauty I’d still see!  Love is too weak to define, just what you mean to me. He next transcends into the future with almost ecclesiastical promises. Every time you wander (until the end of time), I’ll be your eyes so you can see. I want to show you things. That I show no other…This right here is swag on a totally new level. One cannot help but be caught up in the allure of the man which speaks such words!


Perhaps I am biased because Adore has for a long time now been my favorite. It was decided years ago that this is the song that I would play on the blessed day that I am fortunate enough to exchange vows. The undeniable beauty of this man is that in an age where the lyrics produced to enchant is most often “Throw dat ass in circle”-esque; he left us with profound lyrics such as I truly Adore you…Be with me darling till the end of time, For all time I am with you and You are with me (until the end of time.) That right there is what we call “legacy,” It will be remembered and referenced decades after he’s no longer even with us. Legacy is greatness and greatness is rare in 2016. I mean how many people do we know that are truly leaving legacies? Prince was defined and revered for his talent and the mastery of his craft. This lifted him to demi-god status among those who appreciate beauty across all disciplines.  This honor in itself made him our patron saint! In the last few days, we’ve all heard about his direct defiance of gender norms, his vocal rang, mastery of several instruments and his writing ability, but what some of us realize is that he was indeed our blueprint for “flyy.” I’m not sad at his death because I realize -just like any other truly influential person- his work is going to become even more revered in his absence and that’s the true pinnacle of legacy. He did what he was sent here to do, which was to inspire. Job well done and I’m bowing my head while tipping my glass in sincerity and tribute to our supreme patron saint…Prince…until the end of time….Deo





BET Awards '06 - Show

LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 27: Musician Prince performs onstage at the 2006 BET Awards at the Shrine Auditorium on June 27, 2006 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) 




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