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…The Downgrade of Rico Pruitt… An Open Letter…


By: DeoVonte “Deo” Means

Months ago, the announcement was made that the breakout star from one of the most popular and prodigious LGBT web series, About Him, was departing the franchise to embark upon a solo career with promises of a “much anticipated” project. On March 15th, a blog post released the two-minute snippet of Rico Pruitt new work, featuring him in a cum-drinking, raw butt-fucking, semen-swallowing porn scene. As a long-standing fan of the show, I was indeed dumbstruck! Bro, you had the opportunity of a lifetime sitting in your lap! A platform that any other struggling artist in our community would’ve perhaps killed to gain access too; and yet you tossed it away to bottom out, semen drink in a porn video? I realized then that’s it’s not your fault at all. Like many in our community, you lack the mindset and right people in your circle to assist you in decision making and career planning. So, I decided to pen this letter.  It’s 2017. It’s so much opportunity out there for members of the LGBT community. How much longer are the attractive and talented members of our community gonna continue to degrade, exploit themselves and sacrifice future opportunity for porn and sexual vulgarity? If those words seem too big, how much longer must we glamorize dick and ass over real life opportunity and accomplishment?


Rico, this is not a personal attack on you nor the porn industry. We all enjoy sex and no matter how busy we may be, we find the time to “get it in.” My plight is that when you reach a certain level of visibility and accomplishment within the community, you also carry a certain responsibility to those watching and supporting you. It’s my fear that in your ignorance, you don’t realize that you could’ve transitioned the opportunity you had into other substantial acting roles or even became a highly-paid brand ambassador! I understand that when you post a nude pic or sex video, the four or five hundred “likes” you receive can become intoxicating. But this Sir is misleading! See those fawning over you online disasters don’t even represent a small percentage of the over-all community. They most definitely can’t assist in tangible, fiduciary, future opportunity. Hell, no body even buys porn anymore! No reputable company or brand want to be affiliated with someone whom is on camera engaging in high risk sexual activities! If you would’ve done your research, you would know about the scores of people who had illustrious careers in porn when it was hugely profitable, but now regret their past decision. Did you not speak to your ex Jovanni about this and his plight? You would also know about those that were successful and popular in the raw porn industry yet lost their lives in the past three years alone! I’m confused at how you EVER thought this was a come up! Who in their right minds tell themselves “me getting fucked on camera is gonna be a career come-up and ground breaking event”? Can you speak of this with your parents, family and childhood friends?


To gain a better understanding of what may precipitated this decision, I reached out to several sources close to not only Rico, but also management. The one consensus was his thorough disregard for professionalism and the desire to be “Beyonce” before he gained his “halo.” They spoke of instances where on the tour, the production company was charged extra exorbitant fees by hotels all because of his utter disregard of the policy not to smoke weed in the rooms. Of course, this had a direct impact on an already meager budget.  They spoke of hissy fits thrown because management wanted to protect his overall brand and bypass the sexual offers of thirsty men wanting to join him in those same hotels rooms. Bro, at a certain point, we must have the self-control to bypass the frivolous temptations of the world and keep our sites on a bigger and better picture. If Jay-Z didn’t possess this understanding, he would still be in the slums of New York, perhaps selling loose squares and mixtapes!  You were placed in a position whereas you could’ve used your platform to legitimately increase your wealth while galvanizing the community! But then again, ignorance is the softest pillow on which a man can rest his head. I suppose after two or three mediocre cum-dump scenes, you’ll try to recapture your audience by doing $250.00 club appearances.  We wish you luck, but The Flyy-Life will NOT “prick our finger and drink the punch.” Going from a hit web series actor to a bust-down porn star is the biggest fool of 2017 so far. Hopefully you will mature and become cognizant of the future decisions you make. Opportunity only comes once or twice in a lifetime! As I always say, the goal should always be to excel and uplift yourself from the mud that everyone else is forced to maintain in. But no worries, we will view your bust-down scene SEVERAL times on PornHub for free and you will be a STAR!!!!…Respectfully, Deo.

