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The Flyy-Life 2017 Most Fly & Eligible Bachelors…


By: DeoVonte “Deo” Means

For four years now, I’ve had the amazing opportunity of featuring some of the most beautiful, talented and educated men of our community in this article. Each year, I am reminded that their true beauty is not surface level, yet it’s manifested in their stories, backgrounds and journeys. Oftentimes, we view those whom may be labeled “attractive” as arrogant and immune to the disappointments that the rest of us experience. In our minds we may also assume that they’re unapproachable and seeking a partner that is closest to the shallow standards of perfection that our community so often praise. As I read through each story, it was refreshing, almost intoxicating to see that this is not that case at all. I was humbled at the professionalism and trust that each gentleman gave to me in telling their stories. Finally, I was honored and proud! Our community tend praise the antics of the poverty stricken, uneducated man. This has nurtured a mindset where many feel as if “there aint no good men out here.” This article alone has shattered that assumption. I hope you enjoy reading this piece and learning more about the gentlemen featured. There are many more like them out there. Sometimes all you gotta do is scratch the surface and “ask”… Cheers…Deo


Marvin Hemphill

Marvin Hemphill

Location: Buffalo, NY

Age: 29

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Well where do I begin? I’ll start with introducing myself. I am Marvin Hemphill, some people know me as Dream. I was born September 20, 1988. Yes, that means I’m a Virgo and I wear it proudly. I am currently residing in Buffalo New York with plans of Moving to Los Angeles in the near future to pursue modeling and acting. I am truly honored to be a part of the Eligible Bachelor list for a second Time. I guess that means I’m doing something right! Since the last eligible bachelor list in (year) a few things have changed. I am still working as a direct support assistant for the mentally disabled. I am currently getting ready to start as a direct support for the State of New York working with more behavioral individuals so wish me luck. Even though I had some downs and some losses in life, I am firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I know God guides my footsteps. With him I cannot fail. I have truly grown as a man emotionally, physically and spiritually. I’ll start with emotionally, within the last two years I got to watch my parents get married after 26 years of being separated and never married to each other. I have to say it’s a wonderful thing to see because I used to pray that my parents were married. Being that I went to a catholic school and a lot of my friends parents were married, I saw how beneficial it was to their children to have both parents in the household. So emotionally it showed me that Love Is real and if it’s meant to happen it will happen at its own time so don’t rush love. Physically, well if you look at the last Flyy-Life photos you can tell the difference. I have honestly grown to love working out and being healthy, even though I cheat some days, well ok a lot of days but don’t judge me lol. I began to love the gym after I came out of a stressful relationship that had honestly made me loose myself. I slowly started to build myself up mentally and physically which helped me tremendously so if you ever need a stress release, hit the gym!!! It works. Spiritually I have been working on getting a greater connection with the lord and I try on a daily to keep a positive mind and positive people around me. I can say that I love my few friends that I keep close to me and they have truly helped me grow as a person and as a man. Within the last two years I have lost a grandmother and a cousin, but I have also gained nieces and cousins and a new outlook on life. I truly understand not to take life for granted and to treat people how you want to be treated. I give people their flowers while they are alive because once they are gone it means nothing. To end on a positive note, please keep a look out for me and a prayer above the clothes. I have a goal to get to the Oscars and the Grammys and once I set my mind to it it’s no stopping me. Be blessed y’all I’m out.


What are the 5 upmost qualities you seek in a mate?  First thing I look at is his up keep.  Like is his haircut?  How he is dressed and how does he speak?  Second is his conversation. Is it just about sex or just about himself? Third I would have to say his interest.  What type of things he likes and likes to do. Fourth I have to say his faith because spiritually we have to connect or it’s definitely not going to work and last but not least is his determination and goals. What is it that inspires and drives him.

Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your mate? To be honest, I like a little of both. Sometimes it’s fun to let my mate be in control in certain moments but I like for him to also know how to be submissive in important moments.

What would be a typical Saturday with your companion? A Typical Saturday with my companion would be us going to see a nice a movie then me cooking dinner and listening to some Anita baker while we eat.  We would then sit and talk while drinking some wine while looking at the stars. Only in a perfect world right?  

What are the top five ways your potential companion could know you are attracted to them? First my potential companion would never have to question if I’m attracted to him because I wouldn’t be around if I wasn’t. I don’t believe in wasting anyone’s time because time here on Earth is precious and can’t be taken for granted point blank period.

