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…In Memoriam…2018 Fallen Angels…Thy Will Be Done…


Compiled and Produced By- LGBT Historian, DeoVonte “Deo” Means

We come, and we go, like the ripple of a stream…Tomorrow was made for some, but tomorrow may never come, for all we know…- Donny Hathaway, For All We Know

Image by Rog Walker

Each year before we descend into our holiday gala parties celebrating Auld Lang Syne; we take the time to honor and memorialize those of our peers whom we lost the past year. See, all too often when those amongst us are called home and ushered into God’s glory – we pay our respects and send our RIP’s for a few days immediately following their transition – but then their memory dissipates into the clouds to almost be forgotten. We here at The Flyy-Life fundamentally believe that no matter how great or small their name may have been in our community, they indeed were an intrinsic and individualistic piece of the fabric which makes up the beautiful cloth of our community. They were here! They lived, they loved. They were here, they’ve did, they’ve done, and they will leave their mark, so everyone will know. Their memory should never be forgotten, and this is a platform in which their eternal flame will blaze brightly and permanently until our last minute. They left the world just a bit better, because they were here.  This year, we honor and memorialize these fallen angels by the words of Donny Hathaway- For All We Know.  “For all we know we may never meet again. Before you go make this moment sweet again. We won’t say good night, until the last minute.  I’ll hold out my hand, and my heart will be in it.” It’s in these words that the lyrical genius of Donny is exemplified and manifested. He reminds us that life is precious and unpredictable.  So, take advantage of each moment and love those whom are amongst you, because although tomorrow was made for some – for us – tomorrow may never come for all we know. It’s in this spirit that we light our flame of remembrance to those we lost in 2018. We also whisper a short prayer for the family and friends whose lives they touched and left a lasting impression. For to live is Christ, but to die is gain.


Antwan 3

Antwan Hunter

Andre Alexander 1

Andre Alexander

Angel Matthews Hall 1

Angel Matthews Hall

Jeremy Scott 2

Jeremy Scott

Eddie Dukes 1

Eddie Dukes

Jerriko Brian RIP 2

Jerriko Brian

Martez 2

Martez DuBois

Deonte Johnson

Deonte Johnson


Hector Xtravaganza


Chili Dutch- Dell'l Aqua

Chilli “Dutch” Dell Acqua

dwayne wilkins 2

Dwayne Wilkins

desmond carrodine 1

Desmond Carrodine

De'Janay Lanorra

De’Janay Lanorra

Gervais Geefresh Allison 1

Gervais Geefresh Allison

Em D Jones 2

Em D Jones

Ginger Grant

Ginger Grant

DJ Craig Cannonball

DJ Craig CannonBall

Jayr Love 1

Jayr Love

Amber Sherry RIP

Amber Sherry

Antonye Reid 3

Antonye Reid

C Tony Richardson 2

C Tony Richardson

Amir Martinez 2

Amir Martinez

Keanna Mattel

Keanna Mattel

Hassan Hartley 2

Hassan Hartley

Cortez Sykes RIP

Cortez Sykes

Michael Philpot RIP 2

Michael Philpot

Lou Brazy

Lou Brazy

Nino Starr 1

Nino Starr

Ishmael Carter Dymond

Ishmael Carter Dymond

Octavian Mizrahi Terry 1

Octavian “Gay-Taye” Mizrahi

Pierre Kimbrough

Pierre Kimbrough

Roman Beckford 2

Roman Beckford

Harrison Spates III C

Harrison Spates III

Jazz Wilson 2 rip

Jazz Wilson


Landan Burrell2

Landan Burrell

D Tyrell Black 3

D Tyrell Black

Desmond Taylor

Desmond Taylor

Charlie Roberts RIP 1

Charlie Roberts

Brandyn Allure

Brandyn Allure

kassandra (1)

Kassandra Ebony

shawna laflare

Shawna Laflare

Stanley BJ Hodge

Stanley “BJ” Hodge

Hollister Allen Baldwin 2

Hollister Allen Baldwin

EJ King Royal

EJ King Royal

phylicia mitchell

Phylicia Mitchell

Kerrice Lewis

Kerrice Lewis

3 thoughts on “…In Memoriam…2018 Fallen Angels…Thy Will Be Done…

  1. The most beautiful and heartfelt memorial I’ve ever come across.
    The words were very well written.
    This is what we’re suppose to do.


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