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…The Flyy-Life’s 2019 Most Flyy & Eligible Bachelors…

By DeoVonte “Deo” Means

…Two lost Angels discover salvation, under vast pink skies watching the sun rise… – Miguel

Initially when I started the preparation process for this project, I decided to do things differently. I prayed and asked God to use me and direct my path. It was frustrating at times because He didn’t move within the time frame I wanted. Reflecting back, I realize He enacted a “delay is not denial” strategy because He was working on me. In the words of Darryl Coley, “He was preparing me.” He saw my potential and, wanted more from me than just merely another beauty pagent-esque outlet that only valued and celebrated surface level intrigue. I was given an endowment to utilize my talents and platform to be an encouraging and motivating resource to those peers of mine that embrace upward mobility and growth. In order to fulfill this mandate, there were experiences, hardships and growth that I needed to experience to reach maturation. Although at times I became angry with God, I was committed to moving within His will and I didn’t dare take a step until I was confident it was ordained.  Although the result was a two-year delay, the finished product was well worth it! When I finally felt compelled to resume the project, I realized I kept being drawn to the words of Miguel in his song Coffee. “Two lost angels discover salvation, under vast pink skies watching the sun rise.” This became the thesis of this project because it’s exactly how I envision finally connecting with the person that God sent to you…Your soul mate.

As the fella’s began to submit to my request, I began to understand that these gentlemen were not only sexually appealing, but also had experiences and narratives. They had stories to tell and their hardships is what eventually transitioned them from being merely surface level stereotypes into wise, unique and impressive men that are now assets because they used their plights as teachable moments for growth. Each of their stories left me inspired and wanting more!… but way beyond a mere sexual level. As I read their narratives, I found myself drifting away and reassured that I’m not alone in my plight which is at times exhausting and discouraging. How beautiful is that? As I engrossed myself into the message of each of the fella’s and finalized this article, I became transfixed by the lyrics of Miguel’s R.A.N. In this brilliant example of lyrical genius, he proclaims “have you, you ever. Ever fucked with a real nigga (yeah.) Real ass nigga before? I know you’re so tired, of feeling like you deserve better. You need a real ass nigga like me, yeah.” These profound words took on a prophetic manifestation because it describes what most of us on this journey of upward mobility not only relate to, but also desire. It has been a complete pleasure working with these gentlemen and I’m honored to be the conduit that highlights their intrinsic beauty. To the fella’s, even in your most challenging hours, please remain encouraged! I respect you too much not to be 100 with you. You deserve the world and me running with you. We’ve always been connected but even I’m not perfect. Yet, you should always feel protected so I’m just asking, have you ever had a real ass nigga…. Enjoy, and cheers to the Flyy-Life’s 2019 Most Flyy & Eligible Bachelors…Deo

  • Everett V Payne Jr.
  • Dallas, TX
  • 25
  • Virgo

Wassup Deo! Greetings to the Flyy-Life Fam! I’m Everett V. Payne Jr. I’m 25 years of age, but I promise it feels like I lived a decade longer than 35 lol! Yes, I am wise beyond my years. I’m a September Virgo which makes me very loyal and caring. I was born and raised in Shreveport, LA but I’m currently a full-fledged resident of Dallas TX. Yup, this is where I call home. I studied Kinesiology & Pre-Med Chemistry at Louisiana Tech University and later returned back to school to receive my degree in business management. Currently, I’m perusing a career as a surgeon, model, author, fitness trainer & other positive endeavors that assist our community. I have a strong love for Jesus and my faith is a huge priority in my life. My relationship with God revealed to me that September 14th is not only the day I was born, but it’s also a special day that I can reflect how He has continued to bless me and help me reach my goals. I guess like most I enjoy shopping, traveling, dancing, singing, modeling and even helping the less fortunate Yet I must admit that fitness and working out has become my true source of fulfillment. I’m extremely passionate about my health and fitness. I try not to be the typical gym rat but working out has indeed become one of the loves of my life! I experience a sort of spiritual and emotional stimulation during the grueling process of enhancing my body. In my opinion, feeling good is not just physical. It’s more than just about an attractive aesthetic. It’s about being nourished and stimulated mentally and emotionally as well. Gotta keep your body healthy/tight.

Despite the exterior, what many don’t know is that I’ve been through hell and back! But when I say God is my provider that guides me and never fails. My struggles and trials are what humbled me, gave me wisdom and matured me into the man I am today. Every time I’ve been down and lost, God has guided me back to calm shores and I’ve bounced back stronger! I’m easy on the eyes and my hard work has made ya boi kinda sexy asf too. So, I get it! People automatically assume I’m stuck up, shallow, vain or bougie; but honestly, I’m more of the shy and quiet one in large groups or unfamiliar settings. I like to be seen not heard. I’m the type of dude to make moves without saying much. I admit, I am also a perfectionist and value punctuality. But this is due to my own personal standards. I’ve come to realize the importance of planning if you want a flawless execution. Socially, because I’ve never felt comfortable in big crowds, I can be a loner at times. Although I’m extroverted, I’m still aware that I have a highly visible platform that comes with a responsibility. Those that get to know me agree that I’m just a cool and laidback dude. I’m one of the nicest dudes you’ll ever meet. All-in-all, I’m just another cool dude tryna  “flyy” in this difficult world. To date, the narrative I’m writing is quite simple. I don’t like mess, stress, or dwell over the trivial distractions of this universe. I’m on a grind of success & stability. My energy is filtered into activities and projects that will benefit me. I actually have a book that’s in the works. I could care less about the attention this project may generate. I’m more humbled by the opportunity to show the world the beauty of unique individuals with drive. We can accomplish anything we put our minds too and soon you’ll realize who Everette has become and becoming.

FL- What are your hobbies?

EP- My hobbies are pretty simple. I don’t have much going on in my life because I’m always busy traveling or working. When I’m home I listen to music or I’m singing while driving to my destination. Other than that, the gym is my lifetime best friend. It’s a place where I can release. I can be alone and pump out the stress and frustration of my day. I can filter my tension into an enhancement for my body and soul instead of allowing the toxic energy to drag me down or cause depression. 

FL- What’s is your idea of fun?

EP- My idea of fun is just simply being out and enjoying life with no worries at all. Fun- let’s just get up and fly somewhere. Or hey, let’s lay around, get drunk, and enjoy each other’s company. I mean fun is in everything! You just gotta partner yourself with someone just as fun and adventurous as you. 

FL- Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your mate?

EP- For me, being submissive or in control plays hand-in-hand because I have my moments where I just want to be completely dominated even in bed hmm! But same goes with being in control! I’m satisfied either way. It depends on my mood in most cases haha! Now for my mate, it doesn’t matter because I’m good in all roles. But I do prefer him being in control because I like a strong man not a weak one.

FL- What would be a typical Saturday with your companion?

EP- A typical Saturday would be a day of true freedom and relaxation for me. Like no worries or anything… just fucking chill. If we wanna go shopping, we will! If we wanna go to the moves, we will! If we wanna take each other out to eat with friends, we will! Or if we decide to be home nude and half naked all day, we will! It doesn’t matter what is, we can do it together. We can cook, clean, build anything, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s you and me.

FL- What are the five upmost qualities you seek in a mate?

EP- First thing I look at is his upkeep and investment into himself. Things such as his haircut, appearance, attire and how he speaks is extremely important. Secondly, his conversation. Is it just about sex or just himself? Third I would say his interest. What type of things he likes and likes to do? Fourth I have to say his faith because spiritually we have to connect or it’s definitely not going to work. And last but not least, his determination and goals. What inspires him and what does he aspire to be. 

Terry Washington
  • Terry Washington
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 35
  • Gemini

Wassup Flyy-Life!!! Let me start by saying thank you. I really appreciate the love. It’s an honor to be featured on your list. So, a little bout me…I’m Terry Washington, and I’m a Gemini! (pauses for the Gemini insults, because I know they’re coming lol); but I’m an overall happy person. If someone would’ve asked me seven years ago would I be living in Atlanta, I would’ve told them “not a chance!” Living here and starting a new life wasn’t even on my radar. But after being in California my whole life, I began to feel like my life there had run its course and I’d accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish. A single phone call from a friend is what landed me here. I relocated to Atlanta at the end of 2011 looking to hit the restart button and discover myself. In a sense, because of family ties, I lived a very sheltered life in California. In addition to being sheltered, I also kept an extremely small circle and eventually embarked on a long-term relationship. Looking back, I realize that my allegiance and commitment to the welfare of my relationship caused me to lose the self-awareness of who I was and what I was called to do. During that time, I never really took the time to get to know myself, I lost sight of all my dreams. I became content living the same day over and over. Just stagnant. 