What is the one thing you could not live without? One thing I cannot live without is music. I play music all day or I’m singing a song while I’m working. It’s just a part of who I am even though I can’t sing so don’t ask. Lol


Gary LaVard

Gary LaVard

Age: 30

Location: Atlanta, GA

Zodiac Sign: Libra

What’s up fellas, Im Gary LaVard. A Detroit native based out of Atlanta, GA. Im 30 yrs of age representing the best zodiac sign, Libra! I’m an Actor and model best known for my role in the hit web series “About Him.” I am driven, hard-working and humble. What sets me a part from other guys is ME. There’s no one that can do me how I do me… thats what makes me unique.Gary 3.png

What are your hobbies? I enjoy acting and writing. Spending time/entertaining my friends. Participating in anything active… hiking, running, weight lighting. Freestyling to instrumental beats. Traveling the world, getting a sense of different cultures.

What would you describe as a perfect first date connection; to see where it will go? Really, it’ll be to make me laugh and to make our connection, a genuine one. I enjoy when the chemistry is non-forced and organic.

Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your mate? A mixture of both… because I’m a mixture of both.

What are the top five ways your potential companion could know you are attracted to them? I sacrifice and make TIME out of my crazy schedule. I’ll send them “Good Morning” text (first thought of the day) 🙂 I’d open up and talk about personal issues and things that are passionate to me. I’ll make sure they feel included. I’d be present in the moment with them.

Using 5 adjectives, describe what dating you would be like? Faithful, Fun, Spontaneity, Challenging, Loving.


Erand Williams

Erand Williams

Location: Chicago, Il

Age: Late 20’s

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to Deo and all of The Flyy-Life fam! My name is Erand Williams. Some call me by my first name, most call me “Kay” which is highly preferred, and others call me Kandy. As a native of Chicago, I am indeed an Aries in my late 20’s, damn near knocking on 30. Most know me as an Exotic Dancer. The one and only “Kandyman,” but of course I do have a life outside of satisfying that sweet-tooth and giving you just a taste of my knee buckling, toe curling and heart pounding glory. I am also a fitness model and a personal trainer. I’ve succeeded well in not only helping folks stay in shape physically; but also mentally and spiritually. I’ve been doing this for 3 years now. You know when you get those random chills up and down your body, either because you feel the presence of the Lord or something really good happen?!? YES! That feeling is what I get when I train my clients. It’s so much more that comes with it. Being brought in as a guest master trainer in Wheaton, Maryland for a 10 day boot-camp, I was asked to speak at a health and wellness seminar along with other special request for upcoming boot-camps in other states Since then, I’ve excelled and made a name for myself in the fitness  and performance industry. Kandy Mann this is not the end of who I am becoming and where I am going. Don’t sleep on me!

Erand 2.jpg

What are your hobbies? My hobbies are pretty simple. I don’t have too much going on in my life because I’m either working or chilling. I have different types of work so I’ll consider it a hobby for me as well. There is one that probably everybody would say is a hobby for them. I suppose listening to music. I was in my mother’s womb and she sang to me all while I was there.  When i was born, the way to calm me down or shut me up was to sing to me. Music is a part of who I am. When I walk, there is music.  When I enter the room, there is a song that help me make my entrance. When I look at someone who’s attracted to me there is a song. Every morning when I wake up or when I lay down for the night l, there is a song or some kind of music playing to set the mood. To get in tune to the beat of the music alone or the lyrics to a song it help set me up for whatever it is I’m about to do. It’s my breakfast, lunch and dinner. The air I breathe and the motion of everything that moves. Anyway moving on to the others haha! I adore training people who truly desire to be healthy in all aspects of life. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I freaking love the excitement I get watching and helping those who want what I want for them. Then there’s the dancing which also kind of plays along with the whole explanation of listening to music. I’m not going to name the rest of it y’all got have enough lol.

What is your idea of fun? Now my idea of fun is pretty childish but hey I’m a big kid at times. It is what it is haha! I like nick picking with whomever is in my area just to get on their nerves so we could wrestle around, or wait… wait… wait; better yet playing hide and go seek in the dark in a house where there is lots of places to hide! I imagine that AND being drunk. That would be bad ass to me lol I mean hey… There’s no telling what may happen then hehehehe.

Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your mate? Me being submissive or in control plays hand and hand because I have my moments where I just want to be completely dominated even in bed hmmm! But hell, the same goes in being in control! It’s a win-win when it comes to me. It’ll depend on my mood in most cases haha! Now for my mate, it may have to be the same but then again if the person is either just by itself then I’ll have to play my part. I can live without being in one of those positions. It’s really no big deal to me dammit I’m going to be pleased either way.

What would be a typical Saturday with your companion? A typical Saturday would be a day of true freedom for me.  Like no worries of anything just fucking chill. If I want to go shopping I will! If I want to go to the movies I will. If I want to take myself out to eat or just with some other people, I can. Or I can just chill at home in my underwear or nude! It doesn’t matter, and dance around the house like I have no damn sense which is me being me. I’ll clean and wash clothes and take a whiff of the fresh smell of clean. Make breakfast, lunch and dinner and watch cartoons all damn day unless I feel like watching college football. I am a football kind of guy. But hey that’s just me.