54 thoughts on “…The Downgrade of Rico Pruitt… An Open Letter…

    • And these sweeping blanket statements about of group of millions. And the aggressive proclamations of otherness…

      In my imagination, a non-attack might look like: a personal note sent to the actor, coordinated with an uplifting blog post covering your topic of the extra responsibility that it seems like you feel should come with celebrity. But you knew all this, didn’t you 🙂

      “Queen: The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”
      -Shakespeare “Hamlet”

    • I feel bad also, not so much I had the choice or decision Rico made, but for the possibilities, the potential and his promise… If the rumors were true and Atlanta’s media mogul Tyler Perry was truly interested in Rico,
      To help develop and mold is the talent for future projects, then I’m really sad for Rico. Read some things about that was fighting on the different sets of the production, and I could understand someone wanting to keep money coming in, plus we don’t really know Rico’s personal/family situation or circumstances, he may have felt he had to go to Joyce so he can maintain his situations. I just wish the best for Rico.

  1. Obviously he was the shows money maker .. Too often many homosexuals indulge in the same risky sexual behaviors.

    • Tbvh, he could really act. I saw a couple his scenes in about Justin and the acting was on point. Really sad for him.

  2. He had the right people in his corner. They were pushing him to be great and excel at life. He decided he wanted to be a Typical and decided to walk away. Upon walking away he began his slow roll down. However, he is a grown man who made a grown conscious decision to proceed with Porn. All the Best to Rico and his future endeavors.

    • I think the infighting in the camp might have played a role too…. just around the time he walked away, its clearly evident there was war in the About Him series production, that led to two shows now…

  3. Well said👏👏👏👏👏👏 and that’s not just him but the all of them that think porn is gonna garner some type of fame outside this lifestyle..😒😑😐

  4. That top 🍆 in that preview had me a lil hot and bothered lol but i hope rico dont be doing all that screaming and acting and carrying on. Because in the preview he kinda giving me that vibe hes about to do the most lol But we knew he was going to do porn sooner or later and it will be more of them that does it. The show is basically porn with more talking. He already fucking behind dumpsters, eating his own nut, sucking dick etc on the show this was an easy transition for him. Girls acting like he’s an accomplished serious actor with real credits behind his name 😂😂😂

  5. Great piece. And I couldn’t agree more! So often what is deemed as being an “attack” or “judgemental” is merely desire for someone to do well, thrive, be healthy, have morals and values and goals and exercise proper judgement. Much of which is lacking with African American male LGBT youth! Bravo to this author for pointing out the pitfalls and the unfortunate missed opportunity that was taken for granted. And Pruitt is NOT A CHILD to be coddled. He is a grown adult male who is obviously misguided and views sex, quick easy change and instant gratification as more rewarding than an actual CAREER that you cultivate and work hard at and earn your reputation and credibility and respect. When these porn “stars” (parentheses intended nothing star quality about them!) age, dry up, get old and wrinkled and sucking dick and slinging ass gets tired and played out, the phones stop ringing for jobs because they’re ancient relics! The industry is all about youth and vanity and you sold your soul and degraded yourself and gave your youth up for cheap sex and look at what you have left? What will you do with the money you’ve saved up from your porn? I guess you can do a memoir if anyone cares or autograph signings if anyone remembers you. Sad.

    • Yass!!!! He stated in one of his facebook posts that Walter Birch was his idol… I remember saying then that Walter Birch would give everything to erase his porn past and have the be in Ricco’s position. He just had no idea. He had no idea how many of his porn friends would trade places with him in a heartbeat.

  6. Oh, this was a personal attack. If he decided to fulfill a dream, that is his right to the disappointment of those who love and care for him. It isnt about community, its About Him. The decision was his and he will have to live with it. So, if you truly care or support him, be there to help him, if he reaches out.

    • Thank you its sad that the gay community is so quick to critize someone for a decision that they want to make for their life.