I know Atlanta sometimes get a bad rap, but this city has definitely propelled me while challenging me for greatness. The growth I’ve experienced is nothing but a testament to God opening doors and blessing my life. When I first arrived here, my lack of a college degree meant I was forced to make do with what I felt was a low paying, entry level job. It humbled me. Catch how God works though, fast forward to the present. I’ve now been with the same company for six years, while move up the ladder and improving my life. In addition to working full-time, I also returned to college to complete my education. I’m literally one year away from graduation! Man, I tell you, God is good yo! Of course I’ve dated, but for the most part, lately I’ve stepped back and taken time to get to know myself. There are so many layers to who we are as individuals and sometimes it takes a long time to fully get to know ourselves. Also, I got to a point in my life where I honestly wanted to create the space for me to focus on my goals and commit to some of the things I always wanted out of life. I’m now in a great space! I’m positioned whereas I’m able to support myself with ease, and perhaps even be a support system for others. I’m doing great in school and continue to make waves with my company. The next step for me is to find someone…my partner… and make him as happy as I’ve been able to make myself feel.

FL- What are your hobbies?

TW- I am the epitome of a music head. I’ve turned the sunroof in my apartment into a music studio that’s equipped with microphones and strobe lights. When I’m in my music mode all I want to do is sing. I have to FEEL the music. It’s my absolute life. I may not have the vocal ability as real SANGERS, but I have the heart of them times ten! Music is my therapy, it’s my escape and the thing that makes me the happiest. I always say to myself “if only I could find someone to love, like I love my music”.

FL- What do you find attractive in a potential date?

TW- Some of the things I find attractive includes a nice smile and eye connection. I enjoy someone who can engage in conversation. I love a well put together man. Meaning someone who carries themselves like they care. Although I’m not interested in a label, when I date someone, I immediately think to myself “can this person meet my mom and dad?” I also love love love someone who smells good!

FL- What is the most challenging part of dating you?

TW- The most challenging part of dating me is that at this point, I’ve learned myself so well that I truly enjoy my own company. I’m the guy that takes himself to the movies, or I’ll go sit at a bar and have a drink or a bite to eat by myself. This is not always easy to navigate while relationship building. This stage of meeting people demands so much of your free time, and often I just want to be alone. I will always make time for my work, my school, and my relationship; but those factors don’t change the fact that I still enjoy my time alone. I’ve learned that I have to honor myself, and this requires that alone time where I can think, reflect, strategize and feed my soul. Evaluating your life is important to grow. I recently came across a profound quote that says “if we’re not processing life.. we are not living it.” This can be challenging for some.

FL- Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your mate?

TW- What my future mate has to understand about me is that because of my profession, I’m in control all the time. I oversee multiple classrooms and supervise many people in my trainings all day. Because I’m in a position of control most of the day at work, I don’t always want to be in control outside of work. To be completely honest, it becomes repetitive and boring for me. My partner doesn’t have to be in control all the time, but I’d appreciate it sometimes… surprise me.

FL- Name five of your biggest turn-offs’ and five of your biggest turn-ons?

TW- Regarding my turn-offs… I’m immediately turned off by bad breath and teeth that aren’t decent.  If I can see plaque when you smile, then the date really won’t go much further. Crazy hairstyles on grown men is another turn-off. I’m also not really into men who obsess and fight over female singers/rappers. Lastly, I’m turned off my anyone who’s not being themselves. We’ve adopted this theory in our community that everyone has emulate this distorted image of masculinity. I say be yourself! I like a little sugar in the tank! It makes me laugh. –  As far as my turn-on’s, definitely nice lips, well-groomed fingernails, a nice shape…just a nice build is also enjoyable. A person who can kiss is important because I enjoy the intimacy of kissing more than sex. Lastly, I’m turned on by affection. I’m comfortable with who I am, and I like a person who’s not afraid to grab your hand every now and then and won’t pull away when you grab theirs.

Anthony Richie
  • Anthony “Tone” Richey
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • 33
  • Leo

Hello All! I’m Anthony Richey, but some people refer to me as Tone for short. Born in August as Anthony James Johnson, astrologically I’m the king of the jungle (Leonation). For eight years now I’ve been a resident of Pittsburgh. Eventually I plan to move back home to propel my modeling and acting career. So where is home? Oh yeah, ya boi is a home-grown Georgia Peach! Yup, I’m a down south, southern boy. I was born to a single young mother and grew up in an environment where abuse was my daily reality. This experience had a crippling effect on me throughout my youth. As a child that was forced to fend for himself, I grew up fast. Man, I was damaged, but God kept me, so I kept going. Not only am I a child abuse survivor, I’m also a product of our legal adoption system. I was legally adopted by a loving family at age seven. After everything was finalized, my name was legally changed to Anthony Wayne Richey. Even during this calm period of my life – which most would assume was a desperately needed improvement – I still grew up not knowing where I was going and what purpose my life served. It actually took me some time, trials and experiences to figure it all out.

At this point in my life, I strive to be of service so a lot of my time and resources is spent giving back to other children that may have been victims of abuse and share my experience. I’m also actively involved in providing mentoring and support systems to those that are growing up in the foster care system. Professionally, my official title is Brain Injury Specialist. Now calm down….I’m not the doctor, I’m the assistant lol. My day-to-day generally requires me to work in a collaborative environment to facilitate rehabilitation of our patients that incurred injuries or suffer from other developmental issues. In hindsight, I now realize that God was always present and at work within my life.  Somehow, even during the tumultuous times, I still persevered and completed high school as valedictorian of my class. After graduation I spent some time at Clark Atlanta University and eventually received my Bachelor of Arts in- Fashion Merchandising from Bauder College. It’s true, God doesn’t put more on you than you can bare.  In my spare time I’m a bit of a dork. I absolutely love superhero movies (X-Men, The Gifted, Marvel) and vampire movies/shows (Blade, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) My favorite movie is the Twilight Saga series. I also enjoy being nosey and in people lives so I’m a bit guilty of enjoying a nice night of watching the raunchiest reality tv. I enjoy fitness and sports. I played basketball and ran track/field throughout my high school and collegiate years. Yep, I’m a very competitive guy, so let’s race LOL.  Most nights you can catch me at home, cuddled up with my pillows, in my underwear, relaxing, and watching my favorite shows. Who’s coming to watch some ratchet tv with me? I feel blessed to be selected to be a part of this list. It’s dope when your peers can acknowledge your hard work and give you your props. Thanks Deo!  

FL- What is the most challenging part in connecting with you?

AR- I can say the most challenging part in connecting with me is that I don’t wear my emotions on my shoulders. I can come off very nonchalant at times which is sometimes interpreted as having a guard up or possessing a bad attitude. It can be challenging getting me to show my feelings.

FL- Monogamous or Polyamorous?

AR- This is a funny question because my brother just asked me this lol. Contrary to my friends and popular belief, I don’t have a complete polyamorous mindset. Being single, of course I can be a bit promiscuous and even irresponsible at times.  But once someone gets my attention and I set my sights on them, I become 100% faithful, committed and all about that person. Also, I’mma bit too stingy to be sharing. I like the idea of being with one person that I can do all kinds of nasty things with😜.

FL- What are ways you show a potential that you are interested in them?

AR- Oh! Let me be clear. If I’m interested in a person, that person will know from the gate. I’m very straight forward and to the point. I have no problem expressing myself or how I feel. As we progress, you’ll begin to receive flowers on random days and loving text/calls throughout the day. I organically begin to yearn for your time and attention.  I become devoted to learning you while we discover the complexities of each other. I have a hard shell, but if I want you, I turn into a little chocolate bear.

FL- What are you most passionate about and why?

AR- I’m most passionate about my career. I know it’s kinda cliché, but honestly, I’m all I got. While others may be fortunate enough to have family and friends as safety nets, I’m alone in my journey. Of course, I have close friends for times of emergency, but my goal has always been to hustle and grind as much as I can and get what I want out of life on my own. I guess like many others, my family don’t have the normal family dynamic as portrayed on The Cosby Show. This reality has shaped me as a fiercely independent man in adulthood. I’m not sure I would even feel comfortable asking my family for money. My greatest fear is ending up just another stereotype or statistic of my community. My tunnel vision drive at times make it challenging for dudes to understand me. It’s not my intent, but it’s easy for me to become so committed to a project, that I lose sight of other things.

FL- Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your mate?