What is the one thing you could not live without? The one thing I could not live without is the very air that I breathe!  But I want to add the limbs of my body and the food we’ve been blessed to receive. I do have cares for things of the world and people, but real talk, bro we were born alone and we will die alone. I’d rather enjoy what I can live without while I can, and while I have the freedom to do so. A lot of this stuff does not make me but it does help out in many cases. Like money, clothes and material shit you know? I’m grateful for what I have, and I thank God for everyday that I wake up, every random moment and before bed. But im not going to preach about this because I know…- well I hope y’all have enough common sense to know-  that all of what we have OUR LIVES is because of our Father God. Yes he is acknowledged with no shame!


Dr. Alphonso A. Buie, SMCP

Dr. Alphonso A. Buie, SMCP

Location: Beijing, China

Age: 36

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn/Rooster

What’s Up Flyy-Life, it’s Alphonso coming to you live from Beijing. Let’s see to start off, I am a Business Professor, Consultant, and Author yet so much more… My journey began in one of the best cities in the world Chicago!  Attending the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences opened my mind to the world as well as doors that led me to the best HBCU in the WORLD, THE Lincoln University of Missouri. That experience helped to discover my lexicon and unravel my persona.  My collegiate peers elected me into many leadership positions while at Lincoln, but the most valuable position that I obtained in college was the position to like and love myself. I am a fortunate individual who has learned to master those arts. I’ve gained my share of accomplishments over the years, but these were mere awards that were earned through hard work. That hard work has allowed me to defy the statistics and become a black man whom earned his Doctorate Degree and teaches in another country. Humbled and privileged I am to be asked to lend my voice to organizations such as Philadelphia Black Pride, Sustainability Management Association, and Woody’s Bar in Philadelphia because of what I represent. Yet there is no greater award, existence nor respect than being a God-Father. I feel I must be a person of excellence, perseverance and emotional-intelligence. I want to be a well-rounded muse so they comprehend how it looks to know, like and love yourself; for it is important to have a healthy relationship with the person in the mirror. I have no choice but to be better than my yesterday because of them and so many others that believe in me. Inspiring people inspires me to go further and become greater than any limitations put on me by society. I refuse to think inside or outside the box, I CREATE THE FUCKING BOX.


What are your hobbies? My loves are video games, reading, documentaries, the arts, anime and gardening.  I love video games and Anime’; they have been my necessary escape for years and teach strategy as well as other life lessons.  Reading material and documentaries help to open up worlds of information unknown and disrupt the bubble of perspective which can be evolutionary, and I always need to evolve.  Gardening and the Arts appeal to my creative and artistic sides.  There is something majestic in building a garden and maintaining plant life with your bare hands.  On another note a melody or script can cloak your universe, and all of a sudden you are not simply just on your couch.

Name 5 turn-on’s, and 5 turn offs. Turn-On’s-Physical Touch – I love rubbing, caressing, kissing, hugging, holding and cuddling.  The warmth and interactions are so inviting like a good Tanqueray and Cranberry. Man of Your Word – When your actions and words match…I am ALL in…it builds the greatest trust. Great Hygiene – White teeth, workout, smells fresh, manicured, health conscious and smooth skin. Sexy Underwear – Jockstraps, Trunks, Mesh, Briefs or anything else entices my arousal.  I love nice thighs, calves, and glutes!!!Intellect – When we can have a genuine fluid conversation, where you expound on anything from simple thoughts to exponential theories…I am intrigued.

Turn-Off’s- Helplessness – The “woe is me” complex grinds my gears.  Constant pity parties I abhor! We all get knocked down, but eventually get up off your butt and do what you got to do. The Representative – Stop lying. Be who you are, not who you want me to meet.  I rather deal with the actual person, save your gobbledygook.  I’m not here for it, at all! Bad Kissing – It should be passionate with all of your white teeth and a hint of freshness is preferential. Never Enough – Everything is an issue, everything is a problem, and no matter what may be accomplished, you want more.  Pick your issues!  Double Narcissists – It is all about you when it is someone else’s moment; yet never you when it’s something negative.  No room for anyone else in your world because EVERYTHING is about you and you are always looking at how you gain as a perfect individual.

Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your mate? Sometimes I like to drive and sometimes I like to ride (pun intended).  I am a strong person that is pretty much accustomed to leading in most situations.  However, I have learned the enjoyment in not having full control and just enjoying the journey.  It feels good to know when I don’t lead the task, it still gets done.  On another note it is important for my partner to know how to let me lead.  Sit back and let it happen, relax.  Sometimes we get caught up in how people accomplish tasks and deem the other person wrong when in reality it is neither right nor wrong, just different. It is about balance, knowing and owning neither one of us can always be in control, and both of us being confident that our partner is fully equipped to handle whatever is being handled he is leading.

