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…Tessares…The Flyy-Life Celebrates Our Four-Year Anniversary…


By: DeoVonte “Deo” Means

CaptureThe number 4 derives its meaning from creation. On the fourth day of what is called ‘creation week’ God completed the universe. On this day He brought into existence our sun, the moon, and all the stars (Genesis 1:14 – 19). Their purpose was not only to give off light, but also to divide the day from the night, thus becoming a basic demarcation of time; a signal that would mark off the days, years and seasons. Interestingly, the Hebrew word for ‘seasons’ in Genesis 1:14 is moed, which literally translated is “appointed times” or (divine appointments) in reference to God. This mindset has become such a profound understanding in the new quarter strategy and objective of The Flyy-Life.  Months ago, when my team and I first approached the idea of celebrating our four-year anniversary, admittedly, we fell into the same behavior and mindset that many of our peers are guilty of. We envisioned a pictorial spread utilizing flawlessly executed shade, to passive aggressively gloat about our three-hundred thousand views, twenty-eight thousand likes, an internationally recognized footprint and multiple internet breaking articles. Our pride was initially placed in our access to the A-List of the urban LGBT community.  But God in His comedic and divinely manifested sense of humor didn’t quite see it that way…


Retrospectively, I reflect black and realize what we initially thought was an annoying loss of motivation, was God temporarily placing a bridle on our tongue so we as a platform could reflect, grow and become wiser.  During this time in the last half of 2017, we witnessed many of our friends, followers and family begin to go through what we call the vicissitudes of life.  Unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, sickness such as cancers and organ failure, tragedies, deaths and even murders ravaged our community! This reality transitioned us from a platform without a clear cause to an understanding that with our “pen” we have a purpose and endowment. Four, the number that gives off light and reflects divine appointments.

Our core values matured into four distinct yet intertwined objectives. 1) To utilize our platform to promote the innovative, provocative, divinely talented and intriguing of our community. In an upcoming interview Chicago legend Scott Rivers spoke to us about his vision from long ago where he saw our demographic for the beauty that it is and his desire to usher in an era where “we” could become our own in-crowd and not depend on the stamp of approval from others. 2) To foster an environment where encouragement and accolades are given to those whom work hard, persevere and perfect their craft or current situation in life.  3) To embrace thoroughness, quality and honesty in our content. And Lastly, incorporating a sense of thanksgiving, unbiased truth and camaraderie. As the official purveyors of cool, our community set the trends the rest of the world follows.  Yet we are plagued with a mindset that is fearful or unable to give due respect, accolades or encouragement to those within. This is preposterous, and it triangulates our community.


Perhaps many would say this is a fantasy, but we hold it as an endowment.  Eleanor Roosevelt once said “the future belongs to those whom believe in the beauty of their dreams” and here at The Flyy-Life we are committed to that. Please don’t be mistaken. We are not naïve. We understand for every friend, follower or fan,” there will be 10 foes! But we will be accommodating to them too. We envision 2018 being a year of blessings and growth and this we impart upon our viewing guest. In conclusion, we toast our four years and the passing of another year. We are excited to begin our journey into year 5 and we have a lot planned. We extend to you and your household seasons greeting and may the new year bring you unimagined blessings and prosperity….Cheers…Deo


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