AR- The biggest turn on for me is a guy that can be both submissive and in control when it’s time to be.  Don’t just give me one. I have a strong personality, so I like a guy that can wheel me back in and also follow my lead, and vice versa. Give me this and I will definitely put a ring on it.

FL- What has this journey of life taught you so far?

AR- Wow! My life has taught me that you don’t have to be what other people want you to be.  Life is hard work, and nothing comes easy. Only you can determine what route your life takes and what becomes of it. Be proud and confident!  Don’t ever give up.

Kristopher David
  • Kristopher David
  • Detroit, MI
  • 30
  • Sagittarius

Wassup Deo!  You’ve really out down yourself with this one Sir. But then again, I expected nothing less. I guess that’s why I luv ya. Well Iet me get right to it. For those that don’t know, I’m Kristopher David. I was born and raised in Detroit by my beautiful mother in a single parent household. I love my mom’s but I’m definitely a grandma’s boy. I have a large family that include many brothers and sisters, both biological and fostered. I know that may be a bit confusing, so I’ll try to clarify. See, I had a rocky childhood. My mother tried her best, but she could only do so much. As a child, I often found myself in the homes of others. I suppose someone or “the system” finally took notice of my neglect and eventually I was legally adopted by another family. Non biological parents sometimes get a bad rap, but my adopted family was indeed a blessing from God. Even though we may not share DNA, I still love them as my own. Growing up, my biological father and I were never close, but I always maintained a strong connection with my stepmom. I actually lived with her for a short time when I moved to Georgia shortly after high school. As a young adult, of course I partied and enjoyed myself, but I also remained focused and enrolled in medical school. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA and began my career in healthcare.

Even in my success, being committed to giving back to my community has always been a priority of mine. I’ve utilized my skillset to assist several community-based organizations in the treatment, support and awareness of HIV/AIDS. Let me be humble, yet clear. In my capacity, I was not relegated to the glamourous and prestigious duties that some of my peers have become accustomed to. Nah, I actually got down in the gutter and got my hands dirty saving lives. I’ve become an advocating regular at many of the conferences that directly support the maligned and misfortunate of our community. I’ve also been tapped as a knowledgeable resource for several documentaries highlighting the plight of my community. Honestly, although I may appear to be extremely structured and disciplined, I most often embrace my wild side. I’ve dabbled in the entertainment industry and done everything from go-go dancing to party promotion. As far as hobbies, well I’m a member of a roller-skating team in Atlanta and I have an obsession with cars and music! I know it may come across a bit childish, but I’m also fascinated with anime and video games. The way I view it, you’re not really living life if you can’t indulge in a few of your guilty pleasures from time-to-time, right? Over the years, I’ve also learned my way around the gym and sometimes I even invite a few friends.  

I Absolutely love riding my bike! It’s something about being downtown and cycling on the busy streets that calms me. I currently work in surgical services as a processing technician. After gaining experience in various entities of healthcare, I think I’ve finally found my calling. I’ve become completely enthralled with any and everything related to the art of surgery! My career does take a toll on my ability to get to know people and perhaps formulate new relationships. But overall, I’m a pretty cool dude that’s affectionate, freaky and loyal. I tend to make time for the things I want, and I’ll also leave a smile on your face lol. I think that kinda sums me up. I’m far too complex to reduce my true self into a few words. I’m truly an experience! The question is, are you ready to take the journey…

Father Kentrelle Mizrahi
  • Kentrelle Mizrahi
  • Chicago, IL
  • 35
  • Aquarius

Wassup Flyy-Life! To Deo…wow man.  My hat is off to you and I dig what you’re doing. I’m mos def on ya team bro. Well here it goes. I’m Kentrelle Mizrahi. On paper, I’m official labeled a LGBTQ Youth Activist and Legendary Father of the Ballroom House of Mizrahi. But in reality, I’ve become so much more than that. I’ll admit it. When I first took on the role as father, I was more infatuated with the prestige and fame that came with the position. But looking back, this role has matured me in ways I can’t fully vocalize. As father, I have a group of individuals that are often maligned or forgotten by society that look to me for love, guidance, support and encouragement. At all times and in everything I do, I have to mindful that there are people looking to me as an example. This realization has help shape my decision-making skills. I’m not as gregarious and irresponsible as I once was. Many of my peers are able to be reckless and stagnant in how they approach life, but I’m not afforded this option. I live my life as best I can while being a motivating support system to those I love. I realize many people inflate and enhance their resume for adoration. But ya boi Kentrelle is documented, notated, tried and true!

 I came out during the golden age of Chicago’s ballroom/club scene, under the tutelage of legendary Tiffany Monroe. Barely out of high school and unsure of who I really was, I vividly recall many nights spent at Tiffany and Yasmine’s house surrounded by the likes of Milan, Yummie, Thaddeus, Deo and Randy and J-Lo. I guess you can say I broke my teeth at Fifth City, The Route and The Prop House. In spite of my growth and the curve balls life threw at me, I remained committed to ballroom and was eventually deemed legendary. Since then, I’ve used my status to promote my community and provide an example and resource to those who may need a little support and encouragement. Although it’s been a challenging journey and not always easy, I’ve remained at the forefront of Chicago’s urban LGBT community for over 10 years now. As Deo would say, consistency and relevance speak volumes, right?  When I think about where I came from and where I could be, I’m brought to tears with thanksgiving.  God is good yall!  I’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities. I’ve sat on the board for Posse, hosted successful events for Howard Brown and led my organization to receive several local and national awards and accolades. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. In fact, at times I questioned if God even acknowledged me! But I’m definitely a testament to his grace. I started off humbly and utilized my platform to move up the ranks and become the father of one of the most iconic houses in our community. But my plight surpasses ballroom. I’m also CEO of Redlight Entertainment, a successful lgbt based entertainment company that specializes in events that supports the disenfranchised and forgotten of our community. I’m also co-owner of Dance Force. In my role as a member of the executive committee, I constantly exhaust all due-diligence to ensure our core values and projects has a focus on the needs of at-risk- youth of color. Well that’s me. Of course, I have my flaws and shortcoming, but overall ya boi is a good and I just wanna be happy and see my peeps succeed. That’s me… Legendary father Kentrelle Mizrahi….

FL- If you were a vibrant color, which would you be and why?

KM- Oh that’s easy. If I was a color, I would be the color red because its bold and also the color of Jesus blood as well as mines and mine.

FL- What intrigues you most in someone you’re interested in and why?

KM- Many things intrigue me, but what I most admire is a strong mind. If the mind is strong it generally means the individual knows what they want out of life and subsequentially, out of me.  I love someone that’s focused, vocal and also not afraid to challenge me. Because of my position, oftentimes I’m the one giving support and encouragement. I’m intrigued by someone that can at times be my support system and give me the support and encouragement that I most often give.  

FL- What has this journey of life taught you so far?

KM- My journey so far has taught me to appreciate life and pay more attention to those I love. I recently lost my lover of 3 1/2 years and I wish would’ve have paid just a bit more attention to him he was here. I wish I would’ve taken more time to value and enjoy those simple moments we shared. He had my heart and for those unaware, allow me to pass on some knowledge I’ve gained through experience. Losing a lover, especially the love of your life, is one of the most painful experience you can experience. It hurts so much and at times I still don’t understand how I’m functioning. When he departed this Earth, I had no choice but to carry on. Yet I know I’ll never be the same. At this point I carry on for the sake of our children. I thank God that even if it was a short time, I was allowed the privilege to fall in love with such a beautiful and amazing guy.   

FL- What are you most passionate about and why?

KM- I am most passionate about my kids. I am a father of three. I have two boys and one girl. I love my kids like crazy and I’m committed to not only being a provider and positive role model for them, but also teaching them about morals and instilling a love for God.  It’s my responsibility to give them the tools and insight I’ve gained, which will assist them in successfully navigating through life. I can’t even begin to quantify the sacrifices I’ve made to ensure my kids were in a better position than I. But the smiles on their faces and proximity to opportunity makes it all worth it. I’m nothing without my kids!

FL- Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your mate?

KM- Lol, once again, Deo and clever usage of words lol.

Fl- Sex on the first date or nah?

KM- It’s funny because I must admit, I had sex with my ex on the first date lol. Although this is something I normally don’t do, long story short, we lasted almost 4 years. Look, were all adults and sexuality is a major part of our lives. I’m of the mindset that endorse enjoying yourself. My only suggestion would be, if you’re really interested in the guy, make sure that sex is only “first base” for him. Make sure he can enjoy you sexually but also desire to connect with you on a deeper level that only comes with time. Without this agreement, the connection is doomed for long-term success and most likely will just become another casual session.