What are the top five ways your potential companion could know you’re attracted to them? I want to say good morning and good night, that means I enjoy starting and ending my day with you. I want to spend quality time with you, whether going out on the town or a quiet evening at home.  It is our interactions that matter. If I just admire you doing things with a smile. I hold you while we sleep. If I sleep next to you and we didn’t cuddle…during the winter…When I start doing romantic gestures such as love post-its, funny texts, videos, dinners, poems or find a song that defines us and share it with you.

What is your idea of romance? A relationship without romance is an over-glorified condition of complacency because without the most intimate part of love you forget why the other person exists in your personal space. Think about it! I will theorize from the concept of courting by use of flattery. Is it not amazing that out of the billions of people that exist on this planet there is a man that is so great that I get to exist the rest of my life with him and share everything thing about me?  I love looking up and thinking of creative ways to show you why my heart beats for you. I believe in small things such as videos that tell you why you mean so much to me. I will write a song and sing it completely out of key in front of a crowd of people. I will never miss a date in your life that is significant to you and us.  I will wash and rub your feet after a hard day, cook dinner without being asked, or pay a bill without you even knowing. My romance is ambrosia, want some????


Elijah Howell

Elijah Howell

Location:  Decatur, GA

Age: “…grown…you wouldn’t believe it…ask upon meeting…”

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Wassup Flyy-Life I’m am an individual of a different breed. In these few words you are going to for surely meet a man, a myth, and a legend!! My name is Elijah Howell raised in the rough city of Newark New Jersey. I was a rough, hard headed, car stealing, dope dealing run-away juvenile delinquent. I was also smart in the books! I was transferred from a public school by the vice principal, to a private Catholic school at his expense. This is where I bloomed, developed and learned what brotherhood and family meant in this school of 600 boys. As a child I was moved from home to home, living in 3 different states in 10 different homes before I was even 16. Walking miles to school due to no money before I started street hustling I excelled in sports. I was on all American teams in wrestling, basketball and track and field. Graduated at 16 from high school and graduated from Rutgers University by the time I was 20. I was an elementary school teacher for two years, high school teacher and departmental administrator for 5. My city loved me, embraced me and held my then “secret” like it was their own. The hood gave homosexuality passes because of people like me. I’ve been in music videos and featured in magazines, yet I am not perfect. I spent some time in jail and I’m not ashamed of it. I have a daughter and 2 lovely grandchildren. Many may also know me as Legendary Elijah Ebony. Yes, I’ve walked balls since 1997 and it taught me so much! I was an instant spark to the scene for my state and walked face, face with performance, pretty boy realness, body, sex siren, runway, and vogue fem.  An all-around legend with over 300 trophies. The scene made me this sex symbol, good dick having, check writing, stealing, idiot!!!! Ruining my already perfect life. But I’m still in it teaching and mentoring the new generations how to not make that mistake. I am also a male entertainer and manager. When I was performing, I was a natural, humble, working dancing machine. I now manage guys and have been able to travel the world because of it.  I’m a people’s person… Naturally… but I’m also a mystery to most but I kind of like that. Welp, there you have the raw unedited picture of me…. Thanks Deo, hope you like it!


What are your hobbies? My hobbies are basketball, bowling, snowboarding, video gamer, hiking and camping and dancing.

What would you describe as a perfect first date connection; to see where it will go? A perfect first date connection would be to take them to a place they’ve never been. A good laugh, a good meal and getting to know a little about their background. I would end it with a desert or night cap of wine of course in a public place.

What are the 5 upmost qualities you seek in a mate? Qualities I look for in a guy is Honesty! I don’t judge. A great converser. Someone who love to be spontaneous and get out. Someone who likes to travel. And understanding.

Name 5 turn-on’s, and 5 turn offs. Turn on’s…hmmm… Intelligence, passion, smiles, eye contact and humility. Turn offs- Cockiness, a liar, bad hygiene, jealousy and bullies!

Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your mate?  I prefer for us both to be in control but for him to be a little more submissive than me.

What are the top five ways your potential companion could know you are attracted to them? Top 5 ways to tell if I’m always smiling, texting, wanting to see more of you, introduce you to the family, travel and doing get-aways.

What is your idea of romance? Romance is something I enjoy! Catering to you, holding hands, alone time, bubble baths, champagne, Rose petals etc.

Using 5 adjectives, describe what dating you would be like? Dating me would be fun, exhilarating, promising, creative and heart felt.


