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…The Allure of Cocktails, Pumps & Cufflinks 2017….At Torquet….


By- DeoVonte “Deo” Means

It must be Spring!  Why, because Anthony Galloway, the Director of Education & Outreach of Equality Illinois has relaunched the annual Cocktail’s, Pumps & Cufflinks event. Held in indisputably the chicest locals of the city, the monthly event is the calling siren to each year’s social scene events. Held at Torquret, this debut evening fulfilled its obligation as being the genesis of the Chicago social season! It has begun and was executed with perfection! The mindset behind this venture is a place where the upwardly mobile and socialites of the city can descend and celebrate life, accomplishment and upward mobility after work! I always enjoy these after-hours events for the working class because Anthony is documented as one of the hardest workers of our community! As a Director of Equality Illinois, he has so much laid in his lap, yet his plight is always to uplift and encourage with the upmost attention paid to detail! As relaxing as they may be, these events always pay homage to the upwardly working class man and give us ample time and cocktails to network, exchange business cards and advice while guest frolick in that which be! I am so proud of Anthony and his contributions to the city because he is most definitely providing a most needed outlet while giving back!….setting examples…. Cocktail, Pumps and Cufflinks gives exposure and contacts to those of us that most desire to place our foot firmly within the Chicago black LGBT working class community, while also giving us the opportunity to exchange lessons learned in the plight! Each month it’s held at a different, FAB local and we exchanged stories of the venues of past while dinning on Truffle fries and drinking Merlot…How much more of a divine evening could you ask for?…..I adore!!!!…As we proceed….to give you what you need….Deo















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