FL- Monogamous or Polyamorous? Which do you prefer? KM- Its 2019! Honestly, I would try both as long as my partner and I had a conversation about it and was on the same page. But honestly, when my heart gets involved, it becomes difficult for me to digest my guy being physcial with others. I get it. Open relationships and fluid sexuality are the standard of the day; But I still have old fashioned tendencies. If I truly like you and we’re smashing, then hell nawl I don’t want you fucking with nobody else! I’m terrortial and that shit becomes mines! I have no problem putting my name on it!… I go hard for mines!

Rickey Jay
  • Rickey Jay
  • Memphis, TN
  •  27
  • Capricorn

Hey Hey Hey! It’s Rickey Jay! I’m a 27-year-old young man that hails from Windsor, CT. I currently reside in Memphis and I’m so fortunate to be able to say that I’m living my dream! I’m honored to be included on such an amazing list of men as this. Funny enough, although I’m VERY SINGLE, I never really thought of myself as an “Eligible Bachelor,” so It does feels good to know that at least someone digs me and my plight. Yep, thanks Deo!  I’m a persistent Capricorn that’s also hard working, work- motivated, ambitious and goal oriented. Because of these traits, I tend to neglect/miss out on some of the simple enjoyments of life… like dating. Over several years, I’ve worked, trained and fought hard to establish myself as a successful professional dancer. I’m sure many may question why I didn’t chase the flashing lights of major cities like NYC, Chicago or L.A? Well when I formulated my plan and mapped out my strategy, I analyzed factors such as the reasonable cost of living, competitive wages and abundance of both national and international opportunity. This is when I decided that Memphis was not such a bad place to live and building a foundation for my professional career. So, I guess you can say I’m practical. Born in born Windsor, CT, I had a pretty fortunate childhood. From an early age I’ve always been involved in a lot of activities. But in reality, my heart was always on the court… or so I thought. For 7 years I played basketball and became pretty good at it. But destiny kicked in and upon entering high school, I realized basketball was fun but not my true calling. 

Shortly after, I discovered dance by accident. I started with Hip-Hop once a week which lead to Saturday morning modern dance classes. I progressed through African, jazz, tap and finally Ballet. Easily, six days of my week was occupied by dance and perfecting my craft. At 16, I was accepted into a performing arts high school and began to focus on my ballet technique. After graduation I attended the University of Hartford and also spent time at a small conservatory in Cary, North Carolina. The time I spent in NY I performed with the Dance Theatre of Harlem. In short, dance has a very special place in my life. It’s my passion and I’m going to keep going until my body says otherwise…and then some! I’d like to believe that I’m a pretty down to earth, straight-forward, but kind, funny and understanding kind of guy. Sometimes I’m misunderstood because the stress of my work schedule combined with tunnel vision can at times make me appear aloof. People often assume I’m standoffish, unapproachable or arrogant, but I promise I’m not! In my spare time I enjoy cooking and staying current on my favorite TV shows. I do a bit of traveling at times, and you may even find me with a good book every once in a blue moon. Lol. My most recent read was The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition by Gary Chapman. Right now, I’m at a place in my life whereas I enjoy learning and value the transference of wisdom. In all my relationships (romantic, platonic, business…etc.), mere physical attraction is further down on my list. I’m most intrigued by spiritual development and mental growth. I’m gonna stop here because I’ll need things to talk about on our first date, right? (ha ha ha..jk) I promise, get to know me and you’ll be in for a treat. This is only the beginning of my journey and I’m definitely going places. Only thing left to ask is..are you ready? 😉

FL- What are two of your insecurities?

RJ- In all honesty, I constantly yet quietly, struggle with questioning if I’m good enough. Whether it be in my craft, dating or anything else.  I wish the confidence people see on outside was a true reflection of how I feel about myself on the inside.

FL- What are the five upmost qualities you seek in a mate?

RJ- My 11th grade psych teacher once said, “opposites attract, but like couples stay together.” This really stuck with me, so I’d like a mate who is similar to myself, but different enough to keep things spicy, interesting and fun. Some of those qualities would include; independent, honest, reliable, adventurous/spontaneous (because I’m such a creature of habit and routine) and goal oriented.

FL- Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your mate?

RJ- Hmm submissive or dominant 🤔….Usually I’m pretty much an all or nothing, zero to a hundred kind of guy. However, this one has me stuck smack dab right in the middle. It doesn’t happen often, but I’m ok with it this time. I like versatility and the ability to adjust. I think sometimes I can be a bit abrasive- so I’ve been told- straight forward, and stubborn. I can definitely be a “my way or the highway kinda guy.” Ideally, I’d like a mate who’s not intimidated by my loud and bold personality and knows just what to do to quiet the storm. Having a partner that can recognize and adjust seems to be the best route for me.

FL- What are the top five ways your potential companion could know that you’re attracted to them?

RJ- The first and easiest way to know if I’m interested is, I will flat out say it. I think that’s pretty clear. Next would be me making the effort to see and spend time with this special person. Also, pay attention to my body language. Lots of smiles, googlie eyes😍, lingering greeting and farewell hugs. Fourth, I actually remember things. If I’m not interested or not feeling it, I find myself having to revisit things previously discussed such as where you’re from and how many siblings you have. Sometimes I even forget names. Lastly, exclusivity, meaning I’m not dating or sexually involved with anyone else. If I give you this, you mos def got me.

FL- What is the most challenging part of dating you?

RJ- I think the hardest thing about dating me would be getting past my tough exterior. Being able to remain committed and interested even during the long process of me lowering my walls and becoming more vulnerable with you. Easy to get my attention, but it’s much harder to keep it. Make every move count.

Ugene Brown
  • Ugene Success Brown
  • Richmond, VA
  • 36
  • Pisces

Hello Flyy-Life! Wassup Deo! If we’ve never met, I’m Eugene Brown. I’m a 36-year-old, French speaking, Richmond resident that also works in hospitality management for the Marriott. A little about me, I’m originally from Baltimore and graduated from the prestigious Baltimore Performance School of Arts. I’m also a graduate of Georgia Tech where I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree. Those who know me, knows I’m a dude that loves to stay positive and surrounded by good vibes. I can be what I call sexy-silly at times. I’m also known for keeping the smiles flowing in my environment. I was raised without siblings in a single parent household and at times felt a sense of loneliness. I envied those whom were fortunate enough to experience having a sibling bond. The curse of being an only child is at times the lack of companionship. As I’ve grown as a man, I’ve shed that insecurity and now understanding that I was born with a helpful spirit and acknowledge that God guides my path.  

I would describe myself as a fun-loving, business professional, gentleman – that’s also focused and motivated. I love dancing!  I’m currently in the planning and reviewing stage for several projects that will allow me to share my unique form of hip-hop dancing on a national platform.  It may seem a bit braggadocios, but honestly, I’m a simple guy. I find most pleasure in cruising the highways in my convertible. I mean a man that works hard deserve certain pleasures, right? In addition to my first degree, I also received a degree in culinary arts.  Most likely, this is where my enjoyment and appreaction for eating and cooking comes from. I have a weakness for someone who can hold a great conversation and I love meeting new people. But what I most enjoy is having discourse with my peers and elders whereas we disperse and receive the wisdom we’ve gained, and lessons learned. THE POWER OF WISDOM! It’s a beautiful thing! I’m a very outdoorsy type of person too. I actually enjoy fishing! I have a love for animals especially horses! Lately, I’ve discovered a hobby of pure breed dog breeding! It’s going good so far and I’m enjoying myself. Even in this ruggedness, I must still admit that I identify with being a creative type. I adore artistry and flawless execution in any form. A combination of skillset, determination and personable demeanor has opened many doors in my life. I’ve been blessed to work with artist such as Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Big Ang (mob wives) and Tamar Braxton. Well I guess that’s it! That just about sums me up! I’m just a single, upwardly mobile professional that looking to see what 2019 will bring. It would be kinda dope if I could find patna…

FL- What is your favorite animal and why?

UB- Wow, good question lol. As an animal liver, I have so many, but I guess if I had to narrow it down it would be dogs because they truly are man’s best friend.

FL-What are the five upmost qualities you seek in a mate?

UB- The five qualities that I seek most in a partner are 1)honesty, 2)loyalty 3) great sense of humor, 4) positivity and 5) family and goal orientated.

FL-What is the one thing you could not live without?

UB- The one thing I can’t live without is a peaceful home. I know my answer may have come off short and predictable, but it’s actually a fundamental truth for me. I can’t live my life to the fullest if I do not have a peace of mind and in tune with Gods direction.