Brandon Ellis

Brandon Ellis

Location: Syracuse, NY

Age: Mid 30’s

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Hello Everyone! I’m Brandon Ellis and I reside in upstate New York; Syracuse to be exact. I’m in my mid 30’s and I’m a professional performing artist. I’ve done acting, dancing, singing, choreography, voiceovers, modeling, hairstyling and make-up. I began training in modern dance at the age of 7 and also began performing in plays and at that age as well. By age 15 I was being paid professionally to dance and was highlighted in our local newspaper. At age 17 I was asked to perform with the respected D.C. Contemporary Dance Theatre and at 18 I was the recipient of a full merit scholarship at the prestigious Alvin Ailey American Dance Center. After touring with Alvin Ailey, I went into musical theater performing in such plays as Dreamgirls, The Color Purple, Ragtime, Carousel, Eurydice, Tarzan and For All My Girls. I’ve also worked in film, TV & radio. Bill Cosby, Jasmine Guy and Phyllicia Rashad are some of the greats I’ve worked with. I believe if I stay ready I don’t have to get ready. Properly preparing is the key to success; being willing to use my talents to touch other lives in hopes that I leave someone inspired to find their own passions in life like I have. I’m currently signed to two agencies, an artistic director of a dance conservatory and my hands are in several upcoming projects. I am grateful to God for all my blessings. My motto is, follow through and never give up.  There’s always blessings and lessons waiting for us. Also don’t let your fears cripple you! Walk on through and trust God.


What would you describe as a perfect first date connection; to see where it will go? The perfect first date to me would be dinner out and then either a comedy club or live jazz lounge. I feel like the less pressure on the first date and more fun. Relaxing into one another’s company is always best. This way we can see if we know how to be our true selves around each other.

Name 5 turn-on’s, and 5 turn offs. My 5 turn-on’s are Intelligence, attractive, sense of humor, nice teeth, & well endowed. My 5 turn-off’s are Ignorance, dishonesty, ineffective communication, poor hygiene and smokers.

Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your mate? I prefer my mate to be in control.  It allows me to have the chance to just relax and enjoy the ride. There’s something so sexy to me about a man who knows what he wants and how he wants it. I enjoy doing my very best giving it to him the way he wants it…

What would be a typical Saturday with your companion? Saturday during the day let’s get up!  I’ll cook us breakfast then we make love, maybe hit the gym and catch a movie out or some kind of entertainment that evening.

Using 5 adjectives, describe what dating you would be like? Dating me would be heavy, passionate, love making.  Fun, sensual and an exciting adventure!


Marcell Larenz Johnson

Marcell Larenz Johnson

Location: Chicago, IL

Age: 35

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Afternoon, Flyy-Life. It’s ya boy, The Serpent – DJ TJaye. Extremely blessed to have (recently) celebrated my 35th birthday. I, however, am likely the biggest kid you’ll ever meet. LOL! I am born, bred and a native of the Windy City. Although well-traveled, Chicago will always be home for me. I currently work for an international law-firm in a capacity that requires constant travel, along with 24-hour accessibility. In short – I’m always working. Fun stuff, huh? Needless to say, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Having emerged from the depths of what I’ve seen poverty and broken homes often do to a community, I’m proud to be a minority, executive voice. Full disclosure – I’ve worked really hard since the age of 16 to plant my feet professionally. I grew up in a household with a single mom and 3 brothers. Although, physically (here and there) her husband was around; emotionally she was empty. I watched her for years struggle to be a wife, an employee, a sister, a daughter, a friend…but always made time to just be mom. That drive, that passion, that commitment was inspiring for me. Motivating, even. Regretfully, I lost her at the age of 21 to a car accident. From there I developed and came into an alter ego – The Serpent. Consequently, snakes get a bad rap. A crafty serpent supposedly tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden, causing the ruination of humankind. However, this dislike is rooted in evolution, right? Today, I identify with the reptile’s way of being and means of survival. Snakes are naturally jumpy and scary…that’s me. No sudden or impulsive movements – also me. They are secretive and appreciate and utilize hiding spots. Me again. They also go through a shed cycle. For me – a rebirth. Although dangerous, when handled properly – pretty dope. I promise. TJaye, a nickname I had coined long ago, after finding out my mom’s husband was not my biological father. Antonio was my dad’s name…and “TJ”, for me, was Tony Jr., in my head. His son. I, vicariously, lived through this name since age 11. My only way to have a connection to a man I so desperately wanted to meet. Fast forward – TJaye, then The Serpent, coupled with my love for music – I became a local figure and outlet for many in the LGBTQ community since the age of 23. You’re probably reading and thinking “he’s a weirdo”. But hey – to a crazy person, the normal person is insane.


What would you describe as a perfect first date connection; to see where it will go? There’s a “magic” that is felt. Sort of hard to describe…you just feel it. You’re tempted to want to touch them, rub their finger, rub their arm…weird stuff. Giddy, even. When your smile, in a moment, is completely because of another person. 

