Society Events

High Society Rooftop Pool Party…(pics)


By- DeoVonte “Deo” Means

On last evening, I was granted VIP access to the High Society rooftop pool party, held in Streeterville at 211 N. Stetson.  My biggest takeaway was that when it comes to hosting, it’s not so much about the number of people you have in the building; yet your ability to draw the “right” ones into your party and execute FLAWLESSLY! High Society did a good job with this one.  It was sexy, chic and sophisticated while maintaining a fun and customer service orientated environment. Contrary to the rumor circulated earlier in the summer, High Society DID give out all of their promised $1000.00 worth of prizes. The featured host Arquez was more than amazing. In fact, he hob-nobbed and mingled with the guest and created an atmosphere where as he was delighted to be in our presence. The kids frolicked in the pool and enjoyed games while others stood on the side in their designer trunks and cheered them on. The venue was nothing but exclusive.  Sexy faces and sexy bodies everywhere, yet everyone maintained an air of humbleness. I will not venture to say that it was the most populated event of the year. What I will say is that moving forward, other host will have a most difficult time challenging the brand when it comes to quality and originality!  In my opinion, the brand is ushering in a most exciting time for Chicago. They have come to understand, the “Grown & Sexy” are not moved by low ranking numbers. The “kids” are hedonistically seeking that which is selective and quality infused while paying close attention to detail…Job well done fella’s! Cheers to Scott, Maurice and Amari on a job well done!!!!














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