Editors Note

…Nephilim…Our Fallen Angels…2017 In- Memoriam…


By-DeoVonte “Deo” Means

Genesis 6:1–4 tells the readers that the Nephilim, which means “fallen ones” when translated into English, were the products of divine beings and humans (lit. daughters and sons of Adam). The Nephilim are known as great warriors and giants of their cause. (see Ezekiel 32:27 and Numbers 13:33).  Our annual In Memoriam spread is one of our most difficult and emotional to publish.  But we draw strength on, and embrace our endowment as a platform of the community. Most often, one of brothers or sisters will fall and their footprint placed on the overall tapestry will be relegated to a day or two of “RIP” messages on their social media wall.  Clearly, these fallen angels are more significant in the lives of their people, family and confidants. We here at The Flyy-Life seek to immortally honor them for the lives they’ve lived and smiles they put on our individual faces. The Bible teaches us, “to live is Christ and to die is gain.”, so my faith leads me to believe that they are indeed in a better place and rooting for us to cross over and hear the Father say, “well done!” Yet, while we are still on this Earthly journey, we will never forget their impact or presence. Thy Will Be Done….Deo


Del Antonio

 Michael Gibson

Kourtney Berry

Christian Fulgham

Charlez Armstrong


Trent Brown

Riko Haynes

Devon Wade 

Dexter Pottinger 


Chyna Gibson

Hicabee Milan

Darryl Cherryhill Burks

Bianca Davenport Starr

Will Goudy

Tanisha Cassadine

Riko Haynes 

Thomas Orr

Danielle Mizrahi 

TS Eve 

Darrin Brown

Corey Harris 

Darick Princess

Chay Reed

Mychael Knight

Michael Dupree Andrews

DeCario Walter

Batran McClendon

July Bryant

David Chew

Keke Collier

Khaos King

Kevin Waller

Juelz Carter

Ricky Nabors

Seven Beamon

Askia Wajd

Skye Imir Ingle

Terrence Comier

Eddie Griffin

Calvina Williams Amaker

Dee Box 

Jayson Britt

Brandon Presley

Randy Mckinny

Tre’Darrius Anderson

Asa Cole

Earl Braxton

Noel Diaz

LaMonte Jones

Jeffrey Green

Tyron Irby



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