What are the 5 upmost qualities you seek in a mate? Hmmm, good one. Probably authenticity first. I’ve experienced quite a few moments where I’ve been introduced to a person’s representative…which is necessary, but shouldn’t linger. Second, is likely sex and sexual capability. Not a quality, but sort of it is. A skill, ya know. LOL! Third I’d say sense of style. A well-groomed ore, that individuality, that confidence…it’s all very sexy to me. Fourth is their mind. Foresight, comprehension, contemplation, writing, speaking, teaching me, spiritual gifts, healing, empathy, nurturer…a miracle to and for me. Last, we need to be friends. There’s a level of forgiveness made by friends. Friends have grace. Friends are honest and raw. Friends are free.

What is your “sign” and what aspect of your “sign” do you most relate too? I’m an Aquarian. Again, a lot like the serpent I’m rather unpredictable. I also think we are generally humanitarians. We enjoy the idea of genuinely helping people. Not for the public recognition, but for the joy felt when you see their life has changed and you’ve helped a bit along the way. Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Kerry Washington, Alicia Keys…just to name a few. We’re super independent. It’s hard breaking us from that. We want to, but for me, I know I struggle in this space. It’s vulnerable. I’m told we’re pretty good communicators. I’ve gotten that compliment a few times. I’ll humbly accept, I try. Some of the negatives, I’m definitely stubborn. LOL! I’ll hold a grudge, but I’m smart enough to know I should let it go – and don’t. I’m stupid. We’re also unreliable…and not on purpose. What happens is we over-commit. Trying to please everybody. Ugh, I hate it. Oh, and inflexible. When I’m over it, I’m over it. It’s terrible. 

What would be a typical Saturday with your companion? Saturdays are usually chill days. Stay in bed. Stay funky. Fuck. Watch TV a bit. Fall asleep…back up, then fuck again. Eat cereal and be irresponsible. A day in Narnia. 

What are the top five ways your potential companion could know you are attracted to them? I’m a weirdo and will do dorky things like send flowers, teddy bears, and other gay shit to their jobs or girlfriend’s house when they’re just over hanging out. I like embarrassing with my affection. It’s cute. LOL. I’d also likely text often! It’s my way of communicating. Words are the doorway to the soul. Then, umm, there’s my Advisor. He’d stay hard…often. It’s my way of knowing if this thing could work out or not. Weird, but it’s worked. LOL! I’d also slither more into their world with questions and probing. I’m actually pretty good at it. Ha. Then there’s just that thing. It’s called a gut feeling. It’s always been good to me.


Terrence Terrell

Terrence Terrell

Location: Southern California (LA)

Age: 27

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Wassup Flyy-Life, I’m Terrence Wilson also known as TT or you also may know me as TTgotit, ½ of the rap duo sensation the “Freaky Boiz”. I’m 27 years old from the west-side of Chicago, Illinois. I currently reside in sunny southern California (LA) where I live to pursue my prospering rap career. Some interesting things you may like about me are that I’m the middle child of three, so sometimes I may exhibit the “middle child syndrome”. I have a natural sense of humor and could put a smile on just about anyone’s face. My birthday is June 21 which lands me right on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer. I graduated top of my class from George W. Collins High School and went on the further my education at Southern Illinois University- Carbondale where I later attained my Bachelors of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting in 2012. Alongside creating music, I also work as a Behavioral Therapist where I teach new learned behaviors to children with mental disabilities such as Autism and ADHD etc… It’s become a passion of mines and I plan to further my knowledge on the subject with hopes of becoming a teacher in the near future. As well rounded as I am, I’m really driven and level headed. Although making music is my top priority, family and friends are very important to me. Keeping a strong and healthy relationship with the people I love means the world me to.


What are the 5 upmost qualities you seek in a mate? The five upmost qualities I seek in a mate are quite simple. They’d have to be Transparent, Ambitious, have a beautiful Smile, I’m a social butterfly so I expect the same, and most of all have a great since of humor. Nothing is sexier than having someone make you smile and laughter is the key to my heart.

What’s one thing you can’t live without? One thing I can’t live without is television. I spend 75% of my time watching television and getting new ideas to either write new music or just simply chilling when I want to be lazy. My favorite types of shows/movies are dramas, action, suspense, and thriller. Sometimes I feel like I’m Annalise Keating, Olivia Pope, and Meredith Grey. (If you catch those references you’re my type of guy)

If you were a color what would you be and why? If I were a color I would be the color Yellow. Yellow is the color of sunshine. It’s associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. I’m all about positive energy. I always believed that when you keep positive energy around you, nothing but positive things happen for you. I’m very intelligent and you can always catch me smiling because I’m almost always happy. Happy about life!

Using 5 adjectives, describe what dating you would be like. Spontaneous, Lucky, Affectionate, Loving, Exhilarating.