FL-What are your hobbies?

UB- This is another one that’s extensive. I like doing a variety of things I really do enjoy myself. Right now, I’m really digging road trips, hip-hop dancing, roller-skating, cooking and eating lol. 

FL- What are you really good at?

UB-   hmmmmmmmm….what am I really good at?……real talk, I’m really dope at listening to others and being a good child of God.

Mario Demeritte
  • Mario Demeritte
  • Nassau, The Bahamas
  • 36
  • Cancer ♋

Hello Deo and the Flyy-Life fam. I’m Mario Demeritte aka Singerboi. I’m honored to have been selected to be a part of this Eligible Bachelor list for 2019. I’m grateful for the opportunity! Yeah, I’m from the beautiful, exotic, tropical, illustrious shores of the Bahamas. I live where most peeps vacation….it keeps getting better. I am a singer, songwriter, model and actor. I’ve been singing since the age of 4 and never stopped. I currently hold the title of the Bahamas Bahamian Idol which I won in 2010. It’s pretty much similarly to that of American Idol in the States. My musical influences are Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight and Ginuwine. Living by the motto: “Love yourself enough to live life for you and nobody else” reminds me that I must embody love and give love in order to get it. Live in your truth and worry not about what people say or think. I’m bold, courageous and confident, and I believe in independence. Growing up wasn’t easy for me, especially in this lifestyle. I was forced out on my own at 16. The lesson I’ve learned is that nobody can teach you to be a man until you emulate a man that’s been through his struggle and shows the ones that matter most that he cares. My experience has made me strong, fierce and in a league of my own. Life’s lessons have allowed me the right to say I can let you borrow my shoe just to see how I’ve been walking. On an upnote, I firmly believe in love, relationship and God. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to share that love with the world by marrying my soulmate.  I can be wild, freaky and mischievous when I’m ready with a playful side to stir up the heat. Definitely I’m a great catch with a good heart! Nothing artificial for me. I respect authenticity. If you get to know me, you will discover that not only can I rock your world, but I can also stimulate your mind in a way that quickly drop the undies. Lol. Your wildest fantasies await you because I think out the box. I’m a quick thinker with naughty tendencies. I live by the mantra “life may hand you some leftover food but it’s not what’s on the plate but how you present it on the plate.”

FL- What are the 5 upmost qualities you seek in a mate?

MD- Loyalty- Its very rare to find someone that’s loyal. Honesty – being honest shows you have integrity and empathy in your relationships. Authenticity – there’s only one you and no carbon copy, so be as real as you dare! Transparency is a sexy quality. Sanity- no one wants a crazy bitch! That shit is a big turn off. Intellect – having a brain and the use thereof is so sexy to me. Articulating words that make your imagination run wild can be better than sex. I like to build up intensity before intimacy.

FL- Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your mate?

MD- I love versatility, so both submissive and control for me. Being submissive doesn’t make you less of a man, but it does give your partner an opportunity to explore you in ways that are not options when dominating. It’s that sense of vulnerability that induces passion in a relationship. Being the freak that I am, I enjoy being in control too! I can get as nasty and dominant as I please and still be able to consistently provide the level of satisfaction I need to keep us both wanting more

FL- What are the top five ways your potential companion could know you are attracted to them?

MD- My attention, affection, my suave, wooing and my pursuit to not give up. My companion wouldn’t have to ponder if I’m attracted to them because it’s like Tempo….it’s a feeling….it’s a vibration.

FL- Using five adjectives, describe what dating you would be like?

MD- Loving, Gentle, Humble, Spontaneous, Creative.  I have a big heart and a lot of love to give. Love is something you give freely as a matter of the heart. Although I’m not perfect, all I need in this life of sin is me and my boyfriend. Lol. I’ve worked hard on the man I’ve become. I now understand what it means to be in a relationship. It gets hard but dating me would be like having a best friend as a lover.

Kage Prodigy-Mizrahi
  • Robert Speechless Peacock-Kage Prodigy Mizrahi
  • Beverly Hills, CA
  • 51
  • Leo

Wassup Flyy-Life!! My name is Robert, but most know me as Icon Kage Prodigy! I’m a native of Los Angeles, CA that also happens to be of Cuban decent. What many don’t know is that beyond the sex appeal, applause and admiration; I’m actually a child abuse survivor. Growing up, physical and mental abuse was my norm. I can vividly recall one particularly damaging experience I faced as a child. In the midst of a family event, my father went into one of his fits of anger and basically announced to the family that not only was I gay, but I was also doomed to a life of suffering and eventual death. The irony is that I was a child and really had no clue about sex or homosexuality. I guess you can say growing up in that type of environment, I developed a paralyzing fear of ridicule, isolation and rejection. As I grew up, I lived in a state of deep denial. I concealed my truth and expertly projected the norms that I figured my friends and family expected of me as a “real-man.” This was a dark time for me. Imagine waking up every morning and you’re tasked to deny your truth while perpetrating the norms others expect of you.  Fear and the desire to gain approval from my friends and loved one’s directed all my decisions. I realized I had lost all control of my life when one morning I woke up and discovered I was actually now married with 3 kids! Then my breakthrough happened. I realized the hurt I was experiencing was because I was not living authentic. This is when I embraced that God created me as a bisexual man and that was my truth. Acknowledging my truth was the first time I experienced true happiness in years! My wife and I subsequentially divorced, and I began to embrace my sexuality and flourish. I used my gifts and eventually and became an outspoken LGBTQ advocate. I started doing promotion and I’ve ran successful clubs in both Atlanta and Detroit. I also made a name for myself in the ballroom community as not only the Midwest blueprint for BQ Body, but also as one of the founding members of the Iconic House of Prodigy. Although most recognize me as a Prodigy, I actually gained my status as an infamous Dutch Boy of Detroit. This was during the Midwest golden era of ballroom and with the likes of Ann Dutch, Raphael Dutch, Jay Dutch, Iran Dutch, Deo Dutch, Rob Dutch and J-Lo Dutch. The entrepreneurial part of me inspired pushed me to capitalize off my sensual side. I’ve always had a fetish for underwear, so I formed a successful line of undies, called OHBobbybehave.com.

Currently, I enjoy life and living in my truth! I’m most passionate about my music! The BET Boomerang series has actually used some of my work. At this point, meditation and spirituality guides my steps.  God has blessed me with a sophomore album -Purple Vegan-, which is distributed on both Tidal and I Tunes! How blessed am I! I’m a pretty simple guy. I just try to live the best life I can. I’m someone who loves people, extremely outgoing and funny. I also love mountain climbing and reading. I have a weakness for smaller, petite men that has an Intellectual side and determination to succeed. I admire a dude with drive because life is not easy, and opportunity/success comes to those who seek it. My partner must share by commitment towards spirituality. He must be strong, passionate, motivated driven by integrity. When I’m with a dude, I try to position myself as a trusted support-system that encourages him to excel. Hell, if he doing good, then the household doing good. This means I’m doing good and happy too right? Lastly, I’m also a proud freak! Lol… My ideal partner is someone that’s a risk-taking freak in the bedroom but still demands respect as a man in the real world. I’m just a real husband…That’s me…. Icon Kage (Mizrahi)……

FL- If you were a vibrant color, which color would you be and why?

RS – I would be blue because it’s the last color you see before the sun sets. Also, I Love Rolling 60 Crips in L.A.

FL- What intrigues you most in someone you’re interested in and why?

RS- A very well-dressed man! Preferably suits, highly educated and wise beyond years; but young as the summer breeze.  Someone that may be disagreeable at times, but willing to take risk and compromise for love. Someone that’s constantly growing and focused on becoming the best version of themselves. Someone that values constructive criticism. Someone that has a sense of humility, sense of humor and also loving my cooking lol.

FL- What has this journey of life taught you so far? 

RS- So far, I’ve realized life lessons are unique. The lessons and experiences of my journey is like watching the backs of butterflies. Sometimes we become so disconnected with our true selves that even in the midst of being blessed we only recognize the beauty after its long gone. I’ve learned to slow down and be appreactive. I enjoy the current because time is a friend to no one, and life can be drastically altered in a heartbeat. I’ve learned that monetary success does not ensure happiness. Evolving and growth are characteristics of a real man. Life gives both sun/rain, pain/joy, success/failure. The key is being able to persevere through those times and never give up.

FL- What is the most challenging part of connecting with you?

