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…Martell “Superman” Chats With The Flyy-Life…



By DeoVonte “Deo” Means

I circled back around with Martell because he is indeed becoming one of the leading figures in a new class of our community identified as the Sophisticated and Sexy. “Stick ya for your cream and your riches! Zsa Zsa Gabor, Demi Moore, Prince Diane and ALL those rich bithches!”…. These individuals tend to have matured beyond that point where they don’t sweat it, but bet it! They begin to see life more clearly with a global perspective and become responsible. Because they work hard, there is a certain fabness  or rubic they expect when they decide to party and enjoy themselves. Embracing upward mobility and diversity is the mindset, but they’re also down-to-earth and embrace their sexuality like everyone else.  In 2015, Martell Superman, was #1 listed on The Flyy-Life 13 Most Flyy and Eligible Bachelors list! I guess you can kinda say we forecasted his metoric accent as a visible and respected brand of our community.


Martell, a Virginia resident is an active duty member of the US Armed Forces and have 10 years of honorable service with numerous commendations and awards. “My in-depth medical experience on multiple deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and nursing at Central Texas Veterans Affairs Hospital has prepared me for a multitude of critical thinking opportunities in austere environments.” Superman, as he is often called is currently the co co-host the Here For It Podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Google. His portfolio includes being featured in both editions of Bob Burkhardt’s Body and Soul Table Book and being the public Face and Ambassador for Xscape Puerto Rico. Other Projects include: PrepSquad DC, Blairisms Ambassador, Toolbox Menswear Ambassador, Actor on Bait Files and ‘If I Were a King’ Music Video, The Gentleman’s Foundation and Ball, Impulse volunteer, and forthcoming YouTube Videos. He has a documented footprint  that speaks as a man of the most sophisticated stature, yet his alluring body and charming personality also oozes with sexuality.  This is why our intriguing minds decided to once again connect and here is what he had to say.


FL– Using 5 adjectives, describe the real Martell.

Todd– Freaky, Focused, Romantic, Intense, and Drive

FL– What makes you smile?

Todd– Tequila, Big Dick Bottoms, Beyonce, Beaches

FL– We live in an era where as most feel that real accomplishment is merely being a social media sex siren. You reached this status years ago and pushed forward to accomplish real-world accomplishments. What drives you?

Todd– One of my main life missions is normalizing black gay men to the world and proving that we all aren’t ultra-feminine, wig and makeup wearing, slutty, stunt queens. There’s nothing wrong with being any or all of the above, but we can make other versions of gay men mainstream and break with the current tradition.

11143536_10153775683219251_8814300586052028451_nFL– You have many projects going on at this time. Which project is the closest to your heart and why?

Todd– My podcast ‘Here For It’ podcast is currently the closest to my heart (though all my projects are my babies). Its my colorful commentary with Ronald Matters that is directly focused to the black gay man. I feel like we don’t have enough that caters directly towards us on purpose.

FL– What are you most insecure about?

Todd– My appetite for fried chicken and pizza lol…it is directly juxtapose to my modeling ventures but I can’t live without it

FL– What is an average day in your life like?

Todd– A lot more boring than most would think. Work, the gym, maybe a round with a fuck buddy, some tv or a book, a drink, and some sleep. My weekends can be more of a handful though.

IMG_20160905_163049FL– What has been your biggest accomplishment to date?

Tobb- My work on the Redress for Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is still my proudest moment. That’s the one ill tell my kids about one day. I’ve never felt more accomplished or important than the day it was finally repealed.

FL– What is one fact that most people would be surprised to discover about you?

Tobb Most people would be surprised at the amount of dick pics I have in my phone lol. There’s nothing like a pretty dick. Though I don’t necessarily want to be fucked by them, I can definitely appreciate the beauty of them.

FL-What is the most misleading perception about you?

Tobb Probably that I’m stuck up and unapproachable. I can come off a bit shady, but most of the time I love socializing with all types of people and will hug almost everybody…except if their body odor radiates before they get close…or if they’re mad sweaty.


FL– Where do you envision your brand in five years?

Todd– I envision my brand even more international than it is now. I envision a couple tours and maybe a show on MTV (not reality tv, well depends on the check 😉 )

FL– What has been the most popular topic on your podcast and why do you think it resonated with the audience?

Todd- My ‘Empty Condoms’ episode stirred the pot a lot! Talking about the “stealthing” that goes on in gay and hetero sex got people talking and googling so I was very proud of that.

FL– What are some upcoming projects you have planned for the coming year?

Todd– Xscape Puerto Rico is coming up, along with quite a few photo shoots with some edgy photographers. I’m planning a new YouTube vid this weekend so stay tuned!

11873481_115194525496685_2113725026001606888_nFL– What is one last message you would like to send to the Flyy-Life audience?

Todd- Black, gay, and thick is the new It and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! Protect your magic and Resist the atrocities of this current administration!

FL– Where can viewers find/follow you?







3 thoughts on “…Martell “Superman” Chats With The Flyy-Life…

  1. Todd ur a handsome well put together man I love it keep that and someone will surely snatch you off ur feet


  2. I really enjoyed the read. Supaman seems like a down to earth guy. That’s very rare in today. This blog I found on FB has lead me to check him out on Twitter, and Instagram. I’m gonna check him out with Ronald Matterz on Sound Cloud. Looking forward to more from him. Keep up the good hard work.


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