What are top five ways your potential companion could know you are attracted to them? Typically I try to engage in random conversations with someone I’m interested in. I think I do that to break the ice and to also see if they can hold a genuine conversation. Saying “wassup”, “sup”, or “wyd” wouldn’t be good examples. I’d probably say something like “How’d you sleep yesterday knowing you’d wake up talking to me?” Something corny. I’m such a corn ball. Lol Also I might like a ton of your pictures on social media. I might even be upfront and just ask you out on a date.


Kristun Kormier

Kristun Kormier

Location: Houston, TX

Age: 30

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Wussup Flyy-Life! I’m Kristun Kormiér, or better known as King Kris. I am a 30 year old singer, actor, thickumms from Houston, Texas. Born October 21st, a true Libra with a love for beautiful things, and beautiful people. I’m an Art Institute grad with a degree in Fashion Design and currently studying business at Houston Community College. I have a love for theater, trap music, and sushi restaurants! But if u need to find me, I’m usually scouting out fashion shows, hitting up a local concert, or just out having fun with friends. I’m normally the quiet one in the crowd, but the party at home. I like to be seen and not heard, but when I talk it’s like “shut up and listen!” I would describe myself as a silent boss type. I make moves without saying much. I kinda have control issues I guess. I’m somewhat a perfectionist, or maybe I just like running shit. I don’t keep a big crew, yet it may appear I know everyone. Moral of the story, “I don’t trust these h%^”. But once you get to know me, I’m not so bad. I’m probably one of the goofiest people you would ever meet. I’m constantly singing, dancing, cracking jokes, and just having fun.   After starting my own clothing line out of college, and running two successful blogs; I’m currently working on a new project called My Gay Bestfriend, which is a blog for women to be able to get advice on relationships, sex, dating, fashion, makeup and hair, from a gay male. Im gonna to be collaborating with a few celebs, shooting some hilarious sketches, and introducing brands that women can reference for the tricks and the trades I’ve picked up from working with models, drag queens, and celebs. I’m starring in a new web show called He Say Vs She Say: Battle of The Sexes. The show offers both the male and female perspective on life, love, relationships and everything in between. I’m looking forward to even more ventures, and hopefully you guys will see me on TV soon.


What are your hobbies? My hobbies are singing, dancing, acting, designing clothes, chillin with my two dogs – Saint and Pablo- and eating….. I’m a foodie.

What would you describe as a perfect first date connection; to see where it will go? A perfect first date would be taking me somewhere dope to eat with a great ambiance and really good food. Somewhere not too load so we can have an intimate conversation. We could probably go to an arcade after, or go see a comedy show. I want to be around someone who isn’t shy and knows how to have fun and laugh.

What are the 5 upmost qualities you seek in a mate? Qualities I seek in a mate…humor! I love a goofball.  Someone that can make me laugh even when I’m having a bad day. A great cook because like I said I love to eat, and that’s the key to my heart.  And I ain’t talking bout no hamburgers and pizzas neither! Amuse me, and thrill me in that kitchen. Dominance, I guess because I’m so bossy and run everything, I need a partner who isn’t afraid to challenge me, and isn’t comfortable just sitting back letting me do everything. Another quality I like is a good listener. Somebody that genuinely cares about my day and what I’m doing. Someone who gives good advice and isn’t just waiting on their turn to talk like most people. And last but not least, I need you to be great n bed! I’m a Libra and I like all kinds of shit, so have some stamina and an open mind.

Name 5 turn-on’s, and 5 turn offs. My turn-ons are beards, tattoos, bad attitudes, height, and style. Turn offs, complainers, people that smack when they eat, colored contacts, super talkative and dusty shoes

What is the one thing you could not live without? One think i couldn’t live without… well it’s two things! My two puppies and my iPhone lmfao!


Malcom Hunter

Malcom Hunter

Location: Atlanta, GA

Age: 26

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Wassup Deo! I am Malcom Hunter.  I was born and raised in the tough, urban streets of Indianapolis. The Blackburn Terrence projects to be exact. I was raised primarily by my aunt, Gloria Henderson and God-Mother, Janice White. I guess you can say I began my passion for cooking at the tender age of 7 after my aunt, her two kids and my 2 siblings found ourselves homeless on Christmas Eve and relocating in the snow to Day Springs Family Shelter. That day a Christian church was there, and they helped us and the other kids in the shelter make home-made cookies and Chex-Mix which immediately sparked an interest for cooking in my young heart. Throughout my elementary school years I would constantly sneak into the kitchen to watch my aunt Gloria or God Mother Janice White prepare some of the best home-made southern inspired dishes around. I dreamed of one day being able to help my aunt Gloria make her famous lasagna that everybody loved. I eventually got so good with creating and mastering family recipes that I began to be commissioned by family and friends to make dishes for special occasions.  April of 2014 I took the necessary legal steps and shortly after, introduced to the world “Mama’s Boy Catering LLC.” Soon after begun to book local celebrity clients and quickly became a house hold name. To date my clientele consist of names such as K. Michelle, Kevin Gates, supermodel model Tyrie Rudolph, Shawna, Lance Stephenson and The Migos. The success of my catering company also led to a desire to give back to my community. I started a non-profit called, “Dinner And A Blanket’, which was designed to feed the homeless men, women and children regardless of religion or sexual preference. We give them gourmet meals, warm blankets and toiletries during the fall and winter seasons. Out first event was able to feed over 400 people. I’ve also been featured as one of the 100 people to watch in 2015 publications. Well, that’s me. Hope you like it! Im just a single man trying to do big things in a large world!

