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…The Flyy-Life Mourns the Passing of Tre’Darrius Anderson…


By: DeoVonte “Deo” Means

It seems like just yesterday. Two years before the historic 2015 ruling in which Justice Anthony Kennedy cast the deciding vote in the Obergefell v Hodges case making same-sex marriage legal across the entirety of the United States; the internet was abuzz with the story of two men from Memphis, Tenn. that traveled to Washington D.C. to marry in front of the Lincoln Memorial. David Harris and Tre’Darrius Anderson rose to internet fame after their heartwarming story went viral. At only 19-years-old, they were the youngest black gay couple in America to get married. This act in 2013 pushed them to the forefront of the fight and made them an international symbol of what true love not only means but what Thomas Jefferson meant when he wrote in the Declaration of Independence, “we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


This heroic act, placed them in the unenviable position that many “first” experience. Their age alone garnered numerous questions and doubts about God’s ordination of their relationship from not only those opposed to the plight, but those that favored the issue as well. Even in their youthful state, David and Tre’Darrius persevered and continued. What has been most respected by me, is that in an age where most others hedonistically seek a few followers to further promote self-aggrandizement, these two continued to use their massive platform to solely promote other LGBT causes. In four years they were the topic of several interviews, articles and awards. The couple were honorees of the 2014 Gentlemen of Promise award given by The Gentlemen’s Foundation. Where most other relationships/marriages announced at their starting time faltered and failed, till the hour of death David and Tre’Darrius were still married and going strong. This exemplifies “Till Death Do Us Part” and sets an everlasting example of true love. We mourn the loss of our fallen brother and our prayers and condolences are with his husband David and the family….The Flyy-Life…


Editors Note: Scroll below to visit the GoFundMe page set up in honor of this remarkable young man. 



Tre’Darrius Anderson GoFundMe

7 thoughts on “…The Flyy-Life Mourns the Passing of Tre’Darrius Anderson…

  1. this is horrible news. What in the world happened to him at so young an age!! I am so sad for this and his husband and family have my condolences. I was so proud of them and cried when they were married. great loss.

  2. the life of these two young men helped me and my love to say yes to everything that made us happy, the story of love that they were determined to pursue no matter what the world had to say. we have no control over who we fall in love with but we do have control over what we do about it . god gave several commandments but the greatest of those was to love. people have their own believes and that’s their right but when it comes to matters of the heart only god can judge because he’s the only one who can judge the heart as long as the love is true and undefiled I believe with everything within me that god will honor that love. to all that don’t understand don’t try to just except love from wherever it comes from as long as it’s a true love forsaking all others to be united as one love until death separates us let no man speak evil of love that god has ordained be blessed to all that read peace be with you always and forever amen! and amen!

  3. It was a sad most moment to me l still can’t believe his departure,,He was a humble person and beautiful heart,,David and Tre’darrius were my lovely couple,, I’m always playing his videos with David pretending he’s still alive just to console my soul,,we have lost a Wonderful Person in Gay Community,,, I still love You Tre’darrius I know your spirit its all over Gay Community that’s what you were fighting for,,,,,To you David,,,I’m very proud of you brother you are my hero I wish I wanna meet you in person,,, to the Anderson Family we are all together be strong

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