RS- The most challenging part of connecting with me is that I’m different. I’m not merely stimulated by the surface level optics. In 2019, it’s not difficult to find a cute face, nice body, big dick or fat ass.  But finding someone that possess a depth that goes deeper is rare. I see life in colors and dimensions. I am intrigued with philosophy, enjoy art and have a passion for music. The challenge is finding someone who not only share my appreciation for arts/culture, but also find it stimulating!  Most dudes in 2019 place their stock in being visually/sexually appealing while lacking in all other capacities.  

FL- Describe yourself using five verbs. 

RS- Oh that’s easy. Five verbs to describe me would be driven by integrity, relentless & persevering, loving & affectionate, passionate and sensual and God fearing.

Jean Bryant
  • Jeàn Bryant
  • Chicago, IL
  • 37
  • Leo

Ok so here goes. Well first, thanks Deo and The Flyy-Life team!  Wow, I’m really honored. Normally I’m more of a closeted introvert. But a goal of mines this year has been to be more open, embrace my calling and let people in. So here goes. I am Jeàn Bryant, not Jean! Its French…yeah French! People find it hard to believe that a country boy from the rural south could have such a name; but my parents didn’t’!  I’m a proud Leo and currently reside in Chicago. Professionally, I’m in high demand as one of Chicago’s most respected hair stylist. I’ve also made a name for myself as make-up artist. Chicago has been good to me! Not only am I the owner of Crowned by Jean Bryant Studio, but I’ve also been blessed to work with industry heavy hitters such as R. Kelly, Lupe Fiasco, Kevin Hart, Johnny Depp and Andre Walker to name a few.

I’m honored to be included on this list, but truthfully, I’ve never really viewed myself as a bachelor. I spent my 20’s & half my 30’s involved, so most of my adult life I’ve been in a relationship. I guess you can say this is my debut to the world that I am indeed single and back in the game. My first long-term relationship was with one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. We remain close friends to this day. My second was with one of the most profound men I’ve ever met. His love, loyalty and commitment helped mold me into the man I am today. I’m an appreciative person that’s also fiercely loyal to those whom I share a bond with and impact my life. At times, my friends are perplexed at my ability to remain close friends with ex’s after the demise of our relationship. To me, it’s just another example of my love and loyalty. I’m not arrogant or standoffish, but I do take connections and my involvement with people very serious. I’m a firm believer that a relationship should begin with a respect and friendship. After this occurs, I tend to let it organically blossom into something deeper. I was born & raised in a small town of rural Arkansas in a two-parent household. This experience allowed me to witness first-hand what real love and a true bond really was. From an early age I witnessed the beautiful complexities of my parents loving relationship. At times this included arguments, anger, disappointment, trials, tribulations and strife. Yet, no matter the situation, my parents always remained committed to each other and the same long-term goal. They prayed, communicated, compromised and figured it out! This mindset has become a fundamental aspect in how I embrace my relationships because my parents illustrated showed me that true love is strong and committed. Together they navigated past every hardship and stone thrown at them on their journey. Even in illness, my mother was devotedly committed to my father at his bedside until after he took his last breath. That’s the kind of love I’m waiting on… My friend, My Partner, My Confidant, My Soulmate!

FL- What is the most challenging part of dating you?

JB- I haven’t really had many challenges besides those that the average young and inexperienced couples face. Or maybe because I was in long-term relationships, I haven’t received much feedback in that capacity. I met my ex May 4, 2002, and by May 6, 2002 we were in a relationship! At 20, I fell hard for him and never looked back. I spent the first half of my adult life pretty much married. By no means am I naive, but I am limited in my experience of certain issues that others may have experienced. Perhaps my zero tolerance for bullshit may be a challenge for some.

FL- What are your hobbies?

JB- I love to travel! Whether it’s domestic or international, I try to take a trip at least once a month. If you follow my social media, you’ll see I’m always popping up somewhere. Yep, over-all I spend a lot of time in airports lol. It’s worth the annoyance though. I enjoy the excitement, adventure and spontaneity of going to new places and seeing new things. I would love a companion that travels with me and share in the beautiful experience.

FL- Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your mate?

JB- Truthfully, I’m a little of both… depending on my mood. I love for my partner to be in control at times and take the lead. Yes, tell me what to do and how to do it! But I’m also a leader and that’s when the Leo in me comes out. At times, I enjoy being in control too. I like a healthy combination of them both. 

FL- What are you really bad at?

JB- Honestly, I’m really bad at meeting new people!  On the outside, people may assume I’m confident and talkative. In reality, I’m actually quite shy and reserved. As I’m growing, I now challenge myself to be less introverted and more extroverted. I want to become the one that can also approach others at times. I’m ready to step outside of my comfort zone and do things that I wouldn’t normally do! It’s important my partner understand this and support my journey of personal growth.

FL- What would be a typical Saturday with your companion?

JB- Because of my profession and responsibility to my clientele, Saturday mornings, afternoons and evenings are normally spent working. But for me, a typical Saturday night would include relaxing at home with my guy in a dimly lit room. We would sip our cocktails while enjoying a movie together. There are times when I have engagements or events to attend, but overall, I enjoy intimate moments and getting to know the person I’m with. Perhaps cooking a nice dinner and relaxing with a nice glass of wine. Just chilling around the house in our undies.

Demond Bouvier
  • Demond Maurice Bouvier
  • Washington D.C.
  • 43
  • Leo

Greetings everyone! I’m Demond Maurice Bouvier and yes, I’m a 43-year-old August LEO! Professionally, I’m affectionately known as Mr. Bouvier. Although this isn’t my government name, it’s the name that will best serve you until a future time come. I was born and raised in Richmond, but I’ve resided in the D.C. area for the last 20 years. At this point, I guess I’m unofficially a native boy. As I reflect on my journey, I’ve come to realize that although it was scary, leaving home was actually one of the best things I could’ve ever done for myself.  This experience is what grew me into the man I am today. It instilled into me fundamental survival skills that have become assets in my plight.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed to be a part of several projects that which placed me in the spotlight. Socially, I’ve become used to the attention and opinions that comes with what I do. One of the highlights of my career was when I co-hosted the popular YouTube talk show “The Morning Wood.”  I’ve also regularly appeared as a cohost on another highly rated local show.  Even when I think about these accomplishments, nothing makes me prouder than when I confidently made the decision to enter into the music industry as a singer/songwriter. My debut R&B album, entitled “The YellowboyChronicles” has garnered traction off popular hits from the album; such as Fade, Sex with My EX and If I Were a King. I’ve come to realize music is a blessing to me because it allows me to vividly express my many emotions. This includes love, heartache and mistakes. My hit single that’s currently streaming is entitled “Deserve Me.” It’s a personal and special piece of work to me because fundamentally it speaks on the reality of being played and deceived while in a “situationship.”

Outside of music, I love spending time with my friends and doing whatever comes to mind. Brunch with my closest friend is always a highlight of my social life because it has become our form of “church.” We fellowship and draw on each other’s energy. The rejuvenation we experience it what motivates us to keep going even in times of frustration and despair.  The rules are simple but strictly enforced. 1) Do not be late, 2) do not last-minute cancel, and 3) you must order bottomless drinks.  I guess in our lushness, we are less judgmental. Although I’m a naturally shy introvert; being social and extroverted has become second nature in a city like D.C.  Yet, I still have times when I need to withdraw into a safe space and distance myself from it all.  This rejuvenation process has become fundamental in my over-all sanity. It has also assisted in my plight of growth and understanding. Now there you have it. That’s me…

FL- If you were a vibrant color, which color would you be?

DB- Hands down, I‘d be yellow. I don’t consider yellow my favorite when it comes to what looks good on me, but yellow is my spirt color. It’s hard to see the color and not become excited or happy. Yellow gives off positive energy. People often refer to me as sunshine and I attribute that to the positive energy I give off.

FL- What has this journey of life taught you so far?

DB- So far, I’ve learned that time is short, and life is precious. I’ve learned that the smaller your circle, the bigger your life tend to become. When we have a small circle of close friends, it’s much easier to invest the time and energy that’s required when meeting new people and developing relationships. I now value growth and making progress. No matter how small! Lastly, I’ve learned the importance of having inspirational people in your life that will keep it honest, but also support and encourage you with every fiber of their being.

FL- What intrigues you most about someone you’re interested in and why?

DB- I’m often intrigued by a person’s story. A beautiful narrative attracts me in deeper ways.  It gives me insight into who the person standing before me really is and how they’ve handled the challenges they’ve experienced in life. These answers become a sort of road map that clearly writes the vision and makes it plain. I become informed of their experiences and how they arrived at their current station in life. I’m a firm believer in reason, season and lifetime connections. A person’s story helps me decide what our trajectory will be.

FL- Describe yourself using five words?