Malcom 3.png

What is your idea of fun? I usually tell people that I read cook books for fun because most people cannot understand how I actually have fun.  I like playing with my food. Making stick figures and dumb stuff when I’m not making dishes for clients. I remember going to the beach in Miami and leaving random “sand people” to confuse passersby. My friends thought that was so crazy but I had the most fun and best laughs that day. I practice random languages just for the random funny sentences.  I stopped learning French months ago, but if it’s ever needed I’ll always remember how to say “You have a lovely shape.”

What is your idea of romance?  I think romance should be filled with passion but also balanced with a respect for individual space. I love to cuddle and I’m very “touchy feely.”  Romance is feeling sexy and appreciated. Knowing that your partner feeds off of your energy, like you are one together. I love intensity. I love amazing sex and closeness. Im not shy or conservative when it comes to romance and sex.  In fact I’m exactly the opposite! I love when a guy im dating cook for me, or better yet, when we cook a meal together! I like bubble baths together. I like the fun side of hanging out too! I like going out to play laser tag together or ordering nothing but sweets at a favorite restaurant and feeding it to each other. I like closeness and talking to each other, delving into who we are and showing that to one another. I like vulnerability even though sometimes it’s hard for me to completely break down. just building that friendship together which helps a lot in a relationship.

If you were a “color” what color would you be and why? My color would be purple. Why, because purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.

What would you describe as a perfect first date connection; to see where it will go? The perfect 1st date would be at a Theme park. Theme Parks aren’t limited to teenage birthday parties. The rides are actually pretty fun, and big roller coaster drops provide the perfect opportunity to initiate a little hand holding. Plus, nothing says romance like cotton candy. (Kidding!) But theme parks are a great excuse to eat a funnel cake. And who doesn’t like that?

What are the 5 upmost qualities you seek in a mate? I hate the number 5,so I had to do 7!Maturity. This statement is not meant to echo the ever-advised mantra that maturity is important. Openness. The ideal partner is open, undefended and willing to be vulnerable. Honesty & Integrity.Respect & Independence..Empathy…Affection..Sense of Humor.


Christopher Branch

Christopher Branch

Location: Benton Harbor, MI

Age: 21

Zodiac Sign:  Virgo

Wassup Deo & The Flyy-Life! My name is Christopher Branch and I’m from Michigan. When I say Michigan most people assume I’m from Detroit but I’m actually born and raised in Benton Harbor. I currently reside in Atlanta, GA.  I’ve been here almost 2 years now and it has been nothing but good to me. I’m a 21 year old Virgo Baby! I’ve always had dreams of being this guy who dressed super dope and couldn’t wait for the day! I grabbed my own balls and didn’t give a care what no one said about me. I was always boxed in as a kid/teenager, afraid of what people would say about me.  Well that day came to an end in 2013, the year I graduated. I started wearing whatever I wanted to wear. Wearing clothes that made me feel free and I felt so good! There is a quote that I always live by and I have it tattooed on my right forearm. “Style is nothing without substance.”  I am an aspiring model, working and building my portfolio every day. I have dreams of being in the entertainment world, rather it’s fashion, acting or designing my own clothes. I’ve done some acting on YouTube with @iAmZoie. I am currently working on launching my new website in the summer of 2017. My future plans is to be my own BOSS! Well that’s me! Hopefully I was good enough Deo. That’s it, that’s all…105

What would be a typical Saturday with your companion? A typical Saturday with my companion would be getting out of bed at 2pm, going to the mall and eating out or walking my dog in the dog park. Perhaps later on going out for drinks and movies. Oh gawd I could use that right about now!

What is the one thing you could not live without? One thing I could not live without is my English bulldog “Floyd!” He’s like a son to me.

What is your idea of fun? My idea of fun is hanging around my friends and going out to eat, drinks and going to amusement parks. It could just being around my friends and just having cool vibes. The more I laugh, the more fun I have! Just living in the moment and making me forget that my phone exists.

Using 5 adjectives, describe what dating you would be like? I would say funny, fun, ambitious, clumsy and affectionate!

What color best describes you and why? I would say white because when u think of white u think of something clean and you always want it to remain white and perfect. I am a very clean person and always thinking when i do something for the first time it has to be PERFECT! I guess that’s just my sign… Them darn Virgos..

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