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Rahim Brazil of About Him, Chats with The Flyy-Life….

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By:DeoVonte “Deo” Means

The web series About Him, reached an almost epic level of support this summer on social media. The scenes, storyline and actors were the topic of many conversations held in the private Face Book groups. Here at The Flyy-Life, we strive to utilize our platform to highlight and chronicle the artistic, enterprising, innovative and upwardly mobile of our community that has mastered their craft. Immediately we knew we wanted to feature the series, but our decision to specifically chat with Rahim Brazil (Kendell) was even more provocative. See, in today’s world, almost everybody is a social media star with thousands of followers. But very few has a portfolio of substance. Most are only surface level, yet, as we discovered, Rahim is one of those rare few with an impressive repertoire to say the least!   Rahim Brazil is a Baltimore native that’s now living in Atlanta, Ga.  He’s currently working on his 2nd album entitled Fear, which will be released by the end of the year. The album will speak on personal struggles from abandonment to dealing with his sexuality.

Rahim Brazil is also no stranger to acting. He’s had roles in the web series Kaleidoscope and Freefall by thearthouse on YouTube with a combined viewership of over 90k views.  Rahim currently plays annoying cousin Kendell in the new HOT web series “About him” which has over 100,000 views on signaltv23.  Kendell is that cousin that we’ve all had but his character grows on you really fast.  The show has done so well that they’ve added a 10 city tour which is going on now for the hour and half finale. In addition to his acting roles, Rahim is also co-hosting at BE100RADIO @thelgbtshow which is ran by Deb Antney of Love & Hip Hop AtlantaTheLgbtShow is made up of hosts from the LGBT community and gives a platform for all independent artists and people in the industry that may not on a regular basis get that opportunity. This year has seen the YouTube video debut of his new single “Break It Down”, which will also be on the album Fear. It’s also rumored he will be starring in his very first film later this year, but I suppose we will just have to wait for confirmation.  As you can see, this man has a lot going on for him and not just another social media star. Keep reading and check out our interview.

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FL– Who is the real Rahim Brazil? Describe yourself using 5 adjectives.

RB– The real Rahim Brazil is your everyday guy. Very outgoing, very kind and giving, very understanding and honest.   

  • persistent 
  • motivated
  • creative
  • ambitious
  • inventive

FL– Often the public find it hard to separate the character from the real person. How does the real Rahim differ from your character?

RB– With each of the different characters I have played I find a little of myself in them as well.  What makes me different from my character on About Him is the fact that I am pretty much open with my sexuality, and besides, everyone tends to enjoy me when I come around lol. 

FL– You currently have a lot going on creatively. What are some of the projects you are currently involved with and how do you find time to manage them all?

RB– My world right now has been beyond insane with all of the work going on. But I am definitely grateful and feel blessed for all the opportunities that has come my way. Right now I am working on the release of my second studio release, along with my new album release called (FEAR). I am currently involved in four web series, About Him, Kaleidoscope, Freefall, and the new release of Pharm. I also have the opportunity to be in a new movie, and I have also gotten an amazing chance to co-host on the LGBT radio show owned by Deb Antney of Love and hip Hop. 


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FL– How did you get started into acting?

RB– I actually started in middle school in a weekend drama class. From there I kept acting in high school, doing everything from musicals, stage plays and monologues. 

FL– About Him started out as a story on BGC. How did you become aware of the series and a part of the cast?

RB– Actually I had never heard of it. My manager Larry Whiteside submitted me for the role and when I got the audition I read for it and end up being cast. 

FL– About Him has become an internet sensation. Not only because of the story-line, but also the sexual scenes. As an actor, how do you professionally play the roles without going into the porn category?

RB– Well first and foremost, I have to make sure nothing is too revealing. I always try to do things that are still tasteful even if it is pushes the limits a little.  Most importantly I realize I’m there to do a job and knock out those scenes!

FL– What are three lessons the viewers should take away from this show

RB– The first one I would say is to find themselves and be themselves. The next I would say is always use protection and learn more about the lifestyle they are a part of. And lastly, I would say to anyone that’s out there and confused is to share your story to someone whom you trust that will give you honest advice.

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FL– What do you believe sets this show apart from other Web Series?

 RB– What I believe sets this shows apart from others series is the quality of work, the interesting story-line that a lot of people can relate to, and the hidden doses of medicine that teaches everyone something about their situations. 

 FL– If you could be any other character on the series, who would it be and why?

RB– I honestly connect more with Kendall, I couldn’t see me as any other character. I think everyone played their roles really well.

FL– Music is also a part of your repertoire, describe your sound and what we can expect from your upcoming album

RB– My sound is a sound that was created and inspired by some of my favorite artist. It’s fun, energetic, and demanding which represents my very nature. For this album you can expect a little of my history, an explanation of why I am who I am in the present and a taste of my expectations for the future.

FL– Many new artist struggle with identifying as a member of the LGBT community. Yet you are open about your sexuality. What has been your experience within the industry and what has been perhaps the most difficult obstacle to overcome?

RB– I used to be one of those struggling artist that was afraid to be open about his experience but I found that to be very dishonest and also boring. I said that if I was going to do music I wanted people to remember me for who I truly am because a lot of people die without living their true identities. 

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FL– What are your three main insecurities?

RB– My first insecurity would be not having a stable childhood or parent who supported me. I sometimes feel robbed of a good life not having my parents looking at others interact with theirs. The second would be me being afraid of acceptance. I think it comes from rejection in my past that has caused this wall to be built round my relationships. The last one would be not being good enough. I can be hard on myself and sometimes I think to myself “I should have done that better or a little more.”

 FL– Considering your workload, I’m sure dating is also a struggle. What are the 5 main characteristics you seek in a partner?

RB– SUPPORT, Consistency, Respect, Fun, Patience

FL– Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

RB– I see myself creating opportunities not just for me but for others. I’m always thinking of ways to better someone else life and using my resources and experience to do so. I see myself owning a business, performing around the world, and paying back my dues to the community. 

FL– What final message would you like to leave The Flyy-Life readers with?

RB– First and foremost, thanks for the opportunity Flyy-Life.  I would say to everyone out their reading to believe in yourself, even if you’re the only one. The greatest song, the greatest doctor, the greatest artist may be somewhere in the grave because that person didn’t believe enough. 

FL– Lastly, where can readers find out more about you?

RB– Everyone can follow me on Instagram, soundcloud, Twitter, and snapchat 

@rahimbrazil also follow my link to my website

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