DB- Five words to describe me would be funny, loyal, passionate, romantic, and emotional.

FL- What are ways you show a potential partner that you are indeed interested also?

DB- For me, the best way to show someone that I’m interested in them is simply by giving them my time and attention. At this point in my life, time is a precious commodity that’s also in short supply. Juggling work, projects, friends and family makes your time even more of a valued investment.  My realty is that, when I begin to be selfless and considerate with my time, yes, I am most def interested in you.

FL- Submissive or in control; which do you prefer from your mate?

DB- This is a tough one because it’s in my nature to lead and be in control. However, when it comes to my partner, I need someone that can balance the two extremes. I’m a great leader and can also be an asset in a supporting role. But it’s exhausting being permanently relegated to either role all the time. If I have to assume control the entire time, the relationship will most likely be short lived.

FL- What are three things you would do differently in future relationships than you did in a previous?

DB- Three things I would do differently now would be 1) stop creating a fictitious fairytale in my head while altering the truth to mentally fulfill my emotional desires. 2) I now firmly believe that my feelings are indeed valid. I mos def would not repeat the mistake of connecting with someone that was not considerate of my feelings. And 3) I will no longer hold myself hostage to my past experiences and failures. I’ve released myself of the guilt and shame that I’ve previously struggled with due to past mistakes. At this point, my dude gotta meet me where I’m at and together we’ll move forward. 

Clyde Simmons
  • Clyde Simmons
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 37
  • Scorpio

Wassup Flyy-Life! I’m Clyde Simmons but some know me as Deon. As an October Scorpio, and also an 80’s baby, I like to say I’m a “true” Scorpio! I currently reside in L.A.  and it’s such a privilege to be recognized by the likes of so many dope and sexy men of the community. I’m a paralegal for a nice personal injury and wrongful death law firm. The time I’ve spent at the firm, I’ve gained invaluable experience while honing my skillset. I guess this was my inspiration behind the decision to enroll into law school. It’s an exciting time for me and God is indeed blessing me. With a heart of thanksgiving, service work has become a priority of mines. In this capacity I do a lot of work with several community-based programs that mentor young inner-city youth. I’m passionately committed to my calling and exhaust all due diligence to provide my mentees with the tools, guidance and encouragement they need to succeed in this world. 

I’m not a smoker but I do enjoy a nice strong cocktail. I also like to travel as much as I can. I recently got my passport and I’ve already begun to plan the amazing trips I want to take.  You can describe me as a pretty chill dude, that like hanging out, going to dinner, movies and comedy clubs. I’m a free spirted adventurer, so I’m pretty much willing to try anything fun. The Scorpio in me drives me to generally have a more serious demeanor. But I’m also silly as hell.  No matter what life throws at me, I’m one to always smile, perhaps even laugh and find something comical to ease the tension. I like to go to the beach a lot.  Even when the temperature drops and the seasons change, you can still find me at the beach, in deep thought and pondering something profound.  Despite how I may appear, the last couple of years has been challenging, and at times tested my faith. During this time, I also lost my mother and it had a major impact on my mental health. But as I’ve healed and grown, I’ve learned to filter the hurt and pain into a positive energy. I smile as I reflect on all things my mom taught me which I now utilize in my plight of becoming the best man I can be.  I have a younger adult sister, so I was fortunate not to struggle through the hurt alone. Right now, I work hard and focus on making sure my immediate family is all good and enjoying life as well. Lately, I’ve been working hard at becoming a better man, friend, and hopefully future husband lol.  My goal is to become more understanding so I strive to treat people the way I would like to be treated. That’s just me!  Yeah, I’ve learned a lot in these 37 years. I’ve also made a lot of mistakes. What sets me a part is that I used those mistakes as teachable moments and grew. Now I’m living life to the fullest and enjoying the person God is molding me into.

FL- What intrigue you most in someone youre interested in and why?

CS- What intrigues me most is how a person carries themselves.  I also pay attention to the energy and dedication they put into their personal lives. I take notice of the way they treat their family and loved ones.  Lastly, I’m intrigued by confidence and self-love. I’ve come to realize the saying is true.  “If you don’t love yourself, how the hell you go love somebody else!”

FL- What have the journey of life taught you so far? 

CS-This, journey has taught me to enjoy life and embrace people for who they are. We have one life to live so we should try to avoid unnecessary stress and drama. I’ve also learned to stay away from things my intuition tells me is not good for me. This journey has made me trust God and myself on a level I’ve never known. 

FL- Submissive or in Control?

CS- I’m a “in control” type of dude. I’m also a crazy Scorpio, so I know how to lead without being too controlling. I like a mixture of submissive and in control in my guy, but at the end of the day, I’m daddy lol. I like the feisty. Someone that’s confident, outspoken and have their own mind, yet able humble themselves and take good advice too. 

FL- Sex on the first date or nah? 

CS- Of course, nothing is wrong with sex on the first date.  I am a freak, so sex is always on my mind.  If I get it on the first night and I am feeling you, it only makes things better moving forward. 

FL- Monogamous or Polyamorous?

CS- When I was younger, I would have answered this question with polyamorous. As I’ve grown into a man, I’m now confident that I prefer monogamy. I’m a one-man type of dude. Not to mention, I’m already know that I know how to keep our shit so hot that we won’t need anything else. 

FL- What are the three most important factors in your relationship- personal, professional or casual?

CS- For me that would be 1) being in a completely honest situation, whereas no one have to wonder or worry about anything. We’re always honest and forthcoming with each other. 2) I guess similar to #1, I will again stress trust! I have to be able to trust the person I’m with and know that I am never judged or belittled. 3) Hardworking. It’s important that we’re both hard working and goal orientated.

Naheem Riddick
  • Naheem Riddick
  • Allentown, PA
  • 28
  • Leo

Yooooo!  What’s up everyone! Where can I start? Well first, I’m humbled and thankful to Deo and The Flyy-Life for choosing me for such an honor. Wow! To introduce myself, my name is Naheem H Riddick. Born as a Leo on August 14th, I’m 28 years young lol.  I’m from Allentown, PA where it’s been labeled a place that can suck the life outta you. But I feel as if life is what you make it, so I’ve made it a pretty dope experience for me.  I guess my reality was different than others because I refused to fall victim to the perceived stereotypes or not be great! My greatest tool has been a mindset of always staying busy. I also possess a deep appreciation for independence. I’ve been told I’m fairly attractive. Perhaps many people in my position would focus on pursuing modeling or acting. That’s all good, but for me, I want more! My dream is to become a successful business owner. I guess you can say I’m driven by my desire to be a true boss. I’m hungry for it!  Currently, I’m employed as a full-time bank teller and a part time PCA. I’m also in school and studying to become a registered nurse. Yes, instead of pursuing a life in front of cameras and being catered to, I prefer to be of service and help my fellow man. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others. The residents I support are intellectually impaired and can be challenging for most people. But God has blessed me with patience and compassion, so I find joy in it.  Because I’m passionate about my job, I spend a lot of time exceeding what’s required of me. I gladly assist my patients with making doctor’s appointment, filling prescriptions, taking medication and completing paperwork…Fun stuff, right?

It’s not for everyone, but it’s perfect for me! The empathy and humanity they’ve sparked in me is what produced the commitment I have to ensuring their over-all wellbeing. My line of work requires me to spend a lot of time in hospitals. This can be overwhelming at times, but I enjoy the fast pace environment and it keeps me on my toes. Over the years, I’ve become accustomed to the assumption that I’m a cheater or playboy. In reality, although I’ve only been in two long term relationships, I was 100% faithful in both! Cheating just isnt my style.  My work schedule does make it challenging to establish new relationships and interact with my loved ones as much as I’d like. But I’m working on that. In all honesty, at times it’s annoying when peeps automatically assume I’m mean, cocky or arrogant. I’m actually the complete opposite! I’m the biggest softie and also sensitive and affectionate. I’m completely content just cuddling or being hugged up with my guy. I’m the type that actually cries from watching love stories. Most Fridays are spent at work or on my couch watching Netflix and reality TV reruns.  Coming out to my family was probably the most difficult experience of my life. Not only was I bullied in school, but I also have several brothers. I assumed my family would view me as a disappointing failure and not accept me. I spent years afraid to embrace my reality because I figured it would be an embarrassing stain for my family. I finally embraced my truth and came out to my fam. My life immediately began to change. Not only did they accept me, but they reassured me that they love me for who I am. My mother has nine children and I’m blessed to have such a loving family. As a single mother, my mom’s was always working to provide for her family. I now realize her example is what shaped me into the man I am today.