    • Who in their right mind dreams about being a pornstar? Most pornstars end up broke, strung out, in jail and/or dead. There’s no real money or future in porn because like the article says nobody buys porn anymore. He’s most likely going to end up selling his ass escorting on the side or starting a GoFundMe begging fans like you who approve and encourage this dumbass decision for money to make ends meet

  7. U guys do know that he’s been naked, in sex scenes, pretty much jacking off his hard dick, had a leaked sex tape out, etc. all of that alrdy out there right? If he wants to do porn, let him. He’s pretty much done it alrdy.

    Video looks hot. Cant wait to see it. As a fan, I would’ve preferred for him not to do it, but a lot of us judging will be watching the video AS SOON as it drops. So don’t talk mess and then be the first in line to watch.

    • Naw bruh. There’s a difference between sex scenes and porn. The show was about art and telling the story of someone finding them self sexually. Porn is made for the explicit purpose of providing sexual gratification. While sexual gratification may have been the side effect of the show it was not its purpose. The porn will ruin his career.

      • But he already had videos out before and after “About Him”. I guess you could say he was already doing porn. He’s just getting paid to do it now.

  8. I agree with the writer. Its disgusting how so many gay black men abandon great opportunities to work in the sex industry. Hes soon gonna decline in popularity and he’ll end up undetectable and in a motel room cracked out just like most of these porn actors. Give me the brand he had. Bitchhh. Hes definitely on drugs, mentally disturbed or both to think this was a good career move. He jist became a statistic

  9. Well written and words of wisdom. A lot of these guys are soooo thirsty for a bit of fame, fortune that they settle for the lowest denominator, just to over time realize how they have damaged their future.
    As a Psychologist, I can say kudos to U.. If U think this was attack, then try to figure out why I see it as such.

  10. This article is reaped in judgment. Its all about what he should be worried about over what he wants. Wealth may not be his goal nor is it a key to happiness. You devalued eveeyone who has ever did porn. And guess what, porn can lead to MILLIONS…aka kim Kardashian

  11. Kim Kardashian was never a pornstar. She had a sex tape leaked and paid a huge sum of money in a attempt to get it blocked….she was embarrassed

  12. Very well written bro. I’m 23 and I wish we had more leaders like you to lead my generation. Im so proud of this bro and keep up the good work. Im mos def team Deo. I’ll be in Chicago soon to.

  13. It’s really sad but not surprising. I love About Him but Rico’s role Justin was made to be a one dimensional sexually obsessed character. Henderson Maddox and the writers at Signal23TV could’ve done a better job at developing him in his own show but every single aspect of Justin is about sex. #smh. O well. I’ll be supporting him in his career as an adult actor, but he has the potential to be soooooooo much more than a porn star within the entertainment industry.

  14. In the instant gratification, side hustles, & overnight internet sensations people have lost respect ans understanding of the long game. Just as quick as it comes it can go, and Rico just became limited to gay web series and pride bookings.

    My brothers and sisters be a mentor to these kids it’s needed

  15. This article is an example of slut shaming someone who is clearly old and wise enough to make his own decisions. I don’t think the decision to do porn was one this person took lightly and although I personally don’t agree with his decision, I feel like why are we tearing this young man down. We need to uplift him and pray that if he as talented as you say he is, his true talent will eventually see the day of light.

  16. The condescension and thinly veiled judgement only compounds the shaming. You could have reached out to the brother and asked him how he felt or offered support. Instead you chose to focus on his alleged participation in porn using pointed references to sexual acts and asking him why he didn’t do this or that. I find this use of an open letter truly disturbing and disingenuous. Stop the shade. Try love instead. Sometimes we are called to pause before we hit “send” and honestly ask ourselves “what are my intentions?” “Do my words align with my intent?” Whatever you intended to do, it comes across as ultimate shade. Shade cuts the soul. Love heals. Try love.

