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Brand Ambassador Christian Banks- Host Chicago’s White Party

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By- DeoVonte “Deo” Means

Hailed by many as a modern-day personification of Michelangelo’s “David”; one of the first features recognized in Christian is his strikingly-captivating; almost angelic gorgeousness!  With the prowess of a corporate titan, within the span of almost 2 years, he’s transitioned his social media acclaim into a marketable business-line by becoming a successful brand ambassador and beauty influencer. This weekend, Christian glissades into Chicago to host one the most anticipated social events of the year- The High Society White Party. Futile attempts to discredit him may lead one to belittle, or perhaps even mock his industrious plight. But in 2018 the male beauty industry has generated an estimated 21.65 billion US dollars. It’s projected to hit 29.14 by 2024. This is indeed a thriving and lucrative market.  Within this market, Christian has created a niche for himself by being an advocate and instructor of male grooming.  What I find most relatable is that, as men in the real world, we may not want to be “painted” like a Christmas bulb. But we do share an admiration and appreciation for healthy, refreshed, glowing skin. It’s definitely an asset in closing any deal. Christian promotes the ideology that men like Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan and Omari Hardiwick don’t just roll out of bed looking like that. But with a few easy practices and affordable products, we too can achieve that same prized masculine allure.


The High Society/Christian Banks collaboration is exciting to me because it serves as a refreshing new era in our community. We are transitioning from a time where we idolized outsiders, to an era where we’re beginning to promote and support those from within our own community that are breaking barriers and making achievements.  After all, aren’t we the architects of Flyy and purveyors of cool? I was honored to have Christian take a second to chat it up with me and here is what he had to say.

FL- Using 5 adjectives, describe the real Christian?

CB- The real Christian can be described as caring, passionate, talented, moody and spontaneous.

FL-  You’ve blossomed from an outspoken social-media figure to a brand ambassador. What has been the most challenging part of your journey?

CB- The most challenging part of my journey has been losing friends and getting rid of bad habits. It’s easy to do bad things but much harder to do the right thing. If you know me, you know I’m very outspoken. This isn’t always a good thing. In the past, I’ve done terrible videos that bashed people because of disagreements we’ve had. As I’ve grown, I’ve realized that’s never the best option! Once you’re on a path that others aren’t on, you begin to lose friends. I noticed when I stopped partying every other night with friends, people began to act differently. When people started to see me grow as a person and an influencer, things began to change.

FL-  What is one thing that most people would be shocked to discover about you?

CB- My age is one thing people are usually shocked at. People think I’m much older than I am. This is crazy to me. Another thing people are usually shocked by is that I’m so domestic. I love being involved around the house. I like to build things and put things together. I’m very hands on. I can also cook, clean and decorate. 😏👍

Christian 4

FL- What is the biggest misconception about you?

CB- The biggest misconception about me is people thinking I’m an asshole and the typical “Instagram boy.” There’s so much more to me. Also, I’m sometime thought of as a “hoe” because I’m social … I really hate that.

FL- As a brand ambassador, what variables do you use when signing on with new clients and attaching your name/image to their product?

CB- As a brand ambassador my job is to bring the brand to life and bring it to different people. My goal is to increase the client’s sales, so I definitely look at the message behind the brand. I make sure it’s nothing that goes against my personal values. Even though I’m being compensated, I like to get paid the right way and with integrity!

FL- If you were not in this business, what other industries could you foresee yourself exploring?

CB- I could definitely see myself as a professional makeup artist. I love makeup and skin care. It will always be my passion. I could see myself pursuing a modeling career, or maybe a career in entertainment. I work very well in the forefront and enjoy being in the spotlight. But maybe, just maybe I can also see myself being a maintenance man or something of a mechanic.

christian 5

FL- There’s multiple other easy and “unsavory” roads you could’ve taken but you declined. What has kept you focused in your plight to success?

CB- My family plays a big part in keeping me focused and on the right path. I come from a middle-class family who lives by morals! I couldn’t imagine doing something that compromised my morals and it gets back to my parents. They would be devastated and embarrassed. I have little sisters and I must set a good example for them.

FL-  Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

CB- In 5 years I definitely want to be a household name. I want to be incorporated into the everyday lives of the public.  Whether it be a specific product aligned with my brand or just my brand in general, I want to be successful and well established enough to take care of my family.

FL- What makes you smile?

CB- Seeing my friends and family happy makes me smile. I like to see everyone around me happy and winning. I love to keep good energy around and fun people. Seeing black love makes me smile! Money makes me smile and of course clothing and jewelry makes me smile really big also.

Christian 6

FL- You’re headlining one of the most anticipated events in Chicago’s black LGBT community. What are you most excited about and what can the city expect from you?

CB- I’m just excited to see everyone. I love meeting new people. I heard the pizza is really good. I want to try that of course. I hope to bring a good New York vibe to Chicago. Both New York and Chicago are great cities so seeing them collide is very interesting and exciting. I just want to dance lol

FL- What are your overall thoughts about Chicago?

CB- I’ve been to Chicago a couple times. It’s always a blast. I love the energy. it’s a very innovative place. The music is dope! I love trap music, so you can imagine how I feel about people like Chief Keef. I love shopping in Chicago on Michigan Ave. Even as a New Yorker, I must admit Chicago has very great shopping options. I think Chicago is a great city to visit. I’m a city boy so I love the busyness of the whole city.

FL- What are some of the exciting projects you have in the near future that you would like to share with readers?

CB- Well I just finished filming for a great show called “My House” so check that out. I’m currently working on my first beauty product and I’m excited about that coming out. I have a couple of videos I’m filming for my YouTube channel which will include a few well-established bloggers and my website will be launching soon with pretty cool things on it as well.

Christian 7


To learn more about Christian, you can follow him at:



Snapchat- @banks.christian

Instagram- @Christian.Banks


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