FL- Name five of your biggest turnoffs.

NR- Five of my biggest turn-offs would be 1) lack of or poor hygiene, 2) laziness, 3) inability to hold a conversation or stimulate me mentally, 4) narcissism and 5) inability to give or show affection.

FL- Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your mate?

NR- In control! A man that is aggressive is so attractive to me. It offers a type of security, both emotionally and mentally. Knowing that my man can hold things down puts a smile on my face. It reassures me he is also committed to our whole situation. A man that’s in control also sexually stimulate me. I actually get weak and it brings out my inner freak!

FL- What would be a typical Saturday with your companion?

NR- Anything that involves being at home with my partner. #NetflixAndChill mode. Watching him cook, play fighting, talking about our goals, playing Xbox, strip poker etc.; lol. NO cellphones tho! We don’t need any distractions, although I doubt he’d be distracted with my gorgeous face in his presence.

FL- What is the most challenging part of dating you?

NR- I’m a workaholic! Not to sound nonchalant towards dating, but I do have expenses and a standard of living that I like to maintain. I like to keep myself busy. It blocks out the negativity. I’m also a provider. I work hard so I can generate the income to spoil my dude. I want us both to enjoy some of the nice things in life. If my partner is selfless enough to understand my work schedule – days off and free time – we will definitely be living lavish with our feet up in the air lol.

FL-What is your biggest worry?

NR- I can admit one of my biggest worries is not being able to provide. I’m terrified of being unstable with no sense of security! As a hard worker, I’ve become accustomed to being able to pay all my bills and keep a fairly decent home. I would hate to be involved with someone and experience a downfall that prevents me from delivering the support and consistency I’m used to giving. Life is very important to me and so is enjoying it to the fullest. I love being the guy that my loved ones depend on in times of need. It’s important to me to be able to assist when my family and friends are in need. 

Byron Tonic
  • Byron Tonic
  • Washington D.C.
  • 42
  • Aquarius

How’s it going Flyy-Life! I’m Byron Brittingham-Tonic and I was born in Washington D.C. to West Indian and Portuguese parents. I am the most stereotypical Aquarian you could ever meet. I’m a strong-willed, intelligent, intuitive, sensitive and very, very direct southern boy that was raised in North Carolina. Brought up in a strict military household I’ve always been a very structured, poised, and goal-orientated person. Growing up as an army brat, I was fortunate enough to travel the world and visit some amazing places! I’ve had experiences that would truly be “foreign” to most of my peers. Because of my stern demeanor I am oftentimes misunderstood.  At times, I’ve been mistakenly labeled as shady or unapproachable, but that’s not the case at all. I’ve spent years trying to correct this assumption, because in reality, I am probably one of the most loyal, caring and kind people that you will ever meet. Although I’m aware this characterization at times may have had an effect on my dating life, I no longer waste energy trying to convince others of my true value. mM ideal partner is someone that’s

driven, smart, attractive, athletic and strong. It takes a strong man to deal with someone like

myself! Hahaaha. My hobbies include cars and traveling. I’ve become known as a gamer and also enjoy hanging out with friends.  My passion has always been centered around real estate and interior design. I’m formally educated in both disciplines and entered into the real estate industry in 1999. Since that time, I’ve accumulated several professional designations and licenses which I’m most proud of. Yep, I’ve done it all. From property management, single-family sales, to overall operations of portfolio’s and asset developments valued up to 30 million dollars. I currently operate a small interior design business and work for an award-winning D.C. real estate developer. My ultimate goal is to establish a company that guides the client through the home building process and the interior design process all under one umbrella. I also take pride in my faith. I was raised in the church as a devout Roman Catholic, but since adulthood, I’ve come to discover God for myself and now incorporate a more personal and intimate experience as my form of worship. I believe we all have a purpose and affect people in ways we’re not always aware of. It’s important to be cognizance of your impact on others. In life, we all experience highs and lows. The ones that succeed are driven by a desire to be great and they persevere. I live by two quotes. 1) “Give so much to the improvement of yourself, that you have no time to criticize others,” and 2) “History shall be kind to me, for I intend to write it

FL- What are the top five qualities you seek in a partner?

BT- The top five qualities I seek in a partner are 1)honesty, 2)support, 3)consistency, 4) trust, and 5) faithfulness. 

FL- Submissive or in control? Which do you prefer from your partner?

BT- I wouldn’t say I prefer a man in control, but I do prefer masculine men. I’m not caught up in hyper-masculine stereotypes.  However, to be with me, a man has to be strong!  I am a very strong-willed person, and to some that’s intimidating. I prefer a man that’s himself and confident enough to take control when needed and correct me when I’m wrong. 

 FL- What are the top five ways a potential companion could know you’re attracted to them?

BT- I’m very direct lol.  He will not have to look very far. If I’m intrigued by someone, I observe them for a while.  I like to see who they hang around, how they function in social settings, and how approachable they seem. I like to learn the real “them.” I’m also big on eye contact. I tend to let them know “it’s on” with my eyes! lol. 

FL- What is one thing you can’t live without?

BT- The one thing I couldn’t live without would be my family. I’m very close to my family. Me, my mom, Dad, and siblings communicate daily on a text thread or via phone. Yes, we actually speak daily!  Their constant support has gotten me through some of life’s toughest moments. For this I am eternally grateful and devoted to them.

FL- What is the most challenging part of dating you?

BT- Usually the most challenging part of dating me is that a lot of men can’t handle someone that’s confident and knows exactly what they want.  In my experience, a lot of potential partners have become so conditioned to BS that they’re actually uncomfortable when you’re consistent with your communication, wanting to see them, and focused on moving forward. Perhaps it makes them feel vulnerable or come off as “doing too much;” but they tend to be more comfortable in flaky, stagnant and non-responsive situations.  Sadly, showing a lack of emotion and portraying a sense of being disinterested is what indeed keeps certain men interested.

FL- What is your biggest worry?

BT- My biggest worry is not fulfilling my destiny. I know I was put here for a purpose.  I want to be sure I fulfill that purpose. Without fulfilling your purpose, you’ve merely lived a life in vain. A waste of God’s beautiful creation.

Andre Avery
  • Andre’ Avery
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 27
  • Pisces

Well let’s get this introduction started. I’m Andre’ Avery, but to my family and friends I’m better known as Dre’ or Avery… depending on the length of time that you’ve known me. I was born February 27th and yes, I’m also a 90’s baby. As a Pisces, I try to remind people that “I’m a Savage”…(Rihanna voice). I currently reside in the heart of Atlanta, but I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I know what you’re thinking, but yes, there are black people there!” I am 5’6’’, strong, independent, smart, humble, humorous, adventurous, and a lover of God.  Some interesting things about me is that I’m a jack of many trades! Whether it’s landscaping, construction or massage therapy, just know that I am the man for the job. I’ve accomplished some major things in life too. Since the age of 15 till19, I was a medaling athlete in the Junior Olympics in track and field. I actually competed at peak levels! I’ve also been published in the Milwaukee Public Journal for Culinary Arts. Currently, I’m a college student, dancer, underwear and fitness model. There is so much more to me than what you can read. So, if you’re really interested in taking this journey with me, sit back and watch me make my dreams a reality with you by my side.

FL- Submissive or in-control? Which do you prefer from your mate?

AA- Sometimes I like to drive and sometimes I like to ride. I am a strong person that is pretty much accustomed to leading most situations. However, I have learned how to enjoy not having full control and relaxing along the journey. I definitely would have to say it depends on the situations

FL- Using five adjectives, describe what dating you would be like?

AA- I would have to say trusting, spontaneous, loving, sensual, and upwardly mobile.

FL- What is one thing you could not live without?

AA- The one thing I could not live without would have to be music. I say this because I’m a very artistic individual and also a dancer. To me, music has many different meanings and can be expressed in various ways. Have you ever noticed that when you’re in your feelings you may play a Mary J Blige or Jazmine Sullivan song? But when you’re feeling good or trying to get a party started, Drake or Future maybe the go to. Music is my outlet and also sets the mood for most situations.

FL- What are your hobbies?

AA- I have many, but the ones that comes immediately to mind include shopping, traveling, outdoors activities, working out, dancing, art shows, poetry, cooking, skating, swimming, learning, photography, archery, rock climbing and skydiving. Yeah, I know it’s a lot lol. But I told yall, ya boi is a jack of all trades that enjoy many different things.

FL- What are the five upmost qualities you seek in a partner?

AA- The five top qualities I normally seek in a partner is 1) personality, 2) intelligence, 3) their smile, 4) their style, and 5) their ambition.

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