  17. I’m like so confused! I totally agree he was climbing the ladder then let his ego takeover. He jeopardized a bright future in the acting world. He seems to think he’s special because I do follow him and he follows no one. That to me is a slap the face of fans. Remember who got you to where you are.

    Then another thing he was not the star of the show. He didn’t show up until close to the season finale. You can’t be the star if you weren’t there at the beginning. He got a spinoff that I was slightly confused by too. About Him is fantastic. About Justin was about a man child with a high sex drive? Am I wrong? The only reason many of you liked him was because Henderson Maddox to some liberties. I mean I read the book and Justin was barely mentioned. But I digress, this is a fail on his part. Don’t be the stereotype that most people think we are. I wish you well Rico.

  18. How do you know that he won’t get any more opportunities. Have you seen our president. He need to pay the bills. I totally understand why he did it and let’s be honest sex sells. This article sounds really petty and you sound bitter and this article doesn’t do anything but to add to the demise of the GLBT 🏳️‍🌈 Community. Get over your self

  19. “Bro, you had the opportunity of a lifetime sitting in your lap! A platform that any other struggling artist in our community would’ve perhaps killed to gain access too; and yet you tossed it away to bottom out, semen drink in a porn video?”

    Really? A web series that was only seen by a fraction of people? I highly doubt that dude was going to catapult into fame or get more better work just because of his barely there role on About Him, and his already-pretty-sexual work on About Justin.

    Maybe he wasn’t getting more work and decided to move on? Maybe be likes sex and thought it’d be cool to get paid to do it? Either way it’s his prerogative and treating him like some child that was strung along by others into doing this is crazy. He’s obviously old enough to make up his own mind.

    So I don’t see what the point in shaming him is about. Why does it matter? He’s not beholden to you or anyone else. And “bottoming out?”

    Psh, please. Porn is not the VHS tapes under your Uncle’s bed business that it used to be. There are folks out there making hella money to suck and fuck once, maybe twice a week. Get into it or leave folks alone.

  20. This was everything and you ain’t lien you spitting all one hundred shit but everybody don’t think like us

  21. While I agree Rico made the wrong decision, “About Him” was pretty much porn to begin with…so it wasn’t a big jump to go from that to hard-core. The writing in “About Him” was decent, and it was definitely an interesting and unique premise. But once you cross the line and show jack-off scenes just for the sake of it (doesn’t add anything to the story) you lose credibility and go from legitimate to exploitation. Rico doesn’t owe anybody nothing. But anyone complaining about him doing hardcore porn but praising his performance in “About Him” is a hypocrite.

  22. I agree with all that you say. I’m afraid Rico like to many of our Black Gay Youth has already fallen victim to “Chasing Waterfalls.” The streets have claimed his dreams and fantasies. It is my prayer Rico will survive this and move on to GREATER things for himself and mankind. May The Lord Continue To Watch Over Him And Grant Him Serenity…Amen

    Prayerfully yours,
    Patric K.👌

  23. Acho que pelo pouco que vir em sua trajetória de carreira as séries que participou são ótimas e sem contar que é um ótimo ator. Séries picantes de cenas caliente que nos leva a loucura. Acho que deve pensar pq ainda há tempo pra voltar. Nada contra a filmes pornôs ao contrário gosto quando se tem um bom enrredo uma boa história cenas como a das séries que ele participava picante e caliente. Na real se é por sexo explícito que nao teve nas séries é um caso do autor pensar que se estas séries com aquelas cenas caliente e picantes é um arraso e se ja existe a nudes explicita. Pq não introduzir o sexo explícito nas séries. Creio que a audiência aumentaria os lucros e os atores não precisaria sair de uma carreira de sucesso pra engresarem na carreira pornográfica. É o que penso e o que acho. Pois adoro filmes e séries gays que tenha cenas de sexo explícito.

  24. I get making money but damn my man raw dog this day and age is not safe for anyone especially in the porn industry I hope you don’t contract anything deadly you are a great actor and I think u could make it better in regular movies and online than risk your life prayers that you are blessed and safe in your journey

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