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…Damien Crawford, Speaks “Therapy” with The Flyy-Life…

By- DeoVonte “Deo” Means

It’s documented and undeniable that Damien solidified his status as an LGBT influencer years ago. As an attractive, educated and upwardly mobile young man; he became venerated by viewers as the personification of the immaculate trifecta! Hailed by many as the “perfect 10’s”, what many didn’t realize is that beneath the posh exterior was a talent that he slowly began to nurture. While most went the route of nudity, overt sexuality/porn, and uber masculinity; Damien held true to his roots and delivered a more sophisticated and provocative product.  Many “in-the-know” questioned the folly of abandoning a successful and lucrative career in corporate America, to pursue a career as an LGBT artist. But Damien has always been clear! He is focused on his artistic gift and his sacrifices and diligence are triggered by an unmitigated devotion to this craft. Within the industry, he is known as a gifted singer, songwriter, entertainer and versatile performer.  His musical styling has been labeled as hip hop, rock, pop and a touch of R&B and we became intrigued and wanted to discover more about the man behind the Damien Crawford brand. 


Damien’s fans have come to define his genre as urban pop. He has become the go-to LGBT artist when seeking quality and sophistication. In recent years, he’s been dominating the stage with electrifying international performances while headlining two U.S. tours. In this time, Damien has been honored to open for artist such as Neon Hitch, KeKe Wyatt, K. Michelle & Brandy.  Over the years, Damien has written for many independent artists such as Mike Lyrik, Metrell Hurst, K. WILL. In addition, he has collaborated on other works such as “I Can do Better” ft. Metrell, Take Care/Savage ft. The Freaky Boiz and Oh ft. Bryn’t. Damien’s hit international success with the song and video for his self-written hit record, Love Over Life, which has over 100,000 YouTube views amongst other social media accolades. As his videos for the songs Before You Go and O.M.W continue to make headlines, Damien is also embarking on the 6-10 city promotional tour for Therapy. While showcasing his passion for performing, Damien continues to work on perfecting his craft. The Flyy-Life’s objective has always been to be a repository of information, people, places, things and ideas that are provocative and inspirational. We utilize our platform to be a support system for those who aspire greatness. Damien’s unique journey aligns perfectly with our core values of talent and upward mobility. It was an honor to speak with and learn more about his plight and here’s what he had to say:   

FL- In today’s society, anyone with access to a computer and knowledge of random programs is now being called an artist. What distinguishes you from the amateurs?

DC- I think anyone who creates with skill and imagination is an artist. We all have to start somewhere. What distinguishes me from someone starting out is the countless hours in the studio making sure every detail of my music is absolutely perfect for the listener. Attention to detail is extremely important to me. I spend a lot of time making sure every lyric makes sense and adds to the message I’m trying to send in each song.

FL- Analytics also show that in 2019 most new/rising figures choose the path of hyper-masculinity or overly sexualized.  It appears you’ve chosen a more sophisticated, grown man path.  Were you ever tempted to go the popular route, and how has your selected imaging played a part in your brand?

DC- I actually made the conscious decision to stay true to myself and keep a clean cut image compared to some of my peers. I’ve never been a “raunchy” person so you won’t see too much of that in what I present to the public. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have a sexual side, but there’s definitely a tasteful way to show it and that’s what I plan to do with this new album.

FL- Collectively, LGBT artist is beginning to carve a niche for themselves in music and pop-culture. What has been your experience in the industry as an LGBT artist?

DC- My experience has been a positive one as the LGBT community has given me a great platform to do what I love. The pride circuit alone gives artists the chance to perform and showcase their craft many times each year. I’m excited to be a part of many big shows this year for the LGBT community.

FL- What is the most challenging aspect of being labeled as an LGBT artist?

DC- The most challenging part IS being labeled as an LGBT artist. I consider myself just an artist. I may happen to be part of that community but at the end of the day, I’m a singer/songwriter. A person’s sexuality shouldn’t be what defines them.

FL- Your latest album “Therapy” is the talk of the town.  What was the inspiration behind “Therapy” and what life experiences did you pull from, to produce the album?

DC- Therapy is literally an explosion of my emotions and experiences in my personal life. I speak about my daddy issues, how much my mom means to me, an ex who played games with my heart, flirting with a new bae and so much more. I took the time to live my life so that I could make an amazing album. Each and every song speaks about topics that have I personally experienced. Unleashing these emotions was so therapeutic to me that I decided to name the album THERAPY.

FL- Which song on the album is your favorite and why?

DC- Infrastructure is my absolute favorite record on the album. That drums and the chords are so hypnotizing to me and put me in such a hopeful trance of love and lust. The second the first chord plays I’m immediately drawn into the record. I went in on the lyrics and challenged myself to think outside the box when writing this song.

FL- As an LGBT artist, what has been your experience with gaining rotational support from fellow LGBT DJ’s and bookings from promoters?

DC- It’s definitely hard work promoting and solidifying my spot in this industry. My competition is not only other independent artists but also mainstream artists. With social media, promoters are now able to book Love and Hip hop stars, signed singers/actors/models/rappers, and social influencers. This makes it even more difficult to be seen or heard when you are competing with people on TV. I do my best to make sure I put out quality material that will catch the attention of the individuals doing the bookings.

FL- You’ve worked with most of the top LGBT artist. Which collaboration stands out most to you and why?

DC- Definitely my records with Metrell Hurst. We became best friends after we met to do the song “I CAN DO BETTER.” That record literally changed my life and I gained a great friend in the process. I also love my collabs with the Freaky boiz! They are so freaking dope and we create magic when we work together.

FL- You’ve received accolades and major support from highly respected mainstream artist. What do you think has been your key to success?

DC- Consistency, persistence, and quality product

FL- In five years, where would you like to see your artistry and where do forecast the Damien Crawford brand?

DC- I want to be writing for the biggest artist in the world. I’d love a song that I’m a part of to win a Grammy!

FL- What’s one message you would like to leave to those following behind you trying to break into the industry?

DC- Never give up and continue to work on your craft. Stay commit and invest in yourself.

FL- Where can our readers follow and find out more about you?

DC- Follow me everywhere @DAMIENCRAWFORD. My Album THERAPY is out now on all digital platforms.

“The Prince of Urban Pop”





Twitter: @DamienCrawfordSatisfaction